Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms is back! We have the first playable demo of Brothers in Arms 3 at E3 and have been dyingggg to tell you about it! First things first, BiA3 will be bigger and better than BiA2!

We can’t give you too many details as its still early in development, but we can tell you that its controls are vastly different from previous games in the franchise. Think of Brothers in Arms 3 as an on-rails shooter but instead of being on a track like in an arcade on-rails shooter, you can swipe from one position to another. So navigating maps is easier & more exciting.

And the slo-mo kill cams are pretty epic! ;) What do you think of the first screenshots from Brothers in Arms 3?:





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  • Shahzaib

    Don’t tell me it’s just another frontline commando and epoch cause I was really looking forward to a console quality FPS.

  • MokjoHakrynnes

    please make it an FPS, on-rail games suck big time!!!!

  • Frank Lin

    What does gameloft release this game

  • Frank Lin

    It look more like frontline commando: D-day

  • lakslaks

    Please make BIA2 compatible with my LG Optimus L9

  • leeong
  • zicron

    you suck at bia2/3

  • furjan

    Tablete de ensin artık yaa

  • steve

    i love bia3





  • surya

    hiiii guys plzzzzzzzz tell me how to archived medals in bia 3

  • azher

    Help me game

  • Gargoyle Senior

    Will it be available on pc? I am running windows 10