Major “Heroes” Update: New Map, Heroes, & More

When we decided to create a MOBA set in the Order & Chaos universe, we had lofty goals. We wanted to create an experience that was true to PC based MOBAs, but also made it accessible and well adapted to a touch screen. So it was rewarding to see Slide To Play call HOC the “best strategy game of the year” and to see Modojo call us “the most accessible MOBA to date

But as with any game we create, there are always features that players demand, which couldn’t make it into the launch.

Based on a recent poll on the HOC forum we learned what players want, and we’ve addressed each of these demands in an EPIC update (coming soon):


Player Request #1: New matchmaking system

Don’t like playing with noobs? Well they don’t like playing with you either. J So we’ve redesigned the matchmaking system to let you choose between Fast vs. Strict matchmaking.

We’ve also added new in-game weekly tournaments, and redesigned some of the game’s UI.


Player Request #2: New Heroes

We’ve got 2 new awesome heroes Lorilai, The Gaia Guardian, and Jombraa, The Planetwalker. Which do you want to try out first?

Gaia-Guardian Jombraa-Heroes
Player Request #3: New MAP

You wanted a new map? We got ya covered. You wanted it steampunk themed? Well you didn’t specify that, but we think you’ll LOVE the Underrealm Ruins which features a steampunk theme and an awesome new Tramcar filled with explosives, on track to your enemies base. Adapt your strategy to keep the path clear and destroy your enemies’ base!


Pumped for the new update? What else do you want added in future updates? Let us know in the comments. And stay tuned for the new update, coming soon! UPDATE: The new Heroes of order & Chaos update is now available on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch (coming soon to Android)!

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  • Keshiya

    Gameloft has delivered!

  • Anonymous

    Nice games but I can’t update the new version as it is IOS 5 or later and I don’t have it so it’s a problem for me and slot people who don’t have IOS 5 or later so can u do something and make it a bit easier by making it easier for me and other to update. Please work on it.

  • Stanislav

    When will be update on android ?

  • JoshuaNightmare

    When I play CPU, when got elf.The elf lvl 1 but the health already 2 thousand plus and not even a minute, the elf kill all the tower and we lose.So pls change the problem of the elf.I have taken screen shot but I don know how to post it.So pls tell me Tks.

  • Zoro

    Could someone please tell me where the other hero called planewalker is in the game?
    I have the game for ipad.tell me asap.thank u

  • Bé Heo

    good infomation this game look like warcraft but how to play ?? u can teach me to play


  • Tom

    Hello,I am a player from China,I use ipad2 to update to the latest version yesterday,but after I log in my account there is a white advertisement page,I cannot close it,so I could not to play the game,the advertisement page only indicate 403 forbidden nginx,can someone tell me how to solve this problem to close this page,I see there is a lot of people have such experience,but before updating,I can play it without any problem,so please help me

  • Talibova Fidan

    I like it)

  • Joe Pesci

    can you read? it says “coming soon” dumbass

  • J0k3r

    hi I have the adv. too, just that I can see them. Usually theres an X sign at the top right, I believe urs is there too-just that u cant see it. Try clicking on the top right and hopefully u hit the close button.

  • J0k3r

    got that but i was playing kagax, I won coz I farmed till lvl 10 and kept distracting her to my tower, got defense. when she was about 50% hp i could go in becoz kagax has his ult and CPUs run away at 30% no matter what. anyways i dont play solo(bots) coz its retarded. level 36

  • Tom

    there is no display of the advertisement,just a white page indicating 403 forbidden nginx,also there is no x sign at the top right

  • Bomba

    I can’t click ok at welcome screen. I have tablet android 4.0.4. Pleas team Gameloft repair this.

  • 123fjdjd

    Till when is server maintence on android???

  • EliTheGrey

    He is only for android

  • sunlight1st

    i can’t log in the game with my ID
    my name is Sunlight1st

  • qiwi_93

    Что опять с серверомм???

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Hi Bomba, Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please let our support team know more about your situation by opening a ticket here:

  • Michelle@Gameloft
  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Hi Sunlight1st, sorry for the inconvenience. The issue should be resolved now. If you’re still having issues logging in, please let our support team know here:

  • Gary453


  • Daniil Yovchev

    When Jombraa,The Planewalker will be in the shop and will it be with emblems!?!?

  • pancho323

    when is plamewalker coming out and is it gonna be in emblems?

  • psulover00

    Nice update. Laurelai is pretty cool. Glad there are equipment for attack speed for magical heroes but I was expecting some that helped with critical rate for magic. Only one equip was made with with no element and its the cheapest. Physical gets attack speed, critical rate and damage. And itd be nice to have another ranged physical hero. Just get random with it like a throwing knife user or heck a caveman wih a slingshot lol

  • darwas

    I can’t buy runes ,Does your server have problem?

  • ukz30

    Hi. Im an IOS user. Im playing HOC whaen the game crashed. My problem is that i cant log in anymore. My username and password are correct but still keeps telling me that i got both wrong.. So i did change my password.. It was verified that i succeeded in changing it.. But whenever i log it in it keeps telling me the same thing.. What can i do? Im a level 40 at HOC. got 10 heroes. I got 8 tablets all gold encrypted.. Talent skills almost all open.. I dont want to start over again.. As a matter of fact my friend also encounterd this kind of problem.. Need help..

  • ukz30

    Hi pls Michelle@Gameloft pls also hear my issues.. Thanks

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Sorry about that! It sounds like a server issue. How long have you been experiencing it?

    If it continues (and you haven’t already), let our support team know more about your issue including your device & version of the game here: Thanks for your patience & understanding while we’re working on our servers. We hope to have everything back to normal soon.

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Replied above. :-]

  • mehmet

    kayıt olamıyorum yardımcı olun lutfen

  • kel

    i cant download recquired files?

  • kel

    cant connect to the server for 2 weeks im using galaxy tab 2 7.0

  • Demon

    I started to crash not to long ago, I have an ipad mini an it never does crash till now. Fix it please

  • Артем Литвинов

    Проблемы с запуском игры. Просто вылетает после включения что это???? У меня iPad 4

  • psycooggy

    When is the ghost guild issue going to be fixed I pay a lot for characters and expect to be allowed to join a guild I click on the guild tab and it shows I am in a guild with no members and I can’t leave or do anything in the guild. I am on a droid rzr max

  • lolguy

    I know right! Everything’s correct but it keeps telling me that i dont exist!