Six Guns Multiplayer Update

Six Guns is too much for only one cowboy…

…So we’re inviting more cowboys to the Six Guns party. Grab a pistol, grab a rifle, and team up with your friends for a showdown. With a new Capture the Flag multiplayer mode, you’ll compete with 8 players simultaneously and fight your way up to the top spot on the leaderboards.

We’ve also added a new outfit and the awesome new Submachine Gun, available in both solo and multiplayer modes.

Your guns are waiting for you in the new update. Try it free on the App Store today and let us know what you like about the new MP update! :)

Coming soon to Android…


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  • Kevin Norman

    For anyone who owns an android. I have emailed gameloft for news on an update for six guns and they said there will be one, it will have multiplayer and a story line but they do not have a release date right now but keep your eyes open for it

  • JohanUltronGuy

    How do i get the multiplayer update! I cant find it!

  • boy13992

    Sony Xperia Tablet S WiFi

  • Adrian GOnzalez

    I can’t Login to play!, even though I have a Gameloft live accout!

  • DrPoof

    Version 2.0.0 for android please

  • admin nost

    Yes yes ne nosar post email… Komşu hacker

  • admin nost

    I can`t login olay even ı have gameloft
    Lige version2.0.0 gör andriod plase this games

  • admin nost


  • tacomandan

    Can you please let us kindle fire users get the multiplayer update please? I was excited to see you tube videos about it so I instantly downloaded the game, but there was no multiplayer, can you please change this?

  • Scar – The last Herald JK

    I have six guns but cant play because it takes really long to load, can someone tell me what to do heres my email:

  • spidey

    Why it’s not avaible for my samsung galaxy tab 3 t211 whyýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?………..

  • Emre alkan

    Yeni bi telefon aldim six guns indirdim ordan devam etcektim gmail hesabimla giris yaptim 1 lwden basliyor yine nasil hesabimi geri alablirim