You’re going to have the CUTEST pets on the block!

Are you ready to play the cutest, cuddliest, most mind-bendingly adorable game on mobile devices? Trust me, even the coldest of hearts will melt after unwrapping, feeding, and playing with these kitty cats, puppies, and yes, even lions! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.. Get it free on iPhone, iPad, & Android┬átoday and keep reading to find out why this gamer is hooked!

Now I like cute critters as much as the next person, but these pets really take the cake. It’s not about nostalgia like other games (even though I did have some of the first LPS toys). It’s the depth of the experience, the attention to detail, that really elevates Littlest Pet Shop above other games in the pet genre. Plus, LPS boasts 150 pets to collect! Not a cat person? Then take home a sweet new corgi, a fluffy squirrel, or even a goat. There are so many adorable new friends to choose from, you’ll be trying to collect them all in no time!

But don’t be fooled, Littlest Pet Shop isn’t just about collecting pets.. Its about making new friends! From play time to dinner, your new friends will become just that, fast friends for you to spend time with and care for. And the more you care for them, the faster they will level up, as they say. Why would you care about that? Because when these cuties level up, they unlock variations of each species. So one day you will be able to switch your White Zebra from pink to orange to grey to RAINBOW with the tap of a finger!

And Littlest Pet Shop isn’t just a game, its also a brand new animated series on The Hub! In between play sessions, be sure to catch Blythe and her friends: Minka, Penny, Pepper, Russell, Sunil, Vinnie, and Zoe, after the hit series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic every Saturday morning.

What are you waiting for? Meet your new friends today on iPhone, iPad, & Android! And let us know which pet is your fav in the comments.


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  • I hate online games

    Can you make the menu there is an option for offline mode?? I don't like online games … but, I really love littlest pet shop! so please make offline mode!!!

  • I hate online games

    Can you make the menu there is an option for offline mode?? I don't like online games … but I really love the littlest pet shop! so please make offline mode!!!

  • Imran

    Please Release Shrek Forever after HD and Iron
    Man 2 HD and The Dark knight Rises HD For
    Symbian ^3 N8

  • I hate online games

    can be played offline like asphalt games?? or online…?? :-(:-(

  • amy

    i love littlest pet shops.

  • Elizabeth

    I have maxed out my pets level thingy (the thingy after you play a mini game with them) but it won't unlock a new pet what do I do?

  • ????????????

    adoro esse jogo ja tenho a minha cidade dos sonhos

  • Kristi Sommerfeld

    My nook will not even let me download from any store but Barnes and Noble. Is there any way to get this for Nook?

  • Tracy Jeffers


  • Vicky

    There is not right at this game!
    I love it!
    Would it be possible to continue to improve it yet?

  • kristy

    My 6 year old daughter loves it she spent money for gems and it crashed and she had. to start over please help. or

  • Sara


    I'm sorry for this issue.
    We can offer support only on

    Thank you!

  • katie

    how i can find that at philippines?

  • katie

    a lps toy how i can find it

  • catalina

    donde se mete para jugar el juego

  • Dea Storie

    Where/How do you get rainbow/sparkel pets?????????????

  • Dea Storie


  • Ros

    Can I play Littlest Pet Shop offline?

  • Yohan Ty

    I love the rainbow color!