Game of the Week: The Amazing Spider-Man

This week’s game of the week is an ode to an amazing superhero that we all know and love. If you haven’t tried The Amazing Spider-Man (available on iPhone, iPad, & Android) before, you need to give it a try ASAP! Similar to our Dark Knight Rises game inspired by the end to the epic trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man features a massive open-world for you to explore. Fight thugs, save damsels in distress, or just swing around town as the original web-head. Give it a try today in preparation for the new movie and enjoy the pics!



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    nokia belle!!

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  • Tigran

    очень хорошая игра

  • Tigran

    very good game

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    this is a good game.

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    i want to download the spider man game please help me

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    Why can't you download it?

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    please free this game for one week please please