HOC After Launch

It’s been just over a month since we released Heroes of Order & Chaos, the first MOBA on mobile. In this short time, many lanes have been held, towers have been destroyed, and jungles have been…well, jungled.

And many fans have voiced serious praise and legitimate feedback about the game. Thanks to your feedback we have managed to solve many of the server issues and improve stability. But even after the first update, we want to continue to make this game even better. So we want more feedback!

So tell us your opinions about HOC. What is working? What is NOT working? Are there any serious bugs out there? Which heroes are OP? Which features do we need to add next?

Please be as specific as possible. If you have a bug, be sure to include which device you’re playing on. If you think a hero is OP, let us know which one and why. And don’t hold back. Ready?… Go!


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  • andrew

    Connection is always fucking timed out, when I download a game even if its free I expect the fucking game to work I tried to retry multiple times, closed the game, tried again, turned off my computer and tried again, never worked