Total Conquest: A Lesson in Base Design

In any game that involves strategy, knowing the best way to play the game is a hot topic of conversation.  Talking about base setups is one of the hotly debated discussions in our most recent strategy game, Total Conquest.  Since players can be attacked and rely on their defenses to hold off invaders, having a safe and secure base is every player’s goal.  With that in mind, I want to share some of my initial setups in Total Conquest and share my experiences with you as I work on climbing the leaderboards.


First up is the image above.  This was my attempt at segmenting every part of village so that attackers would have to destroy a wall, then a building and then another wall in most places.  I felt that this layout was ideal because it gave my defenses a chance to kill off any soldiers that came my way.  Well, in theory it was good, but it didn’t pan out the way I expected it to.  In moments of honoring my “strategic brilliance” I failed to recognize how easy it was for Sagittarius (Archers) to hit my resource buildings.  Needless to say, I lost a fair share of resources with this layout and only recorded 1 victory in defending against enemy invasions.


My second idea was to put my base in the corner of the map.  I’m using the same image but have used my MS Paint skills to describe the layout I’m going to talk about in this next segment.  My logic behind putting my base in the corner was amazing, or at least I thought.  Since you can’t build things any closer to the boundaries where I placed my base, I figured you definitely can’t deploy units there.  So I set up two layers of walls on the outward facing sides of my base and no walls on the “untouchable” side.  I did this on a Friday and didn’t touch the game again until Sunday morning as I altered my Fantasy Football lineups.  As I watched replays in horror, I realized that just because I can’t build structures or walls close to the edge of the grid, other players can definitely place units there and have free reign over your village.  Needless to say, I lost every battle here and gave up countless resources.  Ryan’s Tactics – 0.  Other players – 2.


My third and current layout is the image featured above.  Here I rely on two layers of walls pretty much everywhere around my base and have put all important buildings inside, with the exception of the temple.  I use two spike traps up by the gate where my troops are held in case enemies see the gate as an opening to quickly get in my base.  I haven’t been attacked yet with this design but I’ve got a good feeling about it.  I’m cautiously optimistic though, I felt good about my previous two designs and was subsequently taken to the cleaners by other players.

The strategy in Total Conquest expands past just how you can build your base and I’m excited to eventually delve into those areas with you all.  In the meantime, sound off below with how you build your bases so we can compare notes.  As you can see, I clearly need all the help I can get!

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  • Phantom

    i would try the same idea as your first layout, but reorganizing the buildings/defenses.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, I might revert back to it. I want to give my latest layout a chance though. Still waiting to be attacked with the double-layered wall at the moment.

  • Trever Hansen

    I have been going back and forth wht how my base should be set up. One of the most frustrating things in this game is the ease of players totally wiping you out with little effort. This also makes the game different from the rest in a weird way, and i like it. I posted pic of current base but am thinking that the real trick is to leave a storage or two as bait since their hit points are so high. Like i said still in testing phase. Would love feedback of anyone that finds good ways to slow destruction…lol.

  • Trever Hansen

    Double layers are not as effective as some sections, the ballista will hit pretty much anything in what like 9 tiles. But i just know from attacks not defense

  • Vovan

    Разработчики игра очень хорошая спасибо !!!Только как нажимая найти соперника он застывает

  • riffosai

    have u tried making all ur map red? i mean but walls with space inbetween and like that making the whole map red so there is no place ur enemy can deploy soldies.

  • Ryan

    Interesting setup with your resource collections in the middle and walling off around each defense building. I like the looks of that a lot! Might have to test something similar to this out in my own game!

  • Ryan

    That’s sort of what I tried with building in a corner, but even if you fill the whole map, there is still spots to spawn units outside of that area. It’s a cool idea but sadly doesn’t work in practice!

  • Trever Hansen

    The biggest reason city hall is outside walls is that 80% of attacks are for just that. They get little bit of loot and win 4. I revenge them for all their loot and win 6.. Lol. But as far as reinforcement building goes still not sure. Obviously when i have more walls will be different so I’ll keep posting updates and tweeks if you like. But so far its been really strong…concidering.

  • Trever Hansen

    Only works temporarily, at least in my experience. But its slightly effective at lowering numbers

  • Trever Hansen

    You should join our legion, open spots soon…unless you cant and all :P

  • Ryan

    Haha no I’m sure I could. I’ll just have to build a Forum eventually so I can actually join one :P

  • Trever Hansen

    Lol, i did same thing, pushed it out a ways. We will have spots open in next few days but they will be gone fast since were top 5. Hows your base doing? Any new trials? I just upgraded all my storages so now i can really see how effective the strategy is. I will say i ran into a base i attacked a few tmes with leveled up double layer walls and it stopped me from 100%. I still got 2 stars but rarely dont get 3 when i try for it..

  • Ryan

    No new trials yet! Been pretty busy at the office but I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to test out some new builds later on this week (: Might do some base designing on our stream this Friday!

