Have the V-Day Blues?

Had a bad V-Day? Sorry for all the <3 that have been floating around Gameloft recently. To compensate, we’re celebrating something totally not lovey-dovey today… The end of the week! TGIF gamers!

And to get the party started, we’ve got HUGE discounts on some of our best iPhone & iPad games including Asphalt 7 which is FREE for a limited time… Pretty epic. Grab you’re copy before the price goes back up & check out our other titles on sale for only $0.99!


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  • thegamerHD01

    only asphalt 7 is free

  • peter

    Again. Android? No comment…

  • Zepplin76

    The constant lack of inclusion in the free/discounted (unless Apple crap is on sale) is utterly a slap in the face to all Android users. Shame on you!

  • sam stone

    andriod users never get paid stuffs free unlike ios :(

  • symbian

    why not make some goog hd games for nokia n8

  • Jamie

    Utter crap

  • khamis jon

    is ma best games gameloft

  • Smack

    Your ticket ID is: 3852229
    Playing six-guns

    Ive been reset twice i have payed to buy gun and star and ive lost my exp my health my lvls twice lvl 29 and level 26 today ive been reset again tuesday 19/3/2013 i would really like if you could help to get it fix asap please.

  • Sara


    Thank you for reporting this and I&apos;m sorry for any inconvenience the reported incident has caused you!
    An agent will soon contact you!


  • nokia belle

    please make more games for nokia 808,701

  • UnfixingScroll

    Are there ever going to be a N.O.V.A 3 tournememt in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Malika


  • Andy

    Don&apos;t know if this is on topic, but couldn&apos;t find anywhere to just leave a comment … Finally tired of all the BS with your game. Playing Kingdoms and Lords, waaaay too expensive to try to actually compete with computer or anyone else, also, after the Guild update, lost all Upgrades and now have even lost tools to Upgrades I&apos;ve been working on. You expect people to pay significant money and then you don&apos;t police your system so things like that happen. Saw some guy/girl dropped $150 on stuff and had same complaints I do… I paid, but it wasnt that much. Total ripoff … Sorry, lost a customer here!

  • Manni

    When will GameCenter be enabled for Aphalt 7 ????