My Little Pony: Canterlot Wedding


Spring is in the air and everyone is ready for the wedding of the century to hit the official My Little Pony game on iPhone, iPad, & Android! Update now to get ready for the big day! And keep reading for more on this massive new update…

You’ve been waiting for it and its finally here! Hop on the Friendship Express to explore a brand new map, Canterlot, and start building your unique town with new houses and shops plus 10 NEW PONIES to celebrate the royal wedding.

But watch out for the evil Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changlings. They’ve come to stop the royal celebration! It’s up to you to save the day and defeat Chrysalis!

Don’t delay, Canterlot awaits! Update now on iPhone, iPad, & Android!

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  • Emily Pony lover

    Please, I have an iPad, and the app keeps crashing! :( this was my favorite game, I would play it every day, and I loved it. But every time I open the app, it loads to the Hasbro gaming screen, but then crashes. It has been happening for over 2 months, and when I updated it today, it is still crashing! Please fix it! I'm close to crying right now :(

  • TC191359

    Well, the St. Paddy's update isn't on the Android devices yet. So, I'm just waiting until June to get my hopes up. Thanks for nothing, Gameloft.

  • LivyPony

    Will this update be coming out for the Kindle platforms soon?

  • Kelly

    No updates matter if they aren't fixing the crashing issue! I haven't been able to play this game in months. It crashes every time I try to open it. Making sure people can actually play your game needs to be your top priority, not adding additional content!

  • Michaela

    Any plans to make the game available on laptops and desktops? Maybe through google chrome?

  • said

    Saya ingin mendonlod game

  • teodora


  • shimrod

    get an apple tv – then you can stream it to your big screen

  • Josie

    Crash, crash, crash! To the Hasbro screen and then…crash! You have customers who spent time and money on this game- get it fixed Gameloft.

  • Mags

    My daughter, who can't read, got the message about the changelings – and clicked through – anything we need to know other than use the gems to tap them away???

  • Kim

    What about Android updates for Kindle? While I watched my mom get the St. Patty's Day and Easter updates, we never got a single one. We also are not seeing the Canterlot update yet. I used to allow my daughter to use entertainment budget money for the occasional pony purchase–no more. Please update the Kindle Android platform as well. Otherwise, you are going to continue to lose business. :(

  • Sara

    Hello Josie,

    I am really sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

    To get in touch with the Support team, please fill the next form:


    Kind regards

  • daniel gresek jr

    i need hearts for 2 ponys pleas help i love this game and want to win pleas email me a.s.a.p thank you

  • Reanrai

    I just finished the ridiculous town hall quest, and then it flashed saying that I had things in my inventory, but when I went to look, Luna's not there. I checked everywhere and still no Luna. I spent 600 gems for nothing?? Also, I still haven't received my gem refund that I was supposed to get months ago. What gives?

  • Heather

    I need friends I have one friend and it's pricess c helppp

  • noe

    so now im at level 62, i finished all the quests (with the last one being building city hall) i activated all the element stones and got the final dialogue. it said to check my inventory but nothing is there! talk about an anti climax! i cant for the life of me find princess luna! i tried restarting my ipad, restarting the game and now it has been 2 days with no luna! what a ripp off, if i was not going to get luna i wouldnt have bought city hall and waisted 600 gems on it!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Too bad the update isn't on the Kindle Fire yet. (angry face)
    also, update the Kindle version!!!

  • rosesongstress

    I'm having issues with the social part of the game. My friends are not showing up.

  • Poni

    I just spent a long time completing the game and after buying Town Hall and defeating Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna never showed up. I have the Canterlot Wedding update. Is Luna suppose to be in Canterlot? Do I have to buy Cadence just to get Luna? Luna is suppose to be in my inventory but she is not! How can I fix this?

    Help me on this,

  • Poni

    Also, the friends list takes a very long time to load and a lot of them I cannot visit. How can I fix this?

  • someone

    April 22nd Kindle apps were forced to update. Now the game crashes at the loading screen. Always have had problems with the social area – can't see my friends 95 per cent of the time. Now I can't even load the game at all. 4 months of daily game play down the drain? Really Gameloft?

