HOC After Launch

It’s been just over a month since we released Heroes of Order & Chaos, the first MOBA on mobile. In this short time, many lanes have been held, towers have been destroyed, and jungles have been…well, jungled.

And many fans have voiced serious praise and legitimate feedback about the game. Thanks to your feedback we have managed to solve many of the server issues and improve stability. But even after the first update, we want to continue to make this game even better. So we want more feedback!

So tell us your opinions about HOC. What is working? What is NOT working? Are there any serious bugs out there? Which heroes are OP? Which features do we need to add next?

Please be as specific as possible. If you have a bug, be sure to include which device you’re playing on. If you think a hero is OP, let us know which one and why. And don’t hold back. Ready?… Go!


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  • Stephen Thatcher

    Windows phone 7 and 8 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz also order and chaos for wp 7 and 8 plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • brayan fernando

    eto metal 3 demo

  • phunnygames

    Perhaps add Nexus 4 support?

  • psyenceofmarcus

    I am surprised that a large amount of gameloft's games are not supported by the Nexus 4 I hope to see support for google's flagship phone in the future.

  • Cory Easley

    I like the Game coming from League of Legends on the PC, i warmed up real quick. the only issue i can see is that heroes are really expensive and feels like a pay to win kinda of perspective putting prices on heroes with real money, also server stability but im sure you already knew that

  • Kalmar

    The server stability is a real problem for me. I use IPad 3 and iPod so far the iPod seems to work better. Otherwise it's an awesome game! :)

  • Xergiok

    This game looks awesome, but sadly it is not compatible with the droid DNA. i hope they support it soon!

  • islam


  • holderlin

    The game is good.

    It is still long to get into a game, as you have try 10 times for one game.

    I disagree with people that Kirasath is not powerful, I use it often and I play very good… Use leech talent, upgrade your talent and it will worth it.

    The ant is creature is somehow the less powerful character.

    Paladin grandmaster looks like the new favorite, I was in several games where he destroys everything.

  • kevin

    disculpa, saldra este juego para windows phone?

  • Ruben

    It dont works on Huawei U8815 ? :c

  • Raddess

    tell me anywhere pls how i use the voice chat in game….. send me mail skala.radim@seznam.cz thanks

  • alihan

    nokia belle!!!!

  • thefreakychakra

    Also bone breakers ult only works like half the time. Fix it please. A taunt skill that doesn't taunt is useless. When someone is running away and they get taunted, they often times keep running like nothing even happened.

  • farshan

    i want

  • hcp

    I never play a real PVP game. It's always 3v2 or 2v3 and unfair in some way. Why does this always happen? If someone leaves in the first 5 minutes you should have option to leave with no penalty. Or gain more experience in a loss when the numbers arent even. Please work on this, it's getting frustrating and I'm thinking about leaving.

    Also, please show us player rank at beginning game screen for PVP match and have option to leave because too many times I am with new players and the other team is all experienced.

  • paolo29274


  • marvel

    Plzz… make dis game available for Java users… And we will luv to see fighting (Sports)games like Mortal combat,WWE and O.K Fighters 2.. coming for JAVA!! Tnks

  • marvel

    Plzz… make dis game available for Java users… And we will luv to see fighting (Sports)games like Mortal combat,WWE and K.O Fighters 2.. coming for JAVA!! Tnks

  • http://kim_hewitt@hotmail.co.uk clint dugmore

    The game is great , a few moans … sum times it won’t load up just stays on the “conecting to server“ screen . Also the hero called debonree the inquisitor is a bit OP the move he has can kill most heroes in one shot then its instantly cool downed from his other move so in essence he can take down a whole five man team before he needs to replenish his mana, but great game , keep it up , and I’m playing on an Acer iconi tablet.

  • Sopenco

    yes, please, bring your games (at least N.O.V.A. 3 to Windows RT. I want to play it in my Surface! Thanks

  • Sara

    Hi Sopenco! Thanks for your suggestion! I'll forward it to the team and they'll see what they can do.

  • kaisener

    This is a great game. although the characters are not overpriced we do not earn enough emblems. there is practicly no difference in losing or winning with the emblems. the max amount should be like lol amount of emblems. witch is 64,000 emblems for the highest price. we should be winning in a range of 700 – 2,000 emblems per game. we also need more champions and a field like the dominion map in lol. we could use more guys and a new class called junglers who specialize in the jungle and ganking enemy champs. we cold use some nerfs for debronee, kagax, and sadly elf exile. we should have a max number for levels.
    So we can played ranked matches. Ranked matches determine what ranking you are in world leaderboards. ( not guild battles) i think honestly kiraseth ( my favorite hero) should be powered up more. he also shouldnt be a support. get rid of one of his second spell and add like a spell that does more damage than his 1st ability.you should also buff his first ability.
    Also this game can actually lag a lot. I would like this bug to be fixed.

  • Tilaurin

    Just started this a couple of days ago, very much liking it.

    I'd like to see a second 3v3 map, as good as the map is it get's a little stale after your third or fourth game per session – two maps would be great, just to mix it up a tad. Matches seem incredibly rarely the same gameplay wise, but at least having different visuals is nice (that's why I gave up on eve, it's always the same screen).

    I'd like to see something done about inactive players too, it's been quite frustrating losing quite a few games so far just because one player goes inactive very quickly – be they AFK or disconnected, it'd be great to see a 'timeout' where the AI would take over for them. It's a fun challenge to take on the 3 enemy players with just the two of you, sure, and one pairing we managed it, but it's not something that I'm enjoying every 3rd or 4th match.

