Start Your Engines! GT Racing 2 is out now!

For those of you who tuned into the GT Racing 2 pre-launch stream I did on Twitch, you know today is the day that the game is hitting iOS and Android!  If you didn’t know that…well now you do so go ahead and start downloading our newest edition to the GT Racing series.

The game is free on both platforms and features a boatload of awesome features that simulation racing fans will enjoy.  There are 67 cars from 35 manufacturers and 12 awesome location inspired tracks.  One other thing: there aren’t any repair timers!  So don’t wait any longer to start racing, make sure you head over to the App Store or the Play Store and put the pedal to the metal!

If you want to check out the stream you can find view Part 1 and Part 2 just by clicking those links.  Also, while you are over on our Twitch channel, make sure you hit that “Follow” button so I can continue to bring you all exciting pre-launch events.  Hope to see you all out on the tracks!

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  • smash bro

    Goes to Play Store on Droid Maxx, *Your device is not compatible with this version*. So, this, Thor, AND Asphalt 8 aren’t supported. Why, just why…?

  • fan who complains

    if aspahlt 8 is also free why does this one have timers.

  • Jesse Ennever

    Loved Asphalt 8 on my old phone and was looking forward to this. But no support for either on my new Droid MAXX. Any help?

  • Jesse Ennever

    Having the same issue :( Hoping they resolve this soon!!!

  • smash bro

    Honestly, this game and Asphalt 8 were going to be the only 2 games I wanted for my Droid MAXX. Months of anticipation just to be disappointed greatly…

  • Ryan

    I’ll have to check on this Jesse. I don’t have a device list right now but I’ll ask around and see if I can find anything out.

  • Jesse Ennever

    Thanks! Glad to know its at least a known issue they are working on! Please keep us updated.

  • smash bro

    Thanks! Glad to know that they are aware of it.

  • Ted

    is there a reason why the Galaxy Note 3 (Tmobile) is not supported?

  • Ryan

    I’m looking in to it Ted to see. Will update people on this thread once I get information on these devices and their compatibility.

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  • Sabby80

    I am having an issue with my note2. Open the game and I can’t put in name of driver. Have to exit game. Any ideas?

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  • Jānis

    Please, add support for prestigio multipad 7.0 HD. I was waiting for it so long, but now I can’t even download it!

  • M. Belgrano

    I really like the game! It puts Real Racing 3 to shame.
    One question: can you guys release the layout of the tracks? It would be great for improving our driving. Thank you!

  • Dario

    Dunno why but my xperia z ultra isnt supported aswell

  • fan who complains

    dat music do gameloft knows music continue

  • Mary_FromGameloft


  • Clessiah

