To tablet or not to tablet?

Now if you think I’m talking about an iPad or Nexus 7, slow down there, you’re confusing me! What you should be thinking of is a super awesome new feature in the latest update to Heroes of Order & Chaos that gives you a new way to customize your playing experience! Sound cool? Go download the new Heroes update to try it out on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch and keep reading for more info on what to do with all these tablets!

Honey, should we get a tablet? – Get serious with your Hero
Why of course you should get a tablet sir, but why stop at one? By equipping a tablet you will improve your gameplay by adding a strong passive effect that applies to all of your matches. What does that mean? All tablets are different but each will give you an extra boost on the battlefield. To take your first step into the world of tablets, update your game then go to the Shop -> Items – > Tablet.

Choosing wisely – Yes, it’s that important
For those of you who want to jump into battle there’s a range of Tablet Packs in the shop designed for each class.  Once you’ve picked your tablets of choice, go to Tablet to equip them (Tablet -> Tap to open slot -> Tap to equip).

But if you’re more into customization, here’s what you need to know.  You can only equip three tablets at a time, no matter what hero you play. But that’s not a bad thing because all of your tablets will be active during battle. If you prefer one class or hero, you can try to max out similar effects, but effects of the same tablet don’t stack. So don’t go and buy three of the same tablet.

Ok I got a tablet – Now how do I drive this thing? 
Buying a tablet and equipping it without any inscriptions won’t have an effect on your game. Let me explain… Each tablet’s special effect only becomes active AFTER Ascension. Ascension is different for each tablet and requires a certain amount of Order energy points and Chaos energy points that you can get by using inscriptions. So make sure you choose the correct inscriptions for the tablets you want to use. Not sure how to make these inscriptions things work? Here’s a quick step by step guide to get you started.

Got it? Good!
If you’ve still got questions on how to use tablets in your game, you can check out this in-depth guide created by one of our awesome forum members! And enjoy our last minute tips to speed you on your way:

  • Already spent your Emblems? Exchange some of your Runes for Emblems in the Shop.
  • You can win Inscriptions (even Gold ones ☺ ) and Tablets in the Daily Reward!
  • If you want a Tablet that requires having Gold Inscriptions you could save up by getting 4X4 Bronze Inscriptions from the shop and exchange them for a Gold one in the Tablet Menu. This will save you 300 Emblems.

Did you get a tablet yet? Share your story in the comments & remember to check out the Heroes of Order & Chaos Facebook Page and forum



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