Return to dungeon crawling in Dungeon Hunter 4

You’ve been waiting and its finally here! Return to the franchises’ epic dungeon crawling roots in Dungeon Hunter 4 now available on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch! Venture forth into the most immersive, accomplished, and addictive chapter of the acclaimed action RPG saga!

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  • gameloft fan

    you should add the option to block attacks an cloud saving so that when we reset the game we can get back our progress.

  • Kumpareng Posi

    does not let me make the 100 level weapon Saintly Scimitars.

  • Kattey

    Hey…. Gameloft….. You said that the bugs are already fixed but why does my game still have the decrease stat syndrome… Could you fix it before I delete my dungeon hunter4 on my iPad and rate your game poorly…. Just fix it and all will be good….. (For now)

  • Bil Newton

    hello i was wondering if someone can help me, i am stuck before ancient ruins i cant work out how to get to the ancient ruins can someone help me please.

  • Le0nides

    Characters must reach level 70 to be able to craft gear with spiritstones

  • Danny

    Talk to the specter, to “Defeat the Demon” go to SE corner of map and enter battleground. Finish and return to specter ( your beacon should now lead you in the right direction now) now you can go north to enter the ancient ruins. I hope this helps.

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  • Oomachasooma

    New Update…STILL not fixed Wasteland to Ancient Ruins bug…very poor show

  • Brian P. Santos

    same here dude.. hope they can fix it soon…

  • geentzz

    wich lvl tier 98-100 unloock ???

  • joe C121990

    Me too.

  • Angel

    is there a way to get the armors from the character selection screen??? the battleworn`s armor is pretty awesome

  • Anonomys

    Same thing happent to me right now, is because the IOS 7.0 they have a virus on it, and i have write to the chief ho’ is in charge, but something is Strange he just answer, i will not do anything about it, before we collect all our lost money from the last falied IOS system with to let the people arround the Globe falied in games investment and much more. No name nothing, like the virus have taking over there market ?

    Something Strange is really happening for there Apple Market

  • Torts

    character deleted for no reason. . heart breaking gameloft. way to George R.R. Martin everything. . .

  • Tony Wang

    Stuck in the wasteland stage. I have killed vespa but the main door is still stuck. Anyone know how to get pass this stage to get to the ancient ruins?

  • langoy

    Cant get passed the door in wasteland to ancient ruins…
    Help anyone?

  • randomguy

    Talk to the spirit with the voices in his head, he will direct you towards dungeon nr 2 on this map series. Dungeon nr 1 was the zombies dungeon, nr 2 is with.
    dragon creatures dungeon where vespa is at the end

  • Genesis Sales

    Anyone who know how to get to Ancient Ruins? I got stuck before it. Please help. It’s been a month or so. Can’t get through it.

  • jojo

    im stuck in waste land cant enter to ancient ruin pls help.. tnx!!

  • Marcin Frychel


    i lost all my skill points in HS4 !!!

    i cant see & choose any of them.

    when i achieve a promotion, i can`t redistribute skills point.

    help me please

  • jojo

    just kept level up on waste land but couldn’t go through ancient ruin… door closed!!!!

  • Chelo Del Rosario

    Hi..plz fix this after i defeated vespa the gate to ancient ruin wont open im stuck at wastelandr

  • Chelo Del Rosario

    After defeating vespa..the gate to ancient ruin wont open….plz update tomorow i cant wait any longer for your update..plz fix this earlier..

  • Dood

    Did that and cleared the void towers, still wont open heiroglyph doors. Customer help has not replied.

  • DeadlyData

    fck this game my loading screen stock.!!

  • Ionescu Gabriel Mihai

    DH4 is not starting anymore on nexus 10 after android 4.4 update

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    Hi Mihai,

    So sorry to hear you’re encountering issues with the app. Please address this to our Support team at


  • kli91

    Same here, does anyone know if there is a fix for it?

  • Nuwantha

    Can’t find vespa in wasteland but i defeated vespa and khill urd in the mural corridors .I even destroyed those 3 void shards and the doors to further explore. are still closed help in need

  • c.dimitar

    Pls gameloft fix the problem with the wasteland .. 60% of the players can’t enter the #3 (last) door for anchent ruins

  • pr

    i guess its bugged… coz gate is still closed

  • JLFarming

    I hav a blademster too and i trained him to lvl 30 but after few days the character just deleted on its own and wats worse i spent 60USD of gems on it what can i do now?

  • Cinzento

    I hear you mate! Support is a friggin joke. Love the game, but stoped playing cuz all the bugs and no support.

  • jojo myst

    I had suddenly deleted my character n im lvl78 …i dont wanna waste it an hope can get back the it possible to get back?

  • Steve

    It would be great to actually play the ancient ruins area. But no matter what I, or apparently anyone does, it doesn’t open. There are posts from almost a year ago, regarding this issue. No updates, no responses, no solutions. This is nothing but poor support.

  • Stephen Bottoms

    Has there been a fix?

  • Merlingrey

    Obviously not because even after today’s update I still can’t get past wasteland door to ancient ruins, I emailed them they didn’t respond. How can this go on for so long? All they have to do is add a portal after you kill Vespa to ancient ruins.

  • Merlingrey

    The only way to get past this door is to take gameloft programmers hostage and order them at gun point to fix the game…in fact that might not quiet do it….pack some rocket launchers as well .

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    Can you provide us with a ticket ID?

  • Khaleesi342

    Gameloft doesn’t care!

  • Tommybertsen

    I get the very same problem… What can I do ? I have doing this back and forth for thousands time. I even got something like 3m gold,bought every tier 46 stuff and upgraded it, I am level 36 and still cannot pass through this thing.. I just cannot find vespa ..

  • Tommybertsen

    I got this problem as well , but I didn’t find vespa to kill.. There are two gates remaining closed, the one is maybe the way to vespa. This is possibly a bug that since gameloft made this game f2p , doesn’t care about fixing it..

  • bunky8604

    The development team is working on a fix for this.

  • Greatvalue

    I’m in the exact same situation as you. I’ve completed everything but the stupid gate that I need to get through won’t open :( I’ve even sent gameloft mail in their customer service section a week ago and they said they will notify me when they have solved the issue.

  • thedude

    no they are not…they said they’ve been working on it for more than 6 months…i work for a software developer…if they WERE working on this, it’d be fixed by now and have been pushed out in one of the 2 updates since the issue was reported

  • Bok

    My skills are all gone after i open the DH4 HOW Can i return it back?!! The skills are very helpful if you are fighting the strongest boses,, plz fix this bug thank you!!

  • Kmodh4

    No it does not. I’m a level 61 sentinel with all crafted t100 gear :-)

  • abood alhayek

    Why i can’t make saintly scimister sword on my windows phone 8.1 i have enough spiritstone please anyone help me to solve this proplem ….also i can’t use spiritstones that i had to make any armor …why??????

  • Ali Al-Adwani

    Can you recall Account in dh4

  • Ali Al-Adwani

    tell me how