    Can't wait to see the free heroes change over, I'm really tired of seeing the elf exile in every match – although she's quite fun to pla I must admit, archer types are always quite neat (and somehow it's more satisfying hearing a thunk of an arrow hitting someone than a woosh of magic).

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for engaging your community, I'm looking foward to putting actual money into this game, I'm a big fan of the freemium model and am only waiting until I'm more knowledgeable in the game to start buying things.

  • dopabolus87

    Please make an option to select your language channel for players. Teamwork and communication is crucial to succeed and I am always stuck with new players who can't speak my language (english). Not that this is a bad thing, but I would like to only play with people who speak the same language otherwise it is not enjoyable. PLEASE!!!

  • Ernis

    Game lags. It's hard to start playing because I'm being disconnected constantly. I really want to like this game, but I can't, since I have to spend 30mins just to start one match.
    Using Galaxy note 10.1, living in Lithuania.

  • Sara

    Hi there!

    I'm sorry that you're experiencing such issues!

    You'll need to go on our Support website http://support.gameloft.com/ and you can
    check our FAQ page of the site http://support.gameloft.com/OnlineAndSocial/ and find a solution to your issue.

    If your issue isn't described in there, you can fill a form that would be sent to the Customer Care Team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • Ed

    Game is good but services that Gameloft provides are horrible.. always problem to log in in game with my 76mbps wifi connection, today was trying to log in for like 20 mins non stop and had a login errors all the time

  • vivian tine

    its a nice game bt i'm new @ it. i dnt av any tots. thnks.

  • MAC

    Plz.. release this game for JAVA users! Thanks

  • Walter

    I am about to download HOC. but before I do..would game loft kindly stop charging my phone for Asphalt 6. I uninstalled the app in April of 2012..This has been a major issue. My phone company said they put a stop but never happened. Game loft is charging me 1.99 a month for a service I haven't used in 8 months

  • eddy

    game is good but services………

  • Rjschneck02

    I'm disappointed I bought this on my new iPad mini and it doesn't work. I contacted customer care twice and no response was elicited very very disappointing. I would not recommend for the iPad mini and that is too bad as this looks to be a great game just not yet!

  • KWoods

    There alot of bugs with this game. Also there does not seem to be anybody at Gameloft monitoring their servers to check to see if there are problems. At the moment i can not rate this game or company since it has been 3 days so far with their server down and they do not inform or even know how to fix what ever the issue is.


    The game is great. Few suggestions:
    - Dark elf is a bit OP. Here freeze skill is too easy to get off and then once she can get even a small attack speed boost, she wipes you out before you can even get one hit off. Consider fixing her freeze arrow and lowering her base damage output
    -make the game compatible with the Duo!!! the controls are hard and do not work very well. I extend the player portraits on the left for easy champ targeting, but sometimes when I'm trying to move (since the joystick is on left too), I either move when I'm trying to target or target when I'm trying to move.
    -More skins! and keep em' coming quickly. variety is fun. (especially for Vigelos please)
    -create a guild search skill
    -Vigelos is awesome and balanced and not OP….but his actual in game graphics dont look nearly as cool as his portrait. look at revamping his in game look.
    -Vigelos arcane missiles are worthless from start to finish. its slow, underpowered and a waste of space
    -Don't know alot about Lebmont, but if you notice, EVERYONE uses him and he always dominates. May want to look at balance issues here….he is cool though.
    -fix it so that towers target enemy heroes when an enemy hero hits a friendly hero near a friendly tower….this does not seem to work right and therefore the tower gives little "security"
    -did I mention more skins? :)
    -keep coming out with more heroes …. the game has tons of potential and is a blast!


    Oh and please upgrade servers….or monitor them better. I am constantly knocked off or really laggy and it is frustrating because I have missed out on wins because of this. It is not my internet, I have troubleshot to check.

  • mydragoon

    i'm just curious…

    why does Gameloft always request for the following permission on Android: Run At Startup.

    there are plenty of games out there with in-apps purchase and most don't need this.

  • brigi

    ezen hogy kell letolteni?????

  • tunde

    i try to buy a game name assasing creed which after my mone have been deducted d code to unlock d game was not sent. pls send me d code because i have payed for it.

  • Shodaikun

    Game seems good, smooth camera control. Some heroes are really OP.
    The biggest problem though is the lags and connection timeout which makes the game unbearable to play. I know for a fact that it is not my connection.

    I don't know if you have servers set up in Europe, but that should maybe be an option.

  • bob

    ihaelreyna is over-powered bigtime

  • troy

    it's a good game but it is kind of slow….

  • sourav pandey

    I am big fan gameloft compony.i am a gamer.shadow gaurdian is awesome game forever.so plz plz make shadow gaurdian2 for android platform.

  • nsbm

    Best games!!!1 add pls size 800×600 rly

  • Johnara V.

    in the games the kills go up to triple kill or up to penta kill? Can you take Akartu at the free daily reward?

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  • fireandice36

    its hard to get gambler make him a free hero

  • Anna Chen

    I bought a portrait but it didn’t unlock and I wasted 650 emblems. Is it a bug? Or can I not buy a portrait…

  • Marty

    Why do you guys have bad server??? Can’t connect it. Really annoying. Other everything is good. Please maintain it. We have a huge hope for it.
    Thank you

  • ‘Μιχάλης Πι’

    why i cannot buy dark elf exile with 950 emblems…i am playing by windows phone