Heroes How To: Voice Chat & More

Wondering how to keep in touch with your guild in Heroes of Order & Chaos? We’ve got the answers for you! Check out our guide below to keep you in constant communication and let us know your favorite ways to communicate in the comments below.

How can I communicate with my teammates during a match in Heroes of Order & Chaos?
You can communicate with your team, guild, and even with your opponents during a match in Heroes. There are three icons under your Hero’s in-game picture. Tapping the first one will show you your teammates & your opponents. The second one is the Chat sign and the third will open up your Settings Menu. Whenever you see Chat icons or Dialog, simply tap them to chat with others. Your in-game Chat icon will notify you of important changes in the game like when neutral mobs respawn or hero assists and reconnects.

If you take a look on the left side of your chat screen, you’ll see you have three options: YELL, TEAM and GUILD. The last two will show up after you tap “YELL” once. Choosing “YELL” from this submenu and then writing in the chat will make your message visible to both your team and the opponents. Tapping “TEAM” will make your message visible only to your teammates, and choosing “GUILD” will enable you to communicate with the members of your guild.

If you take a look on the right side of your device, you’ll see a red triangle that will allow you to use some template texts like: “Enemy missing!”, “Retreat”, “Need back-up!” or “Attack!” in case you want to make urgent changes that don’t need too much explaining.

How can I communicate with my team privately to plan strategy?
When you are in-game you can use the team chat or have a voice chat to strategize quickly. Voice chat is a function that will allow you to talk to your teammates during the battle by using a microphone. To talk to your teammates you have to have a headset connected.
Turn Voice Chat ON/OFF during battle by going to Settings-> Options-> Voice Chat. In the Voice Chat Menu you can even chose if you wish to talk to both of your team mates or not. Be careful to leave the Mute Option (Settings-> Options-> Sound) untapped.


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