Modern Combat 5 Revealed!


Incoming! Experience the first Modern Combat 5 trailer & gameplay footage for yourself!
Stay tuned fore more MC5 info at E3 2013. ^-^


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  • Steven Shearing

    Windows 8 version has been dropped, check the news

  • sagar 95

    When will it release ..
    Just waiting. .
    Your Asphalt 8 rocked..
    It was just awesome. .

  • Harrison Ye

    Will I be able to play it on iPad 2?

  • Sara

    If we reveal now, we’ll spoil the surprise, right? :) Stay tuned and be sure you’ll be among the first to know

  • Bruno Gomes

    why compare samsung with creativity

  • Maxpower99

    FYI, shadowgun is what we call a third person shooter, hence not an first person shooter

  • Tarekz

    Gameloft is making phones n tablets fun to play. Soon it might be even better then console.


  • Axe

    That’s what gameloft do! Rip off big consol games, it’s their thing. And they don’t care cos it’s in iOS.

    P.S. Terrorist story lines never get old

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  • Shahzaib

    Is it free?

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    Hi Shahzaib!:)

    Make sure to stay tuned on our Social Networks and we will update you in real time!:)

  • ysbert

    Modern combat = Call of Duty
    Asphalt = Need for Speed
    Gangstar = Grand Theft Auto
    GT Racing = Real Racing
    Blitz Brigade = Team Fortress
    BackStab = Assasin’s Creed
    N.O.V.A. = Halo

  • ysbert

    NOOOOOOO DON’T make it free!!! PLEASE That is what ruined Real Racing 3! and many other games! I would pay 10e for multiplayer only!

  • dhfs


  • dhfs




    Despicable Me Minion Rush = Temple Run

  • antoon320

    please please please release it at same time for windows, not like asphalt 8

  • antoon320

    But they do it right :D

  • Johannes

    Please please gameloft add voicechat to MC5 that would be amazing

  • caesarean erwin

    gameloft please make it available on xperia go ….like the modern combat 4 ……..pleaseeee………..i hope u can make it thankssss……i love this game so much……..!!!!!

  • caesarean erwin

    yes i agree with u ….need MC3 new update….that a great game….

  • caesarean erwin

    when the game coming outttttt…….make available on xperia go……………………and all low end fone………………………………..please

  • joe

    I hope it better than modern combat 4 .I hope it hard cheat on the game because modern combat 4 anyone report you and they will banned you from the game it happen to me and I been try get my account back over month now some one liar about me say was cheat on the game that was a lie

  • joe

    Bad Support for modern combat 4

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  • Ironkhight

    Nova=crysis or halo

  • Exs


  • t3chb0y

    cant wait to play this on nvidia shield

  • CM Punk Prince

    hey guys will it work in hp slate 7 i have modern combat 4 and it works without any sort of lag

  • vinny

    This…..was probably the most accurate post ever

  • Ricardo Garcia

    I would compare gt racing 2 to forza . Its a mobile transfer of forza. Shouldn’t compare it to real racing when real racing is mobile,l not console.

  • Ricardo Garcia

    I would hope to get online party voice chat. Bigger maps. Better animations. Weighted characters. (Compare to COD character physics) we dont need thw wow factor anymore. We need decent polycounts and better gameplay. We have no ability to knife on command. We cant go prone. We cant jump. We need the standard raised, not the graphics. Keep MC4 graphics while enhancing player models. We need these things. Also, get better voice actors. I could never get used to the subpar voices that dont seem serious about being in the middle of warfare. Im not askong for any non-realistic things.

  • kaung kyaw


  • thieuw

    Whats ”your MC4/GL name?

  • thieuw

    Lol Sebie what ur doing here?

  • thieuw


  • thieuw

    You think its Battelfield 3/4??? I dont think they will add that :)

  • thieuw

    Buy it

  • Dell Conagher

    Not to mention, six guns=Red dead

  • himan

    its in ipad but not in android why

  • John

    It’s coming out on march 2014

  • Olegolah

    Will MC5 be free or money because if money then i wont be able to get it, if free then i will get it and i heard there will be no local wifi multiplayer mode ;( how sad

  • Ana FromGameloft

    Hello, all previous Modern Combat titles were using a paymium model.

  • Catgoespoo

    Talk online with what?

  • gammer007

    when this game coming? why so lame its march now :(

  • Johan

    When modern combat 5 come to Asia…?..