Thor: The Dark World Revealed

Did you miss the big announcement at SDCC on Saturday? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

If you aren’t in the Comic Con know, we revealed Thor: The Dark World over the weekend, the official game based on the movie! In the game, Thor must restore order to the Nine Worlds and lead Asgardian forces in over 100 exciting missions.

“Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game will allow fans of the franchise to play as one of Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes in a game of epic scope and beauty.” said Javon Frazier, VP Games Marketing at Marvel. “With this new game, we are further expanding the successful relationship between Marvel and Gameloft.”

Checkout the first screenshots and trailer featuring the Thunder God below!

ThorTDW_Screen2_650T ThorTDW_Screen1_650 ThorTDW_Screen3_650

Coming this fall to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.


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  • Markus Aginwa

    It’s free? Abour time gameloft. I was about to go broke

  • fan who complains

    graphics wise game looks decent but the gameplay looks great , is it going to be free or 2.99 like the previous one

  • RV

    Kapan d release nich ???

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  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Yep, Thor: The Dark World will be free. :)

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Glad to hear that you’re excited about the gameplay. :] & yes it will be free.

  • Matheus Santos

    Please, don’t create more freemium games. I remember of Iron Man 2 for iOS released in 2010 and I guess its gameplay is better than of Iron Man 3, released in 2013.

  • froople

    When will it come to android devices. I’m wondering this because when there is a new game or update android doesn’t get it until a week or more later?

  • Faiz

    Can you make a man of steel game

  • Matheus Santos
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  • Faiz

    They have that on the apple store too but you cant free fly in the game plus it like injustice

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    They will both launch this fall, but I don’t have an official date yet. Stay tuned because we should have more info as we get closer to launch. :]

  • Dave Rizkalla

    will there be a captain america the winter soldier game

  • maddy

    hw to download it

  • ShiYuyang

    When can I see on the app store?

  • shiyuyang

    Can you tell me?

  • Atul Singh

    will the game support OpenGL ES 3.0 as supported my android 4.3 ?

  • Paul Pao

    can i download it if i have got xeria tipo 4.0.4
    plz make to download

  • Paul Pao

    plz Michelle answer…or Gabe

  • Paul Pao


  • jijimeng

    OH!is this game will be free?

  • Andre Asty

    its xperia play optimized?….

  • sohail

    were can i get it pls reply me on

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Hi @disqus_JsVOifssCs:disqus, the game isn’t available yet. It will come out around the same time as the new movie.

  • jirokanz

    Don’t get too excited. Free with IAP maybe. Freemium games are unplayable without IAP.

  • jirokanz

    musim luruh. tarikh sebenar belum diketahui.

  • 6158709

    嗨!我是中国人!!请问你们有中国网站吗? 我没看见啊

  • 6158709


  • 6158709


  • the hammer

    thor isn’t just a comic book hero. thor died to kill the serpent, died for your sins, and died to protect you from evil. he was resurrected into the heavens and will answer your prayers unlike some gods. the hammer is mightier than the cross when it comes to fighting evil.

  • gerlie reyes

    paano i-download ito ?

  • Мишка Мнвка

    can i download on samsung galaxy s2 2.3.6 ????

  • Faanuu

    dole o le manaia ia o le Thor and its very awesome!!.. create more games for me pls

  • rafael


  • Anonymous

    Get it out on droid asap!

  • Xperia GAMER

    please optimize it for xperia play,it wud be an awesome experience and it wud be much appreciated :)

  • XterminatorTech

    read it jesh…. It will be coming soon..

  • Juan

    Can you make the dark knight rises 99 cents on the weekend

  • Juan

    Can you make the dark knight rises 99 cents during the weekend

  • allen

    When exactly will it be released

  • daoudboumai


  • Kai*7

    Pleassse instal more skills; similar to that of the Avengers and when Thor went up against the yotens

  • Roy Copeland

    are tournament seasons still active?how do you win season items?ranked 190 always says season over in 0hr 0min

  • Amogh

    Hey! I recently downloaded the game but then as soon as I click on the application it come ” Unfortunately Thor has stopped working”. I have a nexus 5 and I can’t see any reason why it isn’t working. Please help.

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