My Little Pony: Canterlot Wedding


Spring is in the air and everyone is ready for the wedding of the century to hit the official My Little Pony game on iPhone, iPad, & Android! Update now to get ready for the big day! And keep reading for more on this massive new update…

You’ve been waiting for it and its finally here! Hop on the Friendship Express to explore a brand new map, Canterlot, and start building your unique town with new houses and shops plus 10 NEW PONIES to celebrate the royal wedding.

But watch out for the evil Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changlings. They’ve come to stop the royal celebration! It’s up to you to save the day and defeat Chrysalis!

Don’t delay, Canterlot awaits! Update now on iPhone, iPad, & Android!

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  • kayleigh


  • jackie

    I want it though i’m just a kid thats 7 years old…

  • jackie

    Its 3D ya know!

  • rainbowdash

    i love the game i play it on my tablet all the time its great i have applejack twilight pinkepie and much more i am lvl 50 :) its ok if your jelly lol

  • rainbowdash

    hey hey everybody where here to shout that the magic of friendship is what its all about we thought we were diffrenet as the night is from the day until twilight sparkle help us see another way so get up get down if your gonna come around we can work together helping twilight sparkle win the crown im gonna be my self no matter what i do and if where diffrenet i want you to be true to you so jump up make a sound HEY! stomp your hooves turn around start now make a change gonna come around so jump up make a sound HEY! stomp your hooves turn around we can work together helping twilight sparkle win the crown.

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  • jasmine ortega

    hey guys im jasmine but i use my grandpa com yeah but i didnt fininsh yet from deafeting the monters or name crystal its hard than i though

  • jasmine ortega

    hi i loves ponies at list i have pony wings but i dont how to fly high!

  • princessluna

    i can’t play it

  • princessmegha

    i want to playy!!!!

  • princessmegha

    can anyone tell me a way to play this ??

  • Shaunte

    I can’t open this game