The Best Asphalt Yet? We Think So!

That’s right, Asphalt 8 is on the way, and let me just say right now… You WON’T be disappointed! Don’t believe me? Does this convince you?:


How ‘bout this?:


Still not convinced? You will be! ;-)

Why am I so confident? There are many, MANY, reasons that I can’t cover in this one blog post. But first and foremost, I think you’ll be happy with the price tag: $0.99. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the deets.

Asphalt 8 features 8 all new maps from the Nevada desert to the city streets of London, plus a bonus revamped Monaco track for our A7 fans. What I really love about these new tracks is the impact the environments have on each race. Yes, there is snow. And dust. And rain! Hydroplane through the water-soaked streets of Tokyo after a heavy downpour or slip and slid across frozen tracks in Iceland. And each map features a host of alternate routes to explore and conquer.


See, snow! Isn’t it glorious?
And the thing that really sets the tracks, and A8 in general, apart from previous Asphalt games in my opinion is the brand new physics engine. Now you’ll feel like you’re really in control when you slide behind the wheel. Pull death-defying stunts, destroy objects in your path, and catch major air off ramps all thanks to the new physics system!

But, don’t think you’ll be by yourself on these epic tracks. Asphalt 8 will feature both synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer so you can challenge your friends around the clock! A7 fans will be happy to note that Takedown mode is returning and we’ve added two new MP modes in A8: Gate Drift & Infected. In Gate Drift you’re challenged to “drift” through multiple gates. The more you get through, the more points you get. While, Infected is more of a big game of tag. One player starts as “infected” and must hit another car to pass the infection along and regain their health. If they don’t pass the infection to someone within 20 seconds they’re eliminated. Now that’s what I call good old fashion fun!


Excited now? I thought so! Stay tuned for more info on Asphalt 8 coming soon and enjoy the first trailer below: 

Asphalt 8 is out on iPhone, iPad, & Android! Get it today:

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  • Vadoliya Milan

    Why show in my phone isn’t compatibile this version my device is MICROMAX CANVAS 4

  • Vadoliya Milan

    Please help me why not compatible my device for asphalt 8 my device is MICROMAX CANVAS 4

  • Gaston

    I’m using the game in windows 8.1 64bits, and the road is black, is this a known bug?

  • Michael Bailey

    Sane issue over here.

  • Michael Bailey

    And what is wrong with Windows Phone? Gameloft released it on Windows Phone, and its superb.

  • Emersongx

    bug black pist in windows 8.1 :(

  • vishal jaiswal

    Is This game can run on Vizio Vtab1008 ? It show asphalt 8 is compatible with your device.
    I’m This because asphalt 7 also show compatible but that couldn’t run!

  • Jerome Mcdonald

    I have the same issue.


    Will there be a asphalt 9????

  • haseeb khan

    please play this game to me

  • no name

    you should allow this version on samsung galaxy s3 again

  • name

    you should allow asphalt 8 airborne on samsung galaxy s3 again

  • luca

    ehi guys! I’m trying to multiplay with my friends using local wifi but I can’t. can you tell me how to do please? thanks

  • Kevin

    How do i search friends?

  • Saj

    is there an offline mode? this game is murder on my data plan -_-

  • Shameer Raheem

    thanks so much gameloft

  • awesome

    this is frickin awesome!

  • lalit kumar

    Thanks for sharing this information with us Please mention release time in next post.

    see more games :

  • ronald

    Not sure if this is the right place to post a question…if it’s not i apologize peeps! My question: While playing Asphalt 8 on my laptop running Windows 8.1 all the race tracks are pitch black,so does ANYBODY know how to fix this? I thank you (in advance) for your time and assistance in regards to this matter and again I apologize if this was posted in the wrong place!

  • ronald

    i have the same problem…tracks are pitch black on Win 8.1 running on an HP G62-149wm…directX installed as well…i5 core clocked at 2.53 Ghz w/Turbo Boost! anybody find a fix? Please help

  • Jon Balaos

    Game doesnt work anymore on my Fishtab 3. Why?!

  • ronald

    Same issue! And no reply from Lameloft!

  • bryan

    I have a galaxy s3 I download but it doesn’t run please fix it

  • alex ortega

    se me bloqueo no se por q necesito el juego

  • alex ortega

    se bloqueo asphalt 8 airbone

  • alex ortega

    quiero q me la habiliten

  • alex ortega

    reparen el juego se me bloqueo

  • lynn

    it tell it need repair and do that but it dont do it
    and say not install in my computer but there

  • lynn

    asphalt8:airborne it need update and did that but tell need repair it and do that and say not install on my computer but is and say the update is done
    help plz

  • lynn

    i want play my game any one help

  • Richard Gallienne

    This is the best game ever! I love this game so much i have it on the computer windows 8.1 and phone as well as ipad keep making gmes as god as this gameloft

  • Important

    Alpha Romeo Pandion

  • dddddddbeast

    hey man you been talking since when?

  • elitesantanu bar

    Hiiii plz update asphalt 8. Jellybean versions. Plz plz plz update

  • vicky

    How to move phone asphalt8 data to sd card…

  • adel

    How to play through Facebook with my friends???

  • zack

    asphalt 8 airborn not working my windows 10 build 10049 help me

  • Blabla

    6 is definetely the best. Played it soo much, i had 40 billion credits. 8 is totaly ruined.

  • Tarik

    on kindle in multiplayer can you make it so you can play with people on android devices

  • Andri Surya Wardana

    If I switching device from android to iOs is there my collection car lost? while I already sign in or connecting my account to my facebook?

  • Janry Caseres

    . I had this game on my windows 8 before then when I used the windows 10 OS my asphalt 8 disappear and I cant download it again. .wats the problem? could you just fix it? I’m dying to have this games again!!

  • Janry Caseres

    I had a great time playing this game. .I’m dying to have it again. .please fix.

  • Janry Caseres

    my Laptop is ASUS.

  • nharendrend


  • Luis Chumpitaz

    ya son varios eventos y siguen en lo mismo hasta cuando ??????
    es injusto para los que jugamos sin hakers

  • Rachancheet Singh

    I have a problem I had download is not working can you give me any solution

  • Rachancheetsingh

    I have downloaded asphalt 8 airborn but it is not working can you give me any solution please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachancheetsingh

    Please answer it

  • Ravindra Pawaskar

    I wish we could make groups and play in Multiplayer ln this. sharing cars with friends.

  • Robert

    I want the spoiler pop out update other games have it but not this one