Gangstar Vegas: The Apocalypse is Coming!

The apocalypse is coming to Gangstar Vegas! We’ve got a new update getting ready to roll out for all you Gangstar fans that will add some new gameplay. You asked for missions, we added eleven. These new missions include a new type of challenge, jobs, and races. You like collecting vehicles? We added three new ones for you to work on adding to your garage. And to top it all off we threw in some new battle gear for Jason and a new three-tier weapon. Lock and load!

Check out the pictures below for some screenshots from the new update. Also make sure to ‘Like’ the Gangstar Vegas Facebook page for immediate updates and insider information.  

Download the new update today on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch (Coming soon to Android).

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_250x74 Google-Play-Badge

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  • Eric

    Could you add the feature where you could rob places such as that burger place you can go into and could you add multiplayer?

  • tyranis760

    If you could,could you make a skyrim like game,because you have made a halo and call of duty,so why not your own skyrim?

  • djkdv

    Please have a new new update ive beat the entire game in less than 2day make a new story mode please and how do you have a jet pack in gangstar rio but not gangstar vegas baby

  • vick

    Can you fix the lag and the draw distance also the controls sensitivity pls thanks

  • Jav_45

    Hello, I am only a fan asking something that me and my friends want to know.

    Gangstar Vegas will be the last game of the series or there will be a possibility of launching a possible Gangstar V?

    Thank you