MOBAFire’s Heroes Sweepstakes

We’ve got a fire in our bellies…a MOBA fire. That’s why we’ve partnered for a contest with MobaFire, one of the hottest communities for all things MOBA.

What’s this MOBA thing we keep talking about? It’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, that’s what! Still not with us…? It’s an awesome category of multiplayer games. It’s competitive, it’s online and it’s free!

From personal experience, I can tell you that the best way to learn about MOBA is to play Heroes of Order & Chaos. We put in a nice tutorial and everything. Give it a try today!
But first, head over to MobaFire to enter to win this:

And check out Heroes of Order & Chaos free today on iPhone, iPad, & Android:

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  • Sergio americo

    Ta nice

  • igor sirota

    i have note 2 (N7100) my phone do update this game and now the game after this update dont working
    i open the game and after 10 sec the game closer