Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

All of you that have been patiently waiting since E3 are in luck! Total Conquest is finally available on iPhone, iPad, & Android. Let the battle begin!

I for one am hooked. A bunch of us in the office have been playing it and we think its pretty awesome! How about you? Do you have any strategies yet? What are you upgrading first? Which units do you prefer and why?

Join in the fun, check out the new trailer and screens below, & let us know what you think in the comments!

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TotalConquest_screen_650_EN_03 TotalConquest_screen_650_EN_02

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  • raphae1907


    I’ve been playing for a long time totalconquest. I just logged on, the village has changed the shape of the building that the levels fall and saw that I purchased reset token.

  • Jay Ryles

    When will update be available for kindle on Amazon? I can’t play until updated.

  • Jay Ryles

    When will the new update be available on Amazon?

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    When we’ll have more news about an upcoming update, rest assured we’ll announce you, Jay! :)

  • Ferenc K

    Hello i have PROBLEM WITH THE SHIELD,it does not work,for example, writes me 8 hours immunityand othersa can attack mi,,,,

  • Mary_FromGameloft


    We are sorry to hear about your issue. The fastest way would be to submit a ticket at, that way one of our dedicated agents will special care of your problem.

    Have a good day ! :D

  • JV

    I am not able to load game up, every time I click app it acts like its loading the game then says cant connect to sever when the load bar is almost filled

  • J

    I would like to know how to transfer my game on my iPad to my android. I connected my android to Facebook and it started a new account

  • Ana FromGameloft

    Hi J,

    Unfortunately you can’t transfer the saves from an iOS device to an Android one (or vice-versa). :( For further info you can consult the Game Info and Issues at

  • Ryan

    Hi J – There isn’t a way to transfer games across operating systems currently. I’m sorry ):

  • Sonali Bhaumik

    Is you android tablet/ Asus Fonepad battery completely drained off? Is your tablet not turning ON? Is your tablet not charging? Is your battery showing a question mark?

    Solution is simple and easy. Please check the link and like it :)



  • Joe

    My computer ran some updates and after that happened Total Conquest wouldn’t open. The game just kept crashing on the start up screen. After two weeks of this I uninstalled it and then re-installed it. Now I can open the game but my base is set completely different and many buildings are levels that are much lower than before. I have also lost gold, apples, and tokens which took much time earn. Love the game, just disappointed that this happened and much time spent upgrading buildings and troops has been lost.

  • Mary_FromGameloft

    Thanks for the report Joe! :) To properly check this, please provide us more details by following the Customer Care option from in-game.

  • Kaushik

    I stole 1 million gold and food once, it’s a major problem because I was using that gold to upgrade and then my city hall disappeared. Don’t worry, it came back the next day!

  • Spartan117m15

    Ok so I have TC on my phone and PC. When I join it says
    “There is already a save file that is associated with the Social Network you are currently logged in with.
    Would you like to restore it?
    Warning: If you restore it, it will overwrite the save that is currently associated with your device.”
    That comes up when I login on PC. What should I click to get PC version Restore or Use current Save. Is it talking about restore the save on PC and using phone save or restoring Phone and Using PC Save. It’s so misleading.

  • mohna

    how to update the game in androind platform

  • Scott Bradfield

    Game won’t initiate. I get to the loading bar, almost finishes and then it hangs up and then kicks me out to the carousel. help! played for the past 40+ days with no issue.

  • TNTDiscoCisco

    No matter what, every time I go onto my Total Conquest app, it always says unable to connect to server, please restart. Whenever the app does load all the way, it automatically just shuts itself off and goes back to the main phone screen. No matter where I am or how good of a connection I have, it always says the same thing. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app three times, but it never works. May someone please help me? I REALLLY NEED HELP! MY SERVER IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE AND I CAN’T EVEN CHECK!

  • TNTDiscoCisco


  • Chad

    How do I get my money back? Once I got to a certain put and try go to battle it wouldn’t load and kept telling I had lost connection or I timed out. Now it wasn’t my internet connection or anything on my end. So I refresh and restarted my computer and now the game won’t even open up. What is gameloft going to do to satisfied a customer?

