Grab Your Swimsuits!

Everyone’s favorite runner is getting a hot, sandy update!  That’s right, Despicable Me: Minion Rush is getting a beach update and you can run around where the Minions relaxed in Despicable Me 2.  With summer winding down we figured it was only fair to let the Minions show off their beach bods after all the running they have been doing.  We are also really pleased to announce that, since being released three months ago, Despicable Me: Minion Rush has been downloaded over 100 million times on iOS and Android devices!  Wow, that’s a ton of bananas.

Players will get to watch their Minion slide down the giant toboggan slide and work on bobbing and weaving through some brand new beach obstacles.  You might also spot some familiar faces from the movie lounging on the beach and floating in the water, so keep your eye’s peeled.  Plus, dress your minions for the beach with four new costumes; a snorkeler, dancer, vacationer, and my personal favorite, a surfer!

Don’t worry though, if you’re not a beach bum like me or you burn easily; we’ve given some of the other areas in Minion Rush some love too!  We have added new obstacle patterns in Gru’s Lab, the residential area and also in El Macho’s Lair.  We also made it so players can challenge their friends directly from the Main Menu, so you’ve got no excuse to not beat your buddy’s record.

So, apply some sunscreen and get ready to grab some bananas! Update now on iPhone, iPad, & Android!

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  • fan who complains

    For the next update you should add new powerups, how much has asphalt 8 been downloaded.

  • Ojas

    Its owsm….

  • Despicable Me fan

    Really really love the game but ever since the new update with the beach theme, the game seems to be stuck at the “Loading” page, it won’t load and i can’t go back, it just freezes..Am using the Galaxy Note 1…

  • pkkings

    Love the game but it locks up with the new beach ?

  • Ryan

    Have you tried force closing the game or powering your device on/off to see if that helps?

  • Ryan

    Have you tried force closing the app and turning your device on/off? If that doesn’t help please let our support team know so that they can begin working on a fix!

  • Andres

    BREAKING NEWS! (Blogs and news sites focusing on iOS games post it now!!!) According to AppShopper v1.2.1 (the Minion Beach update) is now on the iOS App Store. Does this version include the Snorkeler, and is that costume for Android is coming soon?

  • Ryan

    Yes, both the iOS and Android version will have all of the costumes. If they aren’t listed in the in game shop yet, they will be there soon!

  • Sam Smith

    I have the Kindle Fire, it has not updated yet. It did update on my phone though. I signed out and signed back in, I have checked the app store, it just says open. Is there anything I can do?

  • Ryan White

    how many missions to complete before you unlock the area???

  • Lisa

    The game goes back and forth between the downloading and loading page and seems to be stuck at 3%. I already spoke with someone from support so I did force close the app and turned my device on/off. He told me to remove the game then re install it. Tried that.. it’s supposedly installing but v..e..r..y slowly!! It’s been about 10 minutes already and the little bar that turns blue to show loading progress is barely blue at all!! Help!!

  • Ryan

    Hey Lisa have you checked your WiFi or cell connection? If it’s slow that could affect the speed of the download.

  • Ryan

    Hey Sam, this update will be coming to the Kindle soon (:

  • Lisa

    I’m not on WiFi. Here’s a dumb question for you… How do I check my cell connection?

  • Ryan

    No worries, not a dumb question at all (: Just check where you usually look to see how many bars (signal strength) you have. It’s usually at the top of your phone depending on the device you’re using.

  • Lisa

    OK, I have all 5 bars. New problem (or old problem depending how you look at it), the game is re installed but now I have the same problem as before ” The game goes back and forth between the downloading and loading page
    and seems to be stuck…”, only now it’s at 0% for the last 10 minutes!!

  • Lisa

    Still at 0%. My son and I really love this game and it just sucks that the new update screwed it all up! Very disappointed!!

  • Ryan

    I’d contact our support then Lisa, this seems like something they might be able to help you with. I’m sorry I couldn’t figure it out with you ): You can reach them @

  • Ryan

    All you need to do is beat El Macho and then you should be able to access the new beach area.

  • Lisa

    I will, Ryan. Thanks for trying. :-)

  • Keith Lacy

    When will the minion beach update release for kindle fire HD customers?

  • Bea

    Is there a secret area for minion beach?

  • EmilyRose Sigley

    I love this game but it disappeared from my kindle fire and now I can’t get it back in the Amazon store. This is really upsetting me cuz I love this game and so does my boyfriend and my 19 month old nephew. I’d love to know why it’s not on my kindle anymore.

  • stu

    I have the same :(

  • Windows 8

    Hey i’m playing on Windows 8. Is the beach upgrade available there?

  • LisaMyburgh09

    I have been playing this game for a while… now as i open the game it tells me i need to update it. So i click okay it takes me to gameloft webpage but tells me my device does not support this game… any advice please?

  • Alim D

    Is there a beach update and/or Halloween update for Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

  • Ana FromGameloft

    Hello! When we’ll have more news about an upcoming update, rest assured, we’ll announce you. Good day!

  • Βίκυ Τ.

    hey guys! i played 8 runs in a row (residential,el macho,grus lab,residential,el macho,grus lab,residential and el macho) and i didn’t unlock the beach or the paradise mall! What’s wrong? Nor can i buy it from the store because it doesn’t exist! Please answer as soon as possible ! Oh! I use nokia lumia 520 -windows phone- is this the actual problem?

  • Yohan Ty

    Minions so cute!