Small Files, Big Fun. Your Data Plan Will Thank You.

I have been hearing rumors that we’re creating a new line of games that you can download anywhere in a few seconds.  To set the record straight, I sat down with Aurélie Hassen, a Product Manager at Gameloft, to get the full story.

 Thanks for speaking with us Aurelie.  Could you shed some light on these new games that I’ve been hearing about?

 Of course!  It’s all about accessibility.  In this day and age, we expect things to be accessed easily and quickly, anywhere and at any time.  That’s why we have developed a new line of games designed to be really small in size (15MB on average) but still very high in quality.  With a typical 3G connection these new games can be downloaded in less than 10 seconds*.  This makes them incredibly easy to access whether you’re outside, in your car, or even in the subway!

As more people play games on their phones worldwide, it’s important that we develop games that everyone can enjoy.  This new line of games is compatible with some of the most low end, low resolution devices.  But at the same time, we have maintained the amazing gaming experience that Gameloft is known for.  By optimizing graphics and animations, we’ve squeezed all the quality into a bite-sized experience, with barely any noticeable compromises in quality.

So let’s hear more about these games!  Are there any well-known Gameloft franchises in the lineup?

We have several titles in development in this new line of games.  The first, which just released on Google Play, is Green Farm 3, from our famous farming franchise.  In it, players will rediscover the joy of farming in a far more social experience than ever before.  The game begins with you inheriting an old, run down manor from your uncle. You must complete a series of missions to restore it to its former glory.


Thanks to Green Farm 3’s advanced social features, you can make friends with your neighbors and ask them to help you reach your goals – if you’re friendly enough that is – while working to become the most famed farmer of them all.  We’ve also improved the controls to let you swipe the screen to accomplish multiple tasks at once.  And of course, the game will have all the features players have come to expect of a high-end farming game, including harvesting, crafting, and more.  That’s no small feat for game that weighs in at only 13.5 MB!

 Green Farm 3 sounds fun! What other games can we look forward to?

Following Green Farm 3 we have a lot in development including Dragon Mania, an adventure where you’ll battle against or along side your friends with dragons you’ve bred yourself.  Keep an eye out for more details on that game & our full line-up in the coming weeks!

*Standard 3G connection in the US


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  • iOSiOS

    When you will release Green Farm 3 on iOS?!

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  • Zena

    With every new update, I go from level 22 back to level 1 &have to start over & lose every thing I have done & bought. No help from customer service

  • Rebecca Pittman

    How do I get the Beethoven? I have passed level 15 and seen nothing about. Them.

  • Yohan Ty

    Green Farm 3 sounds fun :)