Spend Christmas with Lady Antebellum

It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas this year because the Grammy winning country music trio, Lady Antebellum, is visiting The Oregon Trail: American Settler!


Hillary, Charles, and Dave have arrived in Oregon and want to play some of the great songs from their new Christmas album, On This Winter’s Night, & they need YOUR help to build a concert hall! Get to work on the festive new building so they can play Christmas music videos for you in the game. ^_^


And make sure you say howdy to the band because they have all kinds of new quests for you to help them with! From bringing the Christmas spirit to your town to growing some crops for the festivities, this holiday season will be just magical.


Download The Oregon Trail: American Settler today and get into the holiday spirit! And don’t forget to grab Lady Antebellum’s new Christmas album, On This Winter’s Night.


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  • faith

    I just went on my Oragon trail app and for soe reason it has started me back at the begining. I had a lot of time invested in that so could you tell me what happened? I have been working on that game for about a year.

  • louisecadenas

    give me a free game

  • Petronila

    I'm playing oregon trail on my iPad and I'm level 70. The fact that I'm continuously getting sick pioneers and about 5-7 at a time for several levels now is making me want to quit! Not to mention there's a disaster every several actions!!!! This is holding me back quite a bit and I can't expand my city be of all this non-sense. And upon searching the web plenty of people feel the same way!! What is happening? If its not getting better I will just quit!!!!!

  • baharudin


  • GimZzz

    How to add frieds? I try but i can't add anyone. How to do it?

  • WAidesworld

    Please add waidesworld (GameLoft ID) to your friends. Daily player

  • Matt

    Question? are there any more quests after level 107 or not?

  • Juliocesar

    Juego de mario bros

  • luz daniela guevara ramos


  • KRMO

    Every time I try to play the game, it will just shut down before its done loading. I will not restart this game and loose all my progress. I use my kindle fire to play and am a level 82. Please let me know what do to so that this is fixed.

  • Diclan


  • uwem offisong


  • quilligan

    Bogus: All my money just went :::poof:::. I had been hoarding that for a nice item.

  • Anonymous

    Ola exelente pajina

  • dixiedog02

    I really like this game I am on level 103 now it seems like you can not get very far for all the disasters when you can not get through 50 energy without 3 to 5 sick pioneers and now it is taking toooooo much to fix all the damages from the disasters when you have them back to back I am not sure I like it as much now I also can not afford to spend a bunch of cash just to keep the game going even after starting over when I lost everything at level 66 and never got any of it back we will see how much longer I can keep going