Dungeon Hunter 4 – Day 2

Hi All! We’ve been seeing a lot of feedback about Dungeon Hunter 4, both good and bad since it launched yesterday on iOS. We just want to let you know that we are listening and are very appreciative of all your suggestions. If you have ideas for how to improve the game, feel free to send them to DungeonHunterCommunity@gameloft.com.

If you are one of our Android players who is anxiously awaiting Dungeon Hunter 4’s release, we would like to apologize for the slight delay. We are putting it back in the oven (so to speak) to make sure we’ve squished any errant bugs and make the game as awesome as possible! Stay tuned for more info on when it will be available on Android.

And for those of you already playing on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch, we’ve noticed that you’ve found a nice mix of charms and spells to play with. That’s great to hear! ☺ To keep the magic coming, here are some additional tips from the Dev Team to make DH4 even better:

  • Make sure you play the optional Arenas like Valance Courtyard. The bosses often drop crafting material and a good amount of gold to help get some good items in the shop.
  • If you don’t merge you charms right away, you can stack several of the same level to save space.
  • You can earn Gems by playing PvP
  • And if you were unaware, there is the free lottery which has some pretty good payouts without having to fork over some cash ☺

We hope that helps and please share your favorite tricks in the comments below!

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  • Borgy Manotoy

    Question: If I need to reinstall iOS or lets say I will upgrade to iOS7 and then reinstall DH4… will I start from scratch? or I can continue to my last game data?


  • Edo

    Hi im using samsung glaxy s3 mini and it had to much lag when i played it,even in very lo resolution

  • Christopher Wilson

    dh4 is stuck on loading then closes
    any ideas without deleting

  • Patrick Capulong

    Hi im playing dungeon hunter in my ipad mini the thing is it crashes always and i cant play the game anymore i have re install the game for about 3 times and it keeps getting worse thanks

  • Arton

    If you look up in this page, there have write a Email to send what we guys think they should do about this game when we people play it on Ipad Iphone. I think you all have to do the same like me send them a email with. Hi there i think you should make a Update maybe it helps with this loading problem. Make a Update for the game maybe it will help for the 38.000 people that have the same problem like we do.

  • Royal

    I’m playing with the iPad mini and it crash all the time. I’m at Mage tower. I think the iPad mini is not enough powerful for this game. In the parameter of the game you should give the option of the graphic quality. Low medium or high.

  • daud

    Hello i am playing using ipad…can i connect with my friend who is using samsung s4?. please advise thank you

  • Guest

    This game sucks until it’s fixed I was level 24 and it erased him and forced me a new character I want it back and until then I want to reimbursed with all the blood vials up to the point were I needed to get to 500000 along with all my charms and money over 100000$ with all of my skill points and spirit stone and other inequities

  • Glen John Juyo

    Hey >> can U pls HElp me, I want to play w/ my friends but . cant connect w/ them. they’re using Sony and Samsung phones and i’m using IPAD 2 . Is there any problem in Apple Gadgets ?

  • Glen John Juyo

    PLS HELP ME.. I want to play DH4 w/ my friends , but can’t connect . they’re using Sony And Samsung Phones , and I’m using IPAD 2 … is there a problem w/ Apple Gadgets ? T_T

  • ethan

    I just downloaded the game yesterday. Played all day got to level 20. Was excited to play again this morning, but the game is not loading. I’ve tried turning my tablet off several times. It looks like a lot of others are having the same problems, but not any recent ones though. Is anyone still having this problem? Or is there a solution. Please someone respond back! Thanks

  • Sara

    Hi there!

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing such issues!

    You’ll need to go on our Support website http://support.gameloft.com/ and you can

    check our FAQ page of the site http://support.gameloft.com/OnlineAndSocial/ and find a solution to your issue.

    If your issue isn’t described in there, you can fill a form that would be sent to the Customer Care Team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • warmage

    I used to like bloodmatch coz it helped me reach lvl 70+. After i forge my tier100 armors and weapon, i cannot enter bloodmatch arena anymore. Pls fix asap…i tried restarting and checking the network connections but to no avail..

  • Bill Lai

    can get back my save data for my female sentinel archer name Asha around lv 60 to lv 70. i have to play all over again due to i lost my phone. please help. tqvm

  • max

    ios keeps crashing all the time on eternal battle and blood match, i just lost 10mil and lost all my skill ponints,’ ukd4ng3rzz’ is my name its getting annoying coz ive bought gems and that try sort this out coz its a sick game just shocking servers

  • max

    you also should try do some sort of save game thing, on like your account or facebook, i dunno! but everyone looses their accounts and you need to find a way to sort it out man! just tryna help;)

  • Πάνος Λαμψίδης

    i have a level 43 sentinel but the game doesnt loading please fix it

  • Drant

    For people having problem going past the loading screen just change the graphics setting to very low in the settings and you should be able to get past the loading screen.

  • Oltean Catalin


  • Mystic

    I’m in the same boat. I killed Khiil Urd after he changed and now the mission will not update. Bummer.

  • Tuğçe Terzioğlu

    I can’t play the game online in laptop. What is the problem?

  • Ropin van Roon

    still the loading problem is in the game !!!
    how can i fix this give a andser pleasz !!

  • Paul Muttock

    Right, I was lvl 60 and was looking forward to hitting the lvl 70 mark as you get the new crafting items. But heres what happened, playing the game as normal I went to go to the blood arena, request canceled! Then the game crashed and I lost my hero!!! Plus all the money I have paid for gems. I want my old account back or the money back for what I paid as this was not my fault. Why have a log in option if it doesn’t save your data!?!?!?

  • legendz

    when i connect to online server … it says ur acc does not exist or wrong password but i already have and connect it last june1 and now i cant connect Y.Y

  • souvlaki

    Every time there is a game update I try this quest again to see if they’ve fixed this bug. It’s been 3 updates and no solution still.

  • Maxandtysdad

    Hey guys. I can’t finish the valenthian hero grand abbot mission? I can’t go through the door it points me too. I see this question a lot without any answers? Please help!!! :)

  • Polly

    How do I connect the gameloft to iPad?

  • Kmo

    Me too :(

  • Chas Howell

    Yep. I’m stuck outside the Warmage Academy. I walk up to the door, but nothing happens.

  • Jason

    I figured out part of it. Unfortunately, for me, it was the character. I created another character, to the one with 2 swords, and it worked fine. I was the warrior. It sucks. Especially when you have already built up your character.

  • JRealms

    I’m also stuck outside the Archives. I already tried two character classes: sentinel and blademaster. It’ll be too risky just to change to another character without knowing what is actually wrong here. Any working solution? And it’ll reaallly suck to start from the scratch again.

  • Leoca

    I have the same problem

  • Xiaolu

    Yeah, 1st character lvl 26, I gave it another chance… lvl 66, with a lvl 100 sword crafted by me, among other nice items… for what!!!!??? Stuck like y’all!

    Next time I’ll just jump onto my sword, like Turin Turambar! :/

  • james alexander

    Hi. I have tried merging charms and everytime they disappear. Can you tell me where they have gone? Is it because I am playing on a windows phone?

  • Renato Gregorio

    How to fix dh4 hanging 1st screen