Have an ADORABLE weekend with My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shop!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and the best way I could think of to get ready for the sugary sweet day is with some marathon sessions of My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shop… And apparently someone else at Gameloft agreed, because both squee-worthy games have gotten new adorbs updates! Don’t believe me? Keep reading and tell me you didn’t Squeeeee at least once! ;-)

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New Ponyville Residents!

What’s new to Ponyville you ask? Well, a trio of new residents. Update My Little Pony now on Android to meet them! And if you’re playing on iPhone or iPad, watch for the new update coming soon! ^_^
– Welcome two guests from the Apple Family Reunion: cute little Apple Fritter and sophisticated Uncle Orange.
– Featherweight will be flying on by too, ready to photograph everything with his tiny camera!
– Parasprites and clearables items will now only appear after you start getting the items needed to clear them out of Ponyville.
Enjoy the new content and let us know what you think in the comments. :)


And what’s new in Littlest Pet Shop?

Update now on iPhone, iPad, & Android to adopt new pets and discover all the new goodies added to Littlest Pet Shop!
– Unlock the Canary, Koala, Ladybug and Penguin in 4 fun new quests!
– Have a sweet time at the Cake Clubhouse and Sweet Shop habitats!
– Take a ride on the new Spinner and Wheel items for your Playground!
– Splash around with your pets at the new Water Park Funhouse!
– Discover 24 new gifts to make your pets even happier!



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  • David L

    Any chance of ever updating the Kindle version of games like My Little Pony so they can interact with people on the other platforms?

  • Pookie

    I am not even a new mlp fan but I am loving this game, I am an adult thought so I don’t like spending my real hard earned money on fake cash, I would like to be able to add friends and receive gifts as well as send them. People have been commenting and complaining and even though an update came through the problems have not been fixed please help!

  • Clara

    Update came out, installed it, and now the game keeps crashing after loading!!! What can I do? :(

  • Grevin5

    Well I love the game and have even bought some gems through the online server but today just as I was spending gems to get a house in game the whole game crashed and now its acting as though I had never played before. So I lost all my ponies, all my gems, all my levels…not a happy brony to be honest.

  • kristy

    My daughter too put her money on a card to buy gems and now the game reset and money gone

  • ……………..iğ,ü;


  • Selim

    When is gameloft going to update the kindle version with the canterlot wedding? Every other platform received latest update, when will we be having it?

  • Sara

    The Kindle versions of the updates will come online as soon as Amazon clears them to be released, and that's usually some time after the other Android releases.

  • wiktoria


  • Amethyst42

    My daughter's Android tablet has a fantastic new update with new games for upgrading ponies, and trips to Canterlot. Will this upgrade be available for iOS soon?

  • Jamie

    I just want to know why my lsp game has stopped loading and now it will not load at all I have like 100 pets and I worked hard on game to get them and now can’t even play won’t load at all please help if you can the game is so cool just want to get back to playing with my animals
    Thank you have a great day

  • Sara

    Hi Jamie,

    Please inform our CC team about this, here for iOS: gmlft.co/iossupport or here for Android: gmlft.co/androidsupport.


  • orc

    This is awesome! I ‘m finding new homes, and getting sweat prizes!

  • orc 101

    sorry meant to say sweet prizes.