Dungeon Hunter Anniversary Live Stream

Dungeon Hunter turns four this coming weekend!  To celebrate, I’m going to be doing my second live stream from the Gameloft San Francisco office!  I’ll be starting Dungeon Hunter 4 from the very beginning and asking the audience for all sorts of input and answering as many questions as I can while playing.  Get your pop quizzes ready, I’m trying to knock these questions out of the park.

What better way to kick off an anniversary weekend than by doing a stream and hanging out with some of the best fans in the world?  Don’t miss a chance to help decide my gaming fate and stop by the Gameloft TwitchTV channel on Friday, September 13th.  Don’t let your friggatriskaidekaphobia (yes that’s a real word and bonus points if you know what it means) keep you from enjoying an exciting early birthday party for Dungeon Hunter!

The stream will take place this Friday at 2:00PM PDT (5:00PM EST).  I hope to see you in the Twitch chat (:

And enjoy this quick retrospective below, from the original Dungeon Hunter through the fourth installment:
DungeonHunter_screen_generic_480x320_2 DH2_iPhone4_EN_screen_01 DH3_Iphone4_screens_Warlord_Male_-01_TP DungeonHunter4_screen_2048x1536_envi

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  • fan who complains

    why are the old ones still for 6.99 in fact why is every old g loft game still for 6.99 drop the price to 99 cents or free .

  • Rich Lin

    The latest update changed the weekend challenge to a Tier 12 weapon, but the third mission for the Warmage Academy and the Archives still require a Tier 13 weapon. The requirement should be changed to a Tier 12 weapon as well.

  • Alexandru Greieru

    I need to buy wep tier 24…for changel weeping woods for charm gost…i buy and i dont get charm….pffff…help plz

  • Shahriar Kabir Tashik

    This game is really awesome!