The Suits of Iron Man 3: Part 2

If you’ve missed all the hubbub, Iron Man 3 is coming soon to theaters and the official game will be flying in on iPhone, iPad, & Android as well… and we do mean flying! Get ready for the endless “flyer” with screens of ALL the playable suits in the game! Which is your favorite?

Mark 17: Heartbreaker

Mark 25: Striker

Mark 33: Silver Centurion

Mark 35: Red Snapper

Mark 37: Hammerhead

Mark 38: Igor

Check out the rest of the suits in Part 1 & Part 3 of our official reveal!

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  • Anonymous

    (Unrelated to post, my apologies)
    Where can I contact the company in regards to possible future changes in a game app?

  • Jaime0315

    when is the release date of this game? :D will it be a freemium game?

  • Jaime0315

    oh wait nevermind :D

  • Tape

    will this be compatible with the ipod touch 4g? :D

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  • Anthony III

    Why isnt dungeon hunter 4 on java. Not fair

  • Hunter

    I just watch the Iron Man 3 yesterday and it's so cool i'll buy this game!!!Ako ay Pilipino

  • Tark12345


  • Tark12345

    Gameloft waaw iron man. SPAIDER man the dark modern combat dh4

  • Tark12345

    Iron man 3