  • Chad

    Great game no support

  • Chad

    I’m having the some of the same issues and no response from gameloft.

  • Chad


  • Chad

    Michelle, Ryan are you guys working? Anybody monitoring this? Hello Gameloft? Anybody there who cares to help a PAYING customer?

  • Chad

    What a surprise no answer

  • Chad

    Still waiting

  • Emmanuel Akanksh

    Guys need some help here.. I am playing from Amazon Kindle and I can’t get the new update. Due to this, I can’t see anything other than my own city. No battles, no visiting, nothing. What do I do to fix it ?

  • ottie b

    My game absent work for 3weeks now I contacted game loft about 51 times my game loads and then turns off game loft told me to uninstall an reinstalled but it started me over an when I go to connect to Facebook it turns right off gameloft ain’t no help at all will just have to wait months for the new update which is already out on Apple I ask gameloft when we should receive it so this broken game will work but all they say is sorry for the inconvenience it’s a waste of time writing to them they ain’t doing nothing to fix this problem

  • Viorel Costica

    Way blocked this game

  • Barak

    I just wish they would fix the build time reset bug. I’ve been trying to upgrade my City Hall to level 6 (5 days to upgrade) and I started on 5/12. This is getting old and not really conducive to trying to get money from me.

  • Hassan Butt

    My game does not fully load

  • Mark

    My build times keep restarting… I wait 6 days for a building to be built but on the last day it resets to the full build time. I have been building the same building for over a month now. I even purchased the crown to get the architect in order to build it… That’s 5$ wasted and the last time I give gameloft my money. I called and complained and wasn’t given a refund. I was told they would let their techs know.

  • convebeen4861

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  • eric

    google play doesn’t offer update and I cant play any more until game is updated Please help I have to much time invested to just stop playing

  • Daniel C

    It won’t let me update my game mean I can’t fight other opponents can’t fight in wars, no get revenge but everybody else can attack me, I can Only spend my real money on a game that allow me to Only do conquests and build

  • Daniel C

    I got 4 different appsl for total conquest trying to update my game 4 different times

  • Strug JT

    I got a new phone and I don’t want to lost my progress. Is there anyway to tranfer the progress from the old phone to the new one? I found this available in World At Arms, I really need help with this!

  • Stone Gargoyle

    hmm I need to update the game, it wont let me or give instructions on where to update the game. BOGUS now I cant play until this issue is settled

  • fanboy

    Great game but basically unplayable at the moment due to connection issues, it seems unable to reach your servers. I’m using a surface rt

  • GoldenVillage

    Hello there….:)
    I enjoy playing this game a lot and I’m addicted as well…The problem which I’m facing currently is I want to transfer the game to my Laptop windows 8.1 from mine BB Z10, same data as I don’t wanna loose them and also If I back up my device will I get the same data if I restore it back ??? HELPPPP

  • Derek Harper

    I’m locked out of total conquest or it is malfunctioning because I log on and it dumps me back to my desktop over and over.

  • Suvasish Dey Sarker

    “There was a problem with your account, please contact customer support” – this error message appears in the loading screen.

    The “Customer Care” button and “tick mark” next to it – neither works when I tap them!
    Someone please suggest a solution. I already re-installed the game once, didn’t solve the problem :v

  • Guest

    this image appears.

  • Suvasish Dey Sarker

    What’s the solution to this?
    I haven’t been able to play for a week now :(

    I use a Nokia Lumia 625.
    Windows OS 8.1

  • Guest

    I keep seeing this message.
    “There has been a problem with your account. Please contact Customer Support”

    But the CUSTOMER CARE button DOESN’T WORK.
    Please help ASAP.

  • Suvasish Dey Sarker

    I keep seeing this message.
    “There has been a problem with your account. Please contact Customer Support”

    What’s the solution to this?
    I haven’t been able to play for a week now :(

    I use a Nokia Lumia 625.
    Windows OS 8.1

    But the CUSTOMER CARE button DOESN’T WORK.
    Please help ASAP.

  • GM

    I dont can´t start Total conquest what is this????