  • Trever Hansen

    Nice looking forward to it

  • crystyan18

    Enter to my Legione
    name: Romania
    Owner:Virgil G.

  • crystyan18

    how i get more crown?
    I want to buy an arhitect…but is so hard to get crowns…:((

  • Bobby McClelland

    I’ve been struggling to keep my food and gold but getting victory’s i was new and put buildings in the wrong place I’ve moved things around a bit to see what happens fingers crossed

  • Ionut Tudose

    any ideea where i can post bugs ??? i used the custom care system from the game… but i did not receive even an confirmation email, that the message was received… really sad… over night i`m lvl 100 and all my crown was gone… frustrating…

  • guest

    actually the other part we need to consider is what is kind of troops would the other side use..( in the level 30) it would be probably archers, and the blue troops and one ram. blue guys tend to go for towers. Archers i do think strategically it’s important to ensure the towers are soundly protected so that the blue troops go for them..while other defense soften them..

  • Daniel Monti

    Hy. This is a very good game, BUT. I was level 50, and i just level 30. My town is another lower level town. I lost lot of high level building, and lot of research. You dont repair my town about 5 days. I spend lot of money, please send back all.

  • Alek

    Hi, I have strange issue with battle points. When some one attack my city and destroy 10-25% buildings I lose 5 points?! I really don’t understand how they calculate attack or defense score… To whom or where should I post this problem? Thank you.

  • tom

    The game worked great until I joined a legion and now it freezes and boots me out of the game. Why?

  • Sara

    Hi there!

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing such issues!

    You’ll need to go on our Support website and you can

    check our FAQ page of the site and find a solution to your issue.

    If your issue isn’t described in there, you can fill a form that would be sent to the Customer Care Team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • Trever Hansen

    So i thought i would post as my design has upgraded, what with walls and weapons. Its just as i excpected it to be…..fantastic! Haven’t been 3 starred in a good while, and people rarley get 2! Hows things coming for you Ryan?

  • Trever Hansen

    Dont know why my pic didnt post…hope i didnt post it twice…lol. This is my same design just upgraded. I posted more info in reply to previous one lower

  • Tariq

    I have the same issue. The replays don’t go along with the battle log results. The logs say I lost, but the replays show me winning. It happens every time, and it makes no sense. I posted the question to gameloft and got no response.

  • Donnou

    I have been unable to open the game for the past 3 days on my S4 mini. It start loading and then keeps crashing to home screen!!! Please helps this is very frustrating!!!!

  • Ed

    Don’t waste your time or money here, they will have a glitch, you will lose everything and they will not refund.

  • racer383

    Yep, I agree with this post 100%. Already “lost” one game. And the continual “help us improve” ad keeps locking me out of a second game. Time to move along….

  • Shehu Mustapha Zubairu

    I am new to d game pls how do I build a forum so I can join a legion

  • Hello

    This game suck, not able to start battle against random player, game score not calculated or calculated wrong, war calculation is wrong all the time, game crashes, not able to start chat, bugs,bugs, bugs.

  • anonymous

    gameloft had encountered replay error issue as they show wrong information and battles. The battle log is the correct numbers that you need to know, not in the replays. And don’t forget, as if enemy destroy your town hall even though they didn’t destroy other buildings they still get a star. A star means you’ve lost the defend.

  • Lavakeshon Selverajah

    pls help me . I get less points in a legion war than my opponent? it hard to compete with them because they easily earn points than me..

  • Mirza Abdul Rafay Baig

    Hey guys why my game doesn’t work on facebook?
    or it isn’t available for facebook like galaxy life.

  • Sparky

    Whenever I get off the game my buildings stop being built and my farms stop producing. Is that normal?

  • Demonias

    Dude why wud ur gold be so in the open?

  • joshie

    HoW do you start over!?!

  • Indra

    Everytime I start the game, I see…I have been attacked and lost gold and food….How Can I attack the players from my side…..I am not asking about the revenge…I know that…How can I attack other players before they attack me???

  • AEHageman

    I was attacked and in the reply learned that the playing board increases in size when you are attacked.
    there is NO corner to hide in.
    you can NOT fill the area so enemies can not spawn.
    back to the drawing board.

  • Tyler Petrus

    Here is my base design. Bear in mind, I am a City Hall level 9 with almost everything maxed out. I’ve got about a 50/50 win loss ratio with this one.

    If you are wondering, also, why I have put all of my farms and food storages on the right, away from all my gold, you only need to look at the amount of it I have. Yeah, none of that I can use to upgrade anything. Not even any of my troops, as all of them are maxed until City Hall 11. You don’t have to do it like this, but for circumstances uncontrollable by me, I had to.

    One more thing. If anybody has any good assortment of troops I can use, let me know. I have every food troop lvl 5 with special ability, centaur and Minotaur lvl 3 without special ability, and Harpy lvl 4 with special ability.