  • lgmmy89

    Same issue here. Lots of glitches and costs way too much money to complete. Can't access friends to get past the buy Scootaloo task. Spent $15 on Friday when gems where on sale. After the up yesterday, April 22nd crashes on opening screen and I can't play at all. Is there a way to reinstall the update? Really disappointed in Gameloft but I think the cost and problems with this app is horrible business for Hasbro. Contacted support months ago for social issue and never heard back.

  • Kara

    tlsparkle52 add me!

  • lindley

    My kindle fire MLP app was just forced to update and now the app crashes before it's even done loading. Even after a shut down and restart the app is still crashing. This sucks!!!

  • Jax

    Not very happy about the bugs on this game as I see others as not as well…. I don't want to loose everything I have worked on.
    Before the update I couldn't connect to Facebook on my Kindle Fire & now after your update it won't even open anymore. It crashes every time I try as many others have also stated.
    If this isn't fixed I will not be downloading anymore Gameloft games because it isn't going to be worth my time.

    Glad to know it is not just me. Lindley I am having the same issue!!! :(

    GAMELOFT!!! Please get this fixed!

  • Jose

    Does anyone know whats going on with the game? I updated it and tried to play but now it either says "No Internet Connection" with the retry button or it just crashes before getting past the Hasbro logo, even after deleting it (and losing everything I ever unlocked in the game), and re-installing it, this still happens. Is there a glitch/bug going on with the update? Is this a major issue with anyone else, and will Gameloft fix this if it is?

  • alykry

    how do I get game loft friends?

  • Sara

    Hello there,

    I am really sorry about this situation. Please access for iOS or for Android devices and contact Customer Care regarding your issue.

    Have a good day!

  • tak


  • Johana Lee

    I have no idea how to add friends that are not on my facebook(since I am the only one that plays MLP). Also those bugs(the little ones you have to spend gems to get rid of) are really, really annoying. Every time I clear them out so I can rearrange my village the way I want it…. They fill it back up again and ruin every thing. Pretty please with sugar on top make them go away……

  • Amy

    I need friends and if anyone else does too, add me: astuart2010

  • Turtlejelly

    I have had to restart this game several times, but now I am two shards away from winning, and I have all but four pieces of land. I just purchased gems, which they accidentally charged me full price at the half price sale, and now all of that progress is gone? I have been very patient, but now I am very angry. Customer service had been great in the past with the gems and bits that have gone missing, but now I can&apos;t even get the automated message that they received my complaint. I understand that they are probably experiencing a high volume of complaints because the finally updated for kindle, but this is ridiculous. BTW, the social networking doesn&apos;t work either and hasn&apos;t for while. I will not be starting this game over AGAIN.

  • Sara

    Hello Turtlejelly,

    I am really sorry for this situation. I suggest you contact our Support team by accessing for iOS or for Android devices.

    Please let me know if you still don&apos;t receive any message from Customer Care.

    Have a nice day!

  • Normandyai1224

    Everyone! Kindle Fire users! Canterlot Update is out! Just got it!

  • Katie032712

    I really enjoy this game….but since I got home it&apos;s been freezing up and now it&apos;s telling me I have no Internet connection when I clearly do have Internet connection otherwise I couldn&apos;t play the game on my iPad ….plz fix this soon as I would like to continue playing the game

  • Sara

    Hello Katie032712,

    Have you contacted our Suppor Page? Please access and contact Customer Care regarding your issue.

    Have a good day!

  • ruth

    my little pony genmes

  • Maria Kolbet

    Dear Sara,
    My husband loaded the My Little Pony game for our daughter to play when we bought the kindle fire. While the game crashes and has glitches we have been patient with it as it is a free game and because our 6 year old loves it so much.
    We even bought some of the gems at full price so that she could unlock her favorite ponies (Rarity and Rainbow Dash). Unfortunately the game does not recognize that she acquired those ponies and keeps directing her to either buy more gems, or to engage in social networking.
    She is six and I am not comfortable with multiple friends online who we do not even know just to advance the game. In addition it seems like others who play the game are not able to advance even if they add friends and spend money. This is so unfortunate as the game is beautiful, the concept is fun, and she really loves to play this game.
    If Gameloft had waited and released a game without the many glitches and that was achievable-for example, give multiple ways to achieve a goal, rather than just hearts- we would certainly have spent 30.00 on the game for a hard copy (like a Nintendo DS game) or 6.00-10.00 for a full addition, with all components that does not crash. I understand the need to make money. I don&apos;t understand the need to make money at the expense of the ones who love the ponies the most and sleep with them at night, the little girls who buy the actual toys and play with them.
    It is sad that corporate greed is alienating one of your biggest audiences, that of the children who love the ponies and the parents who take hard earned money and sink it into a game that is beautiful, but not reliable, nor achievable.
    M. Kolbet

