Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

All of you that have been patiently waiting since E3 are in luck! Total Conquest is finally available on iPhone, iPad, & Android. Let the battle begin!

I for one am hooked. A bunch of us in the office have been playing it and we think its pretty awesome! How about you? Do you have any strategies yet? What are you upgrading first? Which units do you prefer and why?

Join in the fun, check out the new trailer and screens below, & let us know what you think in the comments!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_250x74 Google-Play-Badge

TotalConquest_screen_650_EN_03 TotalConquest_screen_650_EN_02

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  • steets

    I meant that it showed “last updated on 11/1/2014″ at the windows store, even though I just updated today (12/29/14).

  • steets

    How do I get back to the game? It won’t let me back in. Just says App is already installed with no other options. Game says I need to update, but then I cannot update? Some help please!!

  • Caleb

    unable to conect server… how can i fix these problem???

  • jose

    I want to restart my total conquest plz hellp

  • Geovane

    there seems to be a problem with your account. please contact customer support total conquest , whats that?

  • Wáłîđ Kháň

    I can’t connect google play games
    with total to do that? I tried but it’s loading and disappeared. It is not happening to other games