Win Asphalt 8: Airborne!

Do you like videos?  Do you like videos about video games?  If you said ‘yes’ to both of those questions then I’ve got just the place for you.  The Gameloft YouTube channel.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button in our entry form below.  That’s it; one click and you’re on your way to getting exclusive content.

Between hot trailers, like the newest Asphalt 8 trailer and behind the scenes action from the Gangstar Vegas Dev Diary, you can get immediate access to all of these sweet things and more by just subscribing!  Check out the Asphalt 8: Airborne trailer below and then head over to YouTube and let us know what you think in the comments.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I think I can with one last bit of information.  We are going to pick 21 fans to win a free copy of the hottest game of the summer…  I’ll give you one hint…asphalt.  That’s right! We’re giving away 21 copies (iOS or Android!) of Asphalt 8: Airborne. And to really sweeten the deal, ONE winner will receive an iOS code for the game PRE-LAUNCH! Yep, you’ll get to play before everyone else! To enter, just fill out the entry form below:




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  • fastdrivingjr

    Soon I’ll be able to drive when I’m not driving. Life’s at its best

  • Áron Róna

    well, the asphalts in Hungary are pritty hot, because of the weather…a cant waiT how sracthy i will be able to make it in the Asphalt 8 :D

  • Clownstrike

    Sorry to hear that you still work at Microsoft.

  • Niko

    Well i’m 15, maybe cleaning Microsoft stores?

  • Валех Сафаров

    Asphalt is the best!!! Let’s pray now ;)

  • Peter Villabroza

    Geez i wish they can release it too on Kindle Fire :(

  • Rocketjesus

    You guys should check out Player Pvbm, a page on facebook. Guy reviews some mobile games, and for some reason, posts a lot of homemade food recipes. I guess if you’re a college kid living next to a walmart, it’ll work out.

  • laksh

    wanna be on a fastlane…airborne stuns..:)

  • KiDdChaos

    I wonder how many times can you enter?

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  • Withy14

    Hi, maybe you will hate me but no Gameloft games for me anymore. They look good on mobile however even when Gameloft promised to remove online check for their games this never happened. Also their Vita games failed miserably – Asphalt Injection has cheating enemies (no matter what car do you have and how many nitro you use the enemy will still catch you even if you are miles and miles away), their Dungeon Hunter Aliance is lagging (and they don’t care – patches says them nothing only money). But again I think that you won’t like my comment

  • DavidinCT

    No Windows Phone 8 :(

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  • szymon6033

    hope i win :)

  • Ryan

    Just once

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    Hi Ben, you are correct. We only receive iOS codes prelaunch so we can’t offer any Android codes until launch. But its only a few extra days too wait. Thanks for your understanding and good luck All! :-)

  • Ryan

    The physics engine definitely is improved in A8 and you won’t be able to crash into and then ride the walls to win. You need to definitely have a little more skill to succeed in these races!

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    You can only enter once. But if you accidentally entered a few times, we wont hold it against you. :-)

  • zamble ange valere

    Good game

  • Ben Enos

    That’s OK, thanks for replying to my question :) I was just curious because the link I followed to get here was from an Android website and I was a little surprised to see the grand prize was for ios only. Oh well…at least android users can still win free copies of the game! When do you pick the winners?

  • fan who complains

    i do,

  • KiDdChaos

    thanks for the reply can’t wait to play hope i win wink wink;-) nudge nudge

  • shon

    i hope i win!!

  • Davinder

    It looks amazing and when mc5 comes out I bet they will be the only games I play on my ipad

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  • Michelle@Gameloft

    We’ll be choosing the grand prize winner shortly and the first prize winners this Friday.

  • Michael

    As I’ve said in my play store reviews. These are the leaders in racing games on android. Console quality! Gives the makers of NFS a run for they’re money & leaves them in the dust!

  • Stephen_81

    No BlackBerry 10!! I love Asphalt 7 on my BlackBerry Z10, much more fun to play than it was on my iPhone4S, I really have been looking forward to Asphalt 8, but I don’t want to have to use it on my terrible iPhone.

  • prayas sachdeva

    From adrenaline to heat and now airborne…asphalt is the best blood pumping game I ever played…

  • nikolay


  • KiDdChaos

    TOMORROW!!!!!!!! IS THE RELEASE!!! Add me as your Gameloft Buddy and we car race

  • fan who complains

    geuss i didnt win

  • Jimmy P.

    I love the Asphalt games, no doubt, but have you played NFS Most Wanted before thrashing the franchise? So yeah, the other NFS games on Android were weak, but NFS MW kicks absolute behinds.

    That said, can’t wait for A8 to be out!

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  • Raviteja

    Game is available in Itunes…When winners list will come out?

  • Brian Sketers

    I’m still waiting I’ve been up since 430 waiting for Gameloft to release asphalt 8 order to say that I am one of the lucky 21 who has won a free copy of asphalt 8

  • abdul rahman

    is there copies for android?

  • riyas

    is there for copies android devices?

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  • Sarthak Tiwari

    did the sweepstakes end yet, or not, oh well it is only 99 cents

  • Me

    I accidentally in a few times what’s up in

  • Jesse Picard

    why is it for sale everywhere but the gameloft site

  • Aseel Alshireef

    Hey asphalt drivers!

    come on and stop by our new asphalt 8 group on facebook!

    android/ios we are still new but once we get some members were gonna have some race events and have some fun! come join us and get you asphalt experience to the fullest

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  • boydstr

    I don’t play racegames but this one looks real good!!
    Greetzz to all gamefans =)

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