Asphalt 7 Update

Two new super cars are now available in Asphalt 7: Heat! Get behind the wheel of the barely street legal Koenigsegg Agera R or the SSC Tuatara which offers up more than 1,300 hp –is that all? Update now on iPhone & iPad to take a test drive. ;-)

This update also features two new cups, the Lamborghini and SSC Tuatara, which gives you another opportunity to burn rubber and leave your opponents in the dust. So don’t forget to bring your new whips to multiplayer to show the world who can bring the heat.

Which dream car will you choose?
Download the update and play today!



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  • abe raeh

    nak game

  • abe raeh

    hjs 8

  • Chhayarith

    can android update the same as ios?
    I wish for this

  • ali

    thank you very much

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  • reza

    خیلی اشغال

  • ahmed

    gamed mooooot

  • 黄晟


  • vikash

    the game is not good

  • Anonymous

    hy gys for my self I love so much gameloft it's a great site web to fight stess

  • mamadou omar diatta

    hy gys for my sel gameloft is a good web site with them games for fight stess



  • eric

    No java version of this game? Please make it because some others dont have apple or android phone

  • karangwa victor

    MY GOD

  • karangwa victor


  • karangwa victor

    But provide game with java version thank u!

  • frank jovine

    reliese java version plz.

  • daniel

    i want to play the game of virtua cop 2

  • daniel

    i want to play the game vcop2

  • ㄱㄱㄱ


  • ALI AA

    سلام خیلی بد بود

  • aziz benjmila

    رمز الشرائ اللعب

  • Surya

    Super game ya……!

  • emmanuel jean damour

    its interesting

  • aqsa


  • grega

    Not work on Yarvik xenta 9.7 ic.I payd for the game plese do something

  • paco vip

    jaja k broma

  • Stanley

    I love this game

  • fayeye

    love it toooooooooooooooooooooooo


    iwant to play

  • Jhon


  • GnRo

    Game takes too much time to load on the Xperia Ray……
    I have complaied earlier On being instructed i ave re downloaded the game….. Still the same problem….. with full internet access

    What i want is- a new update just to take care of such problems For the android Store Please

  • luis miguel gónzales ramires


  • Da Xzite

    I have Alspat new elite racing downloaded on my Asha 200 (Nokia), but it won't open. Am being asked for the code, which stands as the code-pass. Please help me out.

  • Darkmirror

    Its been 3 months I’m playing asphalt 7 but still I don’t get agera r and I have all the cars in the lottery I didn’t win it I buy it soo please fix this asphalt I always get money and that really sucks