Heroes of Order & Chaos – Now Available

The wait is over MOBA fans! Heroes of Order & Chaos is now available on iPhone, iPad, AND Android! We wanted to thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for the first MOBA on mobile with a behind the scenes look at Heroes of O&C with the game’s Product Manager, Cyril Rozier. Cyril is known around the Gameloft Offices as a HUGE MOBA fan! We hope you enjoy our interview and let us know what you think of the game in the comments. :)


What is your name and role at Gameloft?
I’m Cyril Rozier, Product Manager for Heroes of Order & Chaos

Are you personally a MOBA fan?
YES! I play MOBA games eeeeevery day. In fact, I think its part of the reason I was hired at Gameloft, because I could help make Heroes of Order & Chaos a great success!

Some of our readers aren’t very familiar with the MOBA genre. Can you give some background?
Sure! The MOBA genre comes from a Warcraft 3 mod called Defense of the Ancients (DoTA), which defined the genre and set the rules and characteristics of MOBAs. The goal of all MOBA games is destroying the enemy base on the other side of the map. The games are played cooperatively in a team, either in 5v5 or 3v3. In 5v5 games, there are three lanes that players can take to advance to the other team’s base. In 3v3 matches, there are usually only one or two lanes. The lanes are filled with towers that attack enemies and there are NPC characters that attack as well. A layman comparison could be a online multiplayer core tower defense.


How is Heroes of Order & Chaos different than other MOBA games?
With Heroes of Order & Chaos, we wanted to make the perfect MOBA for mobile devices. MOBAs were born on PC, so before now they were designed for a mouse/keyboard. We put a lot of work into perfecting the gameplay on a touch screen.

We also made some tweaks to the traditional MOBA maps to increase the pace of each game. We added teleports so players can move quickly from the bottom lane to top lane. Our 3v3 map is totally original with an “All mid” concept and is really different from the 3v3 map on other MOBA games as it has only one lane and a huge part dedicated to jungle. Overall, we made the game a lot faster, to meet the play style of mobile gamers. Games should last around 15-30 min instead of the 30-60 min games on PC.


Any additional differences, maybe for the core MOBA fans out there?
Yes! I could go on forever. But here are some important notes:

In Heroes of Order & Chaos, it’s not possible to deny (meaning killing your own neutral monster to prevent your opponent from gaining gold and experience). This makes the game more welcoming for new players, and also more compatible with the smaller screen experience.

Basic stats are not based on Strength/Agility/Intelligence (like in many other MOBAs) but on ratios Physical attack/Magical attack/ Movement Speed/Attack Speed. Also, in Heroes of Order & Chaos, skills are the main source of damage.

The team, myself included, are BIG MOBA fans. We’ve tried to include all the best ideas from the genre and make the ultimate MOBA for mobile.


Now, some hard questions… The servers weren’t working properly at launch. Can you comment?
The demand outpaced out expectations and our servers weren’t up to the task for the first few days. We’ve been working to fix this as a top priority. We’re fixing the issues with the current server and soon will be migrating to a dedicated server. This shouldn’t be an issue in the near future. Sorry to all our fans who have had issues.

What caused the delay on Android?
The Android version of the game was actually ready for launch day. We promised a simultaneous launch for this title, and we meant it. The game went live on the App Store first and immediately it was clear that there was an issue with the server. This is why the Android version of the game was delayed. Releasing the Android version last week would have only compounded the problem and caused a bigger delay for everyone. Thank you for your patience.

What’s in store for the future?
Can’t share much for now. I can say that we have lots planned for future updates, and will be paying close attention to your comments to make the game even better. Please leave comments here on the Gameloft blog or on the official Heroes of Order & Chaos website: www.Gameloft.com/HOC

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  • Lukas

    Dear Gameloft, after the last actualization, i cant no longer play HOC, everytime I press the icon a google play pops out with HOC content but the game itself wont start. Before it was fully functional. I am an Samsung galaxy note user. Any solution would be very much appreciated. Regards
    Lukáš Melichar

  • Warriorforce

    Can’t add my friends!!!!!?

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  • Noel

    i want it on my pc!!!!

  • BeastBoyKingKong

    I can’t seem to create an account because the “create account” button is over the “agree to terms & service” check button. So, I can’t create an account because I can’t click on the “agree” check button. Please fix this. Thank you.

  • DancerGirl582

    All it does is say ” server is down please try again later” how do I fix this problem?

  • jpech17

    Where do u buy teleports so that i can go from the base to the front line? Thanks

  • lendherg89

    Heeeey i need help! I need help! alguein know that after disconnect, do not give me some battle points in battle? this exciting tournament, and disturbs me no win battle points

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ana FromGameloft

    Hey lendherg89,

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Did you try to contact the Customer Care about this particular issue ? If not, please do so by accessing http://support.gameloft.com. One of our dedicated agents will look into it!

    Good day!

  • Sean

    Been down for Kindle fire for months

  • gio

    can you pls let us play the app with out the play store account.. i have the chinese version s3.. and i don’t have playstore or neither can i make a play store account.. i luv this app so much and pay alot of money.into.it.. and im really asking is.that u are able to play without a playstore account.. thank you.again

  • robert

    also to add on to gio’s comment.. Gio is.right mabye.make.it.easier for.everyone.to.play with out a playstore acc

  • rlljory

    i really agree with Gio and robert.too

  • Yuvis macelen

    YEA ive got the same problem! i use to play on iphone and i wanted to play on a bigger device so i bought and s4.. but its a chinese clone version. so no playstore.. i was really dissapointed when you actually.need.a.play store account for this:( but it would be awesome if you guys could.change.that.. thx gio for bringing thag up!

  • masterhoc

    I had lvl75 on droid and now im lvl1 on the pad…..

  • hyyg

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