  • Cody

    I&apos;m trying to add a friend by using Gameloft Live, I log in and hit connect and when I hit connect, it goes to a white screen. Does this happen with anyone else? It&apos;s really making me angry. And if there is any way to fix that. Thanks.

  • Sam

    Is there a way for 2 kids to play 2 different games on the kindle fire profiles? My son keeps getting upset that my daughter spends all of his coins.

  • Sara

    Hello there,

    If you are experiencing problems with the game, please access for iOS or for Android devices and contact Customer Care.

    Have a good day!

  • Sarah

    I&apos;m breaking down and finally going to add friends on social networking…the instructions say I can do this within the game, but so far no luck. Can anyone help me out? Also, let me know if you need friends….I need to get the hearts and don&apos;t know anyone who plays this game. Thanks!

  • daniel gresek jr

    add me sailor1222 i send every day pleas add me

  • Lath

    Hello MLP fans,

    Just for you all to know, the moment I sent a ticket on the friends not showing issue, it got fixed, at least for know. It&apos;s probably a matter of "refreshing" something in our accounts or who knows what, but it&apos;s quick.

    The sad news: it doesn&apos;t fix the bug for all others, which is what they should do.

    @Maria Kolbert, I completely understand your point, but no social network based game is a game for kids, no matter how childish they look. About the friends thing, take into account that this is MLP friendship is magic :P Now seriously, interaction with friends is so low in this game that you wouldn&apos;t be exposing your daughter at all. You can manage friends and decide who to add via Gameloft LIVE, the actual social network app that she shouldn&apos;t access, and all she will see in the game will be nicknames and towns, no messages or walls there.

    It&apos;s still a pity, of course, I only know of one game for NDS, Pinkie Pie&apos;s Party, released in 2008, which is a bit too short but better than nothing. Hope it helps.

    And everyone go send tickets with your issues as Sara recommends so often, because obviously they can&apos;t help you here.

  • Christina

    I beat the entire game, spent tons of time and money and effort and at the end I DIDN’T get Luna!! What’s the deal? I’m so frustrated!!

  • Kristin Anderson Barrick

    I stopped playing this months ago because it would cost me hundreds of real dollars to collect everything (after already having spent more than I’d like to admit).

    With the update, my friend and I gave it another chance. He told me parasprites were gone. Yea! since the only way I could prevent them was to make Ponyvile into either a crowded metropolis or forest. The changlings in Canterlot seemed like a nice change: parasprites that were optional if I wanted to click on fake Twilights.

    Logged in today and parasprites are back. Facebook connect still is wonky since day 1 and most of my friends have stopped playing since they got tired of micro-transactions as well.

    MLP is GREAT material for a game… even a partial pay one. With the limited repetitive mini-games (which you could have as a pony carnival and have it actually be worth the effort of maintaining the stores) and constant pushes for REAL MONEY, this game is more of a DRAIN than fun. The money issue even seems contradictory to what the show speaks about!

    Play the game for yourselves (Gameloft folks) for a couple weeks and maybe you’ll see. I’m just so disappointed.

  • Kristin Anderson Barrick

    Amen. I totally agree. And to Lath above, social networking games are totally being marketed to kids and there are plenty of them online and on Facebook to take advantage of them. It is also totally acceptable to block that option as a parent.

    I think people have realized that there’s not a lot of money in casual games. If you make it free though and connect success in the game to micro-purchasing, you can make a bundle. However, it’s fast money that fades as Zynga is finding out.

  • Ken Molines Pacaigue

    I’m experiencing this too. Did you solve your problem?

  • Doctor Whooves

    You spend shards on them, not gems. You get rid of them by collecting shards, and then getting rid of them.

  • Doctor Whooves

    She’s in your inventory.