Dungeon Hunter 4

We know you have questions and today we have answers! YES, Dungeon Hunter 4 will have a story! Yes, there will be dungeon crawling and YES, it will also have the arena style battles that our DH3 players have come to know and love! So in essence, DH4 will have all of the best features of DH1, 2, & 3!

Wondering what it will look like? Take a peek at the first screenshots below and play our scavenger hunt to watch the first official trailer!
Start here –> http://gmlft.co/xiQWQ.61

And for our hardcore Dungeon Hunter fans, if you’re in San Francisco for this year’s GDC this week, come find us to get an exclusive DH4 sticker! :)


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  • christian ipo

    d ako maka pag download s gameloft hirap talaga waha help amaan ohh

  • Dorothea

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  • Martin Šobáň

    hi,i can´t enter the cave at bayant mountain range this that man is not interactive for me so a can´t take any quest and enter the cave.

    thanks for any sugests

  • Risad Lupine

    I downloaded the game on my wp8 Samsung phone, great game, but then there was an update, wouldn’t update because it said i didn’t have enough space (had 2 gigs free). I’m assuming that it completely downloads the whole game again and although it says the game is 995 megs, it seems it actually takes up 4 gigs on my phone. No idea why, but due to this issue I sadly had to uninstall it, re-install it and lose the character i was working on for the last while. I made a new character, played them a lot to try to catch up, new update, same issue. Unfortunately i’m not able to clear up enough space to download this again. I wish i could put it on my computer because that would make it a lot easier because i really like this game.

  • vin

    Hi Sara,

    Where can i get support for multiplayers?
    I’m currently using a BlackBerry Z10 and I’m worried that i may not be able to play with my friends because they’re using android phones.

    Please let me know…


  • Gab

    The game is freekin crashing a LOT since the last update… I installed it on my ipad and it was working perfectly.. Ever since this last update, the game crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes… Wtf?

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    Hey Gab, It would be great if you can provide us more details about this. To do so, please use the Customer Care option from in-game.

  • Valador

    Make the chat universal for language, can’t read over half of it. Way to much different languages, should be all consistent for country, not mixed up, add a translation program or something.

  • Koddie

    Sir i would like to ask when was the next update?? And please fix the bug on kankheer dungeon.. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS… THANK YOU

  • John Smyth

    yes iam also waiting for this stupid bug the dam tooth gate wont open in kankheer we are spending money on this game and the developers need to fix this game breaker as we can go no futher how much longer are we going to have to wait for this fix

  • Muhammad Anas

    Please fix the bug asap cos we’re stuck at kankheer. It’s really frustratig waiting and lesser people are playing cos there hardly is people playing on multiplayer

  • sandwich

    yeah I cant progress through the story because of kankheer. I even made a second character and go back to that level and it still has the same problem where the gat for the boss wont open.

  • Stephanie M

    Ok I guess I have at this time lost my account / characters. The game says I need an update that the App Store says does not exist. Very frustrated here…. ? Should I just delete the app and find a new MMO?

  • Stephanie M

    Hmm did my post disappear. What’s up my character/account are gone the app says I need a download and the App Store says I do not. Looks like it is time for a new game

  • g b h

    Camelot please I’m begging you just permanently lower the gate to

  • g b h

    Gameloft please lower the gate to kankheer people will be suing soon for their money because you limited progress through the game without any compensation or any update on the way

  • Missy Vale

    Don’t bother starting to play! There is a bug that has been preventing players from progressing in the game at Kankheer gate, an early level in the game. Some complaints are from over a year ago!

  • Morten Kristensen