Iron Man 3 gets new suits in latest update!

Strap in for more high-flyin’ action in the official Iron Man 3 game with the brand new update on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch (coming soon to Android)! Explore a new location (check out the “Woodlands” above), get 2 new suits straight from the pages of the comics: the Mark 29 – Fiddler & the Mark 36 – peacemaker, plus a brand new suit created by you, the fans, the S.D.C.A. Take a peek at all three below and let us know what you LOVE about the new update in the comments!

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mark33_front mark36_front321 SDCA_front321

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  • arya dewangga

    when peacemaker in the game

  • AndrewRS1

    I updated and these suits are NOWHERE to be found in my game. I’m playing on ios.

    On a side note, when will you update the kindle fire version of this game which is still stuck at version 1.0.5? You updated everything else to version 1.3.0

  • Sdca

    Sdca is epic, no repair time baby!

  • Gary Sanchez

    What does SDCA stand for?

  • Matt

    I wish there was a way to collect the suits rather than buying storage. I we master all the skills we should be able to keep them in a Hall of Armor.