Gangstar Vegas: The Apocalypse is Coming!

The apocalypse is coming to Gangstar Vegas! We’ve got a new update getting ready to roll out for all you Gangstar fans that will add some new gameplay. You asked for missions, we added eleven. These new missions include a new type of challenge, jobs, and races. You like collecting vehicles? We added three new ones for you to work on adding to your garage. And to top it all off we threw in some new battle gear for Jason and a new three-tier weapon. Lock and load!

Check out the pictures below for some screenshots from the new update. Also make sure to ‘Like’ the Gangstar Vegas Facebook page for immediate updates and insider information.  

Download the new update today on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch (Coming soon to Android).

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_250x74 Google-Play-Badge

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  • Eric

    Could you add the feature where you could rob places such as that burger place you can go into and could you add multiplayer?

  • tyranis760

    If you could,could you make a skyrim like game,because you have made a halo and call of duty,so why not your own skyrim?

  • djkdv

    Please have a new new update ive beat the entire game in less than 2day make a new story mode please and how do you have a jet pack in gangstar rio but not gangstar vegas baby

  • vick

    Can you fix the lag and the draw distance also the controls sensitivity pls thanks

  • Jav_45

    Hello, I am only a fan asking something that me and my friends want to know.

    Gangstar Vegas will be the last game of the series or there will be a possibility of launching a possible Gangstar V?

    Thank you

  • VeryL-8

    Multiplayer and owning houses on this game would just be completely amazing (not that this game isn’t already), but please do consider the ideas of both of these things

  • Starwars2374

    Gameloft u owe me 6.99 i purchased modern combat 4 but it refused to download!!!! I paid basically 7 bucks for mc4 and I won’t download! I have gone to a apple store and they can’t download it to my ipod either. I had better get my money back!

  • Joey payn

    Hi gameloft, I was reading the other comments and noticed everyone asking for multiplayer and houses and better view distance. I was just thinking that it would really cool if you could add brass knuckles into the game. Nothing fancy, but brass knuckles would be awesome

  • Gangstar Vegas fan

    Pls pls pls stop the crashing this game is amazing but with the crashes it’s hard to enjoy. About when will the update come out

  • Gangstar Vegas fan

    And crash fixes

  • Gangstar Vegas fan

    Dude it only seven dollars but try this go into settings under usage and see if it’s there if not then check purchased and then see if you lost the seven dollars if not try again

  • Gangstar Vegas fan

    Just added now they have to remove lag

  • CoolDenz

    Gameloft should have added multiplayer like for example people could make servers and friends and other people can join and the admin could set rules for that server and also people can use gameloft live for a gangstar vegas, plus better vehicular damage physics and the dead bodys should last longer also we should be able to rob stores and banks and there should be car customization also there should be more people and car plus traffic lights thanks for looking and I hope that you consider all of them or some of those Iimprovements

  • Amando Diaz

    Please make the game worth 1 dollar like on android but on ios you guys will be making more money if the game was worth 1 dollar on ios

  • Renaldo9300

    Ryan can you ask the development team of gameloft to add multiplayer it will eatn you more money you know

  • coleman

    When is the update for amazon

  • Unknown

    I want multiplayer!!!!!!!!

  • Arkham boy

    First off thank you gameloft for this awesome game, and I know you guys get this a lot but could you please include safe houses and online multiplayer? (Like Nova 3, which is also the bomb)

  • Game viewer

    Can you please add multiplayer

  • swapnil toppo

    i have the same issue in my Sony Xperia L… It crashes after the Gameloft logo..

  • Midnight Ghost

    Can you guys plz add multiplayer so that we can play with our friends?

  • Mike Schmitzer

    Multiplayer and save from last point you were would be awesome ! Couple bugs annoy me though. Thanks alot Gameloft and every single person who is even related to Gameloft with anything!
    (Huawei Honor 3C)

  • Mike Schmitzer

    Multiplayer and bug fixes

    Thanks Gameloft!

  • Dino Klopic

    when multiplayer coming can t wait

  • Max


  • Kreshnik ali

    In the next update please add multiplayer please

  • Baddasss

    please add the multiplayer face book thing and please add HIESTs

  • Baddasss


  • Baddasss

    i have a couple thing with the multiplayer. number 1, if you are going to add multiplayer please add either racing or free roam, (mostly free roam) thks

  • Sean

    Things you should add to the game. 1.mutiplayer.

  • pork

    when will there be a multiplayer i mean really whats the point of the gang in the first place