Monster Life – New Monsters & More Battles

For those of you too busy shopping, eating, or watching football to update your apps this holiday weekend, I thought I’d remind you to update your copy of Monster Life on iPhone & iPad. You WONT regret it!

Why am I so excited about this update? Because we listened to you and have worked hard to balance the gameplay to give you a better playing experience. So not only can you own, play with, and fight awesomely-cute paper craft monsters in Monster Life, but now you can do it more than ever before!

With the new boxing ring^,  you can hone your skills while you’re waiting for you monsters to recover between battles. Each day, you will be able to compete in 3 bouts in the ring to gain XP & gold and try out monsters that you might not have unlocked yet. I got to play with Vacuumster, the strange looking-ly adorable pink critter with a long vacuum like nose, & Crabster (he’s so dang cute when he does his special move, I might have to bring him to my town for good!). Want to check it out? Just update your game and checkout the new boxing ring by the harbor.

And speaking of adorable monsters… don’t forget to check out all of the cool new paper monsters in the new update! We’ve got Crocster (up there ^), Hungerster, & Toucster (below)… So start saving your coins, cause you will just have to have these critters in your village asap! (Or at least I DO!) ;-)

Click to view full screen.

What are you waiting for monster trainers? Update your game today on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch and let us know what you think of the changes!

Coming soon to Android…


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  • XxDeathwings123

    I Like This Game It Is Super Epic!

  • Edina

  • Jenny Lehman

    It will not work at all. When I go to the game it just turns off

  • Sara

    Hello Jenny Lehman,

    I am really sorry to hear about that. Please go to and open a ticket so Customer Care can assist you on this matter.

    Good luck!

  • bigalpha


  • bigalpha


  • bigalpha

    the game is super epic is monster life

  • bigalpha


  • bigalpha


  • Yohan Ty

    Gonna get this on Google Play