It’s an Android Christmas!

Luckily, we’ve all survived the Mayan Apocalypse ;) and can look forward to our holiday festivities! And what is the best part about Christmas? All the sales of course & we’ve got some great ones for you this year!

We’ve already announced our iOS sales and now its Android’s turn. You thought we forgot didn’t you! :P So scroll down to see what’s on sale (hint hint… pretty much everything except MC4!) & click the pictures to get them on Google Play. Grab these great deals for only $0.99 and have a happy holiday & New Year from your friends at Gameloft! :)


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  • Adrian


    I already bought Order and Chaos before. Since it’s the sale today, can we have some discounted subscription fee so I can get back? :)

    Thanksss! :)

  • Subhankar

    how long will the offer stay? please reply. coz I'm going to get samsung galaxy s 3 on 1st January

  • Anonymous

    I would love to play order and chaos shine but new update will not let me play can y’all fix it

  • Atox gatal

    gameloft, how to play all these games on windows 7.. All of these games rocks and I want to play it on my computer. Please e-mail me a soon as possible. :)

  • Anonymous

    modern combat4
    it doesn’t work with galaxy S

  • Gabe

    @Adrian, this update on Android removes the subscription fee altogether. Get back in there!

  • MrWright

    Is the sale over? A lot of the games it say's are on sale, are in fact not. Is there something I'm missing?

  • Simon Sage

    I was about to ask the same thing, MrWright. Modern Combat 2, 9mm, NOVA 2, BackStab, Tintin, Spider-Man and Order & Chaos Online are already back up to full price.

  • FallenArches

    @MrWright @Simon Sage:

    I can confirm, there are only a couple of games left from this list that are showing up for $0.99 at this point. @Gabe mentioned that the subscription for Order & Chaos was lifted with this sale, and now my hopes are once again dashed. What gives?

  • Anonymous

    Is the sale over? I was just going to buy!

  • Anonymous

    Only wildblood is 99c in Australia :-(

  • Daniel

    Nooooooo! Bring back the o&c sale, I missed it! Forgive me game loft, being back the sale!!!!!

  • FallenArches

    It's like they ran the full sale on the 25th–the day that many people were busy celebrating and spending time with family. Then, the next day, when people are really digging into their new devices, they cut the sale down to a few items.

    Might as well not even advertise a sale like that. It just upsets the people you are trying to pull in.

  • Froggy

    and this isn't the first time … :(

  • Michelle

    Hi @MrWright, @Simon Sage, & @FallenArches, unfortunately the main Android sale has ended, but you can still get Wild Blood at $0.99 for a limited time. We are sorry for any confusion & stay tuned for more promotions coming soon.

  • alihan

    please make games for nokia belle

  • Adi97

    Come on guyz make some FREE games on App Store

  • Joel

    All these sales are great but what is being done about fragmentation across android devices? I got a new razr hd for Christmas, as I’m sure many other people got new phones as well. I can buy the games on my old piece of junk phone, but I can’t play things like Asphalt 6 and Wild Blood on this new and much more powerful device. When is Gameloft going to start tackling these issues? At first I thought it was because of my OS being jelly bean, but then I saw other people pairing comments from galaxy note 2’s, and that is also using jelly bean. I’m getting tired of seeing “your device isn’t compatible within this version of the game”

  • TechParadise

    It doesn’t shows me the sales:( for example the MC3 is 3.73 like before the “sale”

  • Lisa

    When are you going to fix Ice Age.

  • S Galaxy S III

    All Gameloft apps/games unable to to run on Galaxy SIII with the exception of new games recently launched after SIII

  • asb1421


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  • Alica
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