Dungeon Hunter 4: Character Classes

What is your favorite character class in Dungeon Hunter 4 so far? Did you know that you can create two different characters to play as? Have you been playing as more than one type ? Check out the 4 types below and some of our tips on how to use them effectively! And if you haven’t played DH4 yet, try the action-packed RPG for yourself on iPhone, iPad, & Android!

Slow but powerful, BATTLEWORN characters are heavily armored and always in the thick of the action! If you like to run headfirst into a fight, be sure to try out these fearless fighters.


Deadly swordsmen & martial artists, BLADEMASTERS also wield impressive magic, making them unmatched in solo combat. These fast melee fighters excel at killing a single target in close-combat. The only character class that can dodge attacks, these expert swordsmen can also counter melee attacks. It is said that once their gaze is fixed on a victim, they track them down relentlessly until they can achieve their goal: elimination of the target.


The best archers in Valenthia, SENTINELS can move quickly, lay traps, & debilitate their enemies from afar. They rely on speed and distance to take out their foes and posses the ability to evade enemy attacks by dashing away from the action. They are reputed to be able to lose several arrows before the first hits its mark.


Masters of arcane destruction, WARMAGES are trained in combat & the mystic arts. They rely on their shooting staffs to knock out opponents and magic orbs to increase their magical energy. Much like the Sentinel, this class works better from a large range rather than fighting in the thick of the battle. They are fragile, but can block enemy attacks with magic and keep things at a distance.

Now that you’ve meet the four classes, have you learned how to utilize their skills to your advantage? The biggest difference between the character types, besides their abilities, is their control scheme. I’ve been playing as the Sentinel since launch and I noticed that the controls are pretty different than Battleworn, which I was playing as pre launch. The Sentinel is a duel-stick shooter where as Battleworn is more of a buttonmasher (well thats how I play them ;) ). I’m not sure which I prefer, but the first thing I had to do was customize my button layout or “Hud” when I played. I highly recommend it!

If you want to follow suit and switch your attack buttons & thumbstick around, just go to: Settings > Settings (yes two settings) > Customize HUD and simply drag and drop the buttons around until they feel right to you. You can create different schemes for each character if you do play as different character types.

Click to view full screen.


Default configuration on the left & my custom configuration on the right.

What tips do you have for new players? Do you have a favorite class? Continue the conversation in the comments. :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kamal.mahmudov.7946 Kamal Mahmudov

    I downloaded it on my lg 4x hd:stock rom 4.1.2 no root tegra3 t30l 1.5 ghz 1gb ram ulp geforce2 520mhz.the game runs in all graphics mod.Please solve it and make it better for tegra3!!!

  • Reno

    Well, no matter which character you are,, the game is full of bug. A vampire buggy game that never last long because of its broken gameplay. Greedy gameloft fails

  • Alaa

    I have this same bug that eats up your damage level aginast players and monsters online know it efficted my third character iv Been waiting long enough for the update and still haven’t came on AppStore so i am delegating the app DH4 was a fail gameloft.

  • Alaa

    I have this same bug that eats up your damage level aginast players and monsters online know it efficted my third character iv Been waiting long enough for the update and still haven’t came on AppStore so i am deleating the app DH4 was a fail gameloft.

  • zolihaver

    How can i upload my progress?

  • Welington Reis

    Why items made with spiritual stones are blocked?

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  • poy

    is there a way to transfer DH4 save data to another device?

  • noname

    this has been asked many times in many places… can’t find any answers.

    I want to play DH4 on iphone and ipad… seems that GL have not made this possible. I assume so, from the silence which meets your (and many peoples) question about this.

  • Brandon Lee


    MY GL ID is blhz1992 if u have whatsapp contact me +573042040702 Line: herbrand and BBM 79D8FF03

  • gurgen411

    i lost my char and i want return and need your help. how i can return my char?

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  • Me

    You need to be lvl 70

  • dunke

    How can you finde your friends in dh4. ? I cant finde anywere wher i can type names in. So i can add friends .

  • lime

    until what level this game?i had reach the level 100

  • Paul

    can’t enter a name on s4

  • Someone100987

    I lose 5/13 of my damage while playing blademaster, why?

  • mirariko

    I play DH4 on my ipad .. i haven’t try on my iPhone yet , but till now is great dude

  • Hugo

    Hello i just got a problem with my SENTINEL it’s now called TRE and i cant use her any more why?? and its a bix red X in right donw coner on the gear. i play on Windows 8.1 and it’s a new computer. and my carater nama was not TRE when i started it and it was almost lvl 21 and now it’s lvl 18 why??

  • JustTheTrip

    Its a good game, what do expect on your phone. Get a life and stop complaining

  • Abr

    How do you block ??

  • trotmy fy

    Why is the warmage so strong in pvp evenin close range

  • zane

    you can’t block in the game now if your a battleworn there is a special ability to cast magical sheilds around you for a period of time