Three Reasons to try Men in Black 3 ..besides the catchy retro music!

To celebrate the release of Men in Black 3 on Blu-Ray & DVD, we thought we’d share some of our favorite things about the official mobile game, available free on iPhone, iPad, & Android! :)

Now for those of you, who haven’t tried the alien-filled rpg/simulation game, MiB3 puts you in charge of the MIB agency, tracking down aliens & saving the world on a daily basis. It’s equal parts city-building and turn-based combat as you expand the MiB office and take on renegade aliens on the streets of New York! But don’t worry, Agent O, Agent K, and Frank will help you run the agency and fight this new threat to mankind!

#1: Classic Turn-Based Combat

The nostalgic gamer in you will definitely love this… Yes, MiB3 is a city-building game, but you can also hunt down and battle aliens in the streets of New York! But, be careful. These turn-based battles aren’t for the uninitiated. They will require a little bit of skill, planning, and general gamery-ness to come out on top. In other words, when you’re low on health and your alien opponent is about to take you down, you’ll need a new strategy & fast!

So choose wisely when you’re building & upgrading your weapons in MiB HQ, because the choices you make there will directly relate to your success on the streets.

#2: Every Item Has a Story

Speaking of being strategic with what you build, every item you create will come with its own story. Don’t believe me? Let’s take the Travel Lounge, for example: This tiny shop will make sure that aliens are well received everywhere they go, and that they are not endangered by humans – or that, they do not endanger themselves, be it with weapons, carnivorous snacks, or fluid-exchanging salutations! Sounds almost as cool as those black glasses, doesn’t it? Not to mention that you get acces to those awesome weapons & gadgets from the movie, such as the Neuralyzer, the Deatomizer or the Noisy Cricket. It even has a Golden Cricket! Ka-Ching!!

#3: The Franchise

The great thing about Men in Black 3 is that its Men in Black 3… That might sound a little odd, but stick with me. ;) Not only will you get to step into the shoes of an MiB agent in MiB3: The Game, but you get to play with all your favorite characters from the franchise! You’ll meet the young Agents O & K, go on missions for Frank, and even travel back in time to change various aspects of the present. Your inner geek should press the L button right now! Wait for it…Go!

Just go on and download the game on iTunes or Google Play (& snag the film on Blu-Ray & DVD) and put on the last suit you’ll ever wear!


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