Hi Internet, I’m Gameloft_Ryan

What’s going on Gameloft fans, my name is Ryan and I’m the new Community Manager for Gameloft in North America. Since it is my first week here on the job, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you all, share a little about my gaming history and talk a bit about what I hope to accomplish while with Gameloft. I’m excited to be working with all of you and doing my best to make sure you have a fantastic gaming experience as a part of the Gameloft family.


So to start things off let’s talk about where I started as a gamer. It all began on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis for me playing Mortal Kombat and Sonic as a youngster. As I aged, I did so while playing with all of the systems that came out along the way; Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Xbox and PC gaming. One defining moment of my gaming career was when I got my first iPhone during college and it opened up immediate access to gaming whenever and wherever I wanted! Ever since that moment I have been hooked on gaming on phones and tablets. I have played just about every genre ranging from hardcore RPGs and FPS to casual tower defense games and match 3 games.

Since I enjoy high quality gaming, coming to Gameloft was a perfect choice for me to get involved with a fantastic section of the gaming community. It allows me to play and talk about great games that bring a quality experience to all players on some of the newest and coolest devices. I recently played through the Modern Combat 4 campaign and The Dark Knight Rises. I really enjoyed both and am hoping to step into the multiplayer scene of MC4 soon! I’m currently, along with most of our office, putting a good chunk of time into Despicable Me: Minion Rush. We’ve got a board with top scores and I really want to break into one of the top five spots!


While I’m with Gameloft I am going to work on being active across several channels in the community. I’ll be an active listener and poster on several sites such as TouchArcade, Reddit, Social Media, and of course the official Gameloft Forums. If you see a poster with the name Gameloft_Ryan, you know it’s me so don’t be afraid to say hey and hit me up with any comments or questions you might have. I am also going to work on bringing some extra content to the community by way of photos, guides and videos. With that in mind, if you all know of any sites I should check out for our games or any community members that stand out, let me know in the comments below! I want to see all the great things the Gameloft community has to offer and I would hate to miss something awesome.

Having said all of that it’s time to stop reading and get back to gaming my friends!


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  • Markus

    I found no other way to contact you so.. Do you guys know why Rayman 2 was pulled out of the AppStore? I just got my iPad and wanted to play one of my favorite game from childhood :(

  • Deb

    Is anyone else having trouble connecting to uno & friends through the Wifi to facebook? Only will connect when I use my Data. But I want to connect through facebook over the Wifi on my tablet.

  • Antonietta

    hi, I love uno and friends and installed the app on my windows 8 laptop. but I can’t get past the intro screen where I can connect to facebook, Xbox or not now. any help would be great? sugarleo7@yahoo.ca