Hi Internet, I’m Gameloft_Ryan

What’s going on Gameloft fans, my name is Ryan and I’m the new Community Manager for Gameloft in North America. Since it is my first week here on the job, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you all, share a little about my gaming history and talk a bit about what I hope to accomplish while with Gameloft. I’m excited to be working with all of you and doing my best to make sure you have a fantastic gaming experience as a part of the Gameloft family.


So to start things off let’s talk about where I started as a gamer. It all began on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis for me playing Mortal Kombat and Sonic as a youngster. As I aged, I did so while playing with all of the systems that came out along the way; Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Xbox and PC gaming. One defining moment of my gaming career was when I got my first iPhone during college and it opened up immediate access to gaming whenever and wherever I wanted! Ever since that moment I have been hooked on gaming on phones and tablets. I have played just about every genre ranging from hardcore RPGs and FPS to casual tower defense games and match 3 games.

Since I enjoy high quality gaming, coming to Gameloft was a perfect choice for me to get involved with a fantastic section of the gaming community. It allows me to play and talk about great games that bring a quality experience to all players on some of the newest and coolest devices. I recently played through the Modern Combat 4 campaign and The Dark Knight Rises. I really enjoyed both and am hoping to step into the multiplayer scene of MC4 soon! I’m currently, along with most of our office, putting a good chunk of time into Despicable Me: Minion Rush. We’ve got a board with top scores and I really want to break into one of the top five spots!


While I’m with Gameloft I am going to work on being active across several channels in the community. I’ll be an active listener and poster on several sites such as TouchArcade, Reddit, Social Media, and of course the official Gameloft Forums. If you see a poster with the name Gameloft_Ryan, you know it’s me so don’t be afraid to say hey and hit me up with any comments or questions you might have. I am also going to work on bringing some extra content to the community by way of photos, guides and videos. With that in mind, if you all know of any sites I should check out for our games or any community members that stand out, let me know in the comments below! I want to see all the great things the Gameloft community has to offer and I would hate to miss something awesome.

Having said all of that it’s time to stop reading and get back to gaming my friends!


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  • Qasim Einov

    hi Ryan

  • Marxhog

    Wow, congratulations!
    I dream of working for Gameloft someday as well, at least in my country.

  • Saansilt

    Ello there!

  • Brad Bliss

    Hey Ryan looks like a fun job. Enjoy and I wanted to let you know I will be getting your touchdown passes from Rick!! :-)

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

    Hi there!

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

    Thanks so much!

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

    Haha! Thanks Brad :P

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

    Hey there, don’t I see you on TA?

  • Gabe

    FWIW, my DM2 score on the scoreboard is very outdated. I’m at like 400K now…

  • fan who complains

    welcome to the ios world

  • fan who complains

    bring us a mc5 dev diary if you can

  • Gameloft-Zeatrix

    Just wanted to leave a msg to GL in general. First off great job on your success in the mobile gaming industry it seems to be spreading like wildfire. Raise your head up out of your phone take a look around and you may be the only one not looking at a phone, besides the guy that seen this same msg and is doing the same lol. The increase in the world of technology has really taken a huge leap forward from when I was a kid, and I’m still in my 20′s so that is saying a lot, but enough with stating the obvious we have all seen what it has come to be, but I see much more in the future of mobile gaming, aswell as programing development, business managment, business development, the opportunities for success in this world of mobile technology is endless I could go on and on. I have so many new ideas to improve this new and exciting world of the mobile phone aswell as network access virtually everywhere we go (computer in my pocket).

  • Qasim Einov

    Hey Ryan enjoy this job &I think you are graet manager.go fun! :D

  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

    Thanks! :D

  • Michelle

    Well, you’re way above me! ;-)

  • http://gameloft.com/ Michelle@Gameloft

    Well, you’re still way above me! ;-)

  • silas koomsom

    Hi.my name is silaskoomsom

  • boan parulian

    sorry bro, may i request more games for nokia HD i really feel disapointed if gameloft stop to make HD games… i hope you tell to gameloft i want play Modern combat, brother in arm i think all gameloft game in HD, im gameloft fans from indonesia and now i have nore than 150 games from gameloft on my nokia… thx JBU boan_parulian@yahoo.co.id

  • KarenHargrove

    well see if you can help with this issue. I tried to reset my game password because i forgot it but when I get the email with the reset link I get this error …..

    The webpage at https://livewebapp.gameloft.com/scri…109f75120911b0 has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.
    Learn more about this problem.

    Wanna tackle this issue?

  • Marvel Don


  • Bnatesgamer

    Hey Ryan! Glad to have you aboard! :D

  • Juan Enrique

    Hello Ryan
    I am new in the Gameloft community.

    I have found some bugs and issues on Asphalt 8 but nobody from the support team answer my email since 1 week ago. How can I contact you? email? twitter?

  • jordan glover

    Awesome to have you

  • danny

    Mc3 online sucks……why cant u guyz….fix dis login problem on android

  • Serhan Türkmenafşar

    Hi Ryan ı need help ı forget my gameloft email!!!!

  • Andrew


  • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan


  • alex

    Dungeon hunter 4 not working for me anymore .I am a level 68 I put money on the game to the game keep bootting me out .my game name is xjunbugx85 please fix it whant to play again.

  • Faz Khan

    how to connect to facebook in asphalt 8??? I always get into trouble when I log in and get posts like this (COULD NOT LOG IN. PLEASE AGAIN LATER).
    when I see in the settings in the game center, I get are not able to check in setting Recommendations friends, and I get a message: we’re having trouble communicating with the game center servers and are Unable to turn on Friends Recommendations. please help me, thank you. and sorry for my english.

  • Faz Khan

    Hey all.. Please tell me how to fix this. Trying to turn Facebook on in friend recommendations in Game Center but all I get is… Trouble communicating with Game Center server and cannot turn friend recommendations on.

  • Diana FromGameloft


    You can report this to our Customer Care team and they will assist you :)
    Here’s where you can contact them: http://support.gameloft.com


  • Faz Khan

    thank you Diana, you are willing to help me. but .. I’ve been many times to send me questions and scresnshot to that address, but until now I did not get an answer. So now I have to do? help me please

  • Diana FromGameloft

    Can you please tell me the last ticket id and the issue it’s attached to, so I can check the status of the investigation?

    Thanks! :)

  • Faz Khan

    what do you mean by (the last ticket id)???
    my id on asphalt 8???


  • Faz Khan

    I have two applications of asphalt 8: on the iphone and ipad, my id on iPad contrary to my id on the iphone.
    my id on the iphone: (ifaelasufazkhan99)
    and on the iPad: (ifaelasufazkhan)
    I want to use the iPad to connect to facebook account without conflict. Then I have to do?

    I wanted to send you a screenshot here, but I always fail to submit here.

  • Osman FromGameloft

    After you submit the ticket form you will receive an automated mail (usually in your inbox but make sure to check the spam folder as well, because it might get directed there). In that automated mail you will receive details about your ticket, including the Ticket ID.

    Best Regards.

  • Faz Khan

    Hello Mr. Osman! I’ve seen all my folders in the email but did not find anything there, be it in the inbox or in spam. then I have to do? when I’ve sent it to many times http://support.gameloft.com
    help me please :(


  • Faz Khan

    this morning I’ve sent my complaints of the screenshots and for the umpteenth time to http://support.gameloft.com , but until now there is no answer. then I have to do?
    help me please :(


  • Faz Khan

    Hi Diana.. This morning I’ve sent my complaints of the screenshots and for the umpteenth time to http://support.gameloft.com , but until now there is no answer. then I have to do?
    help me please :(


  • Diana FromGameloft


    Please tell me your ticket id, so I can check the status of the investigation :)

  • Faz Khan

    I do not get the ticket id, I’ve been looking at the inbox and spam, but there are no incoming messages. then I have to do???
    help me please :(


  • Haseeb Bajwa

    (asphalt 8)can we play with friends on fb?, not with their ghosts, with them online sitting at different cities.
    can we?

  • Faz Khan

    My ticket ID is 7935775


  • Diana FromGameloft


    Please be a bit more patient, our team is currently investigating your issue and you’ll be contacted shortly.

    Kind regards!

  • Faz Khan

    Thank you very much! I will remain patient and wait for the success of your team

  • Doris Seto

    Not working!! Just happened 2 days ago + I lost my event tab. Very aggravating!

  • Judy

    Hey Ryan… I cannot open minions rush anymore it keeps crashing right after the opening scenes

  • Präshåñt Lìkés

    cant update asphalt 8 with nokia lumia 520?

  • http://windowsblogportugal.wordpress.com/ Jose Santos

    Hello Ryan, I’m getting this issue with GT2 Racing on Windows Phone….any solution?

  • Karen

    I am unable to launch Uno and Friends on my IPad using ios8. I have already deleted and re downloaded the app. It just keeps saying downloading and welcome back Karen502w. Then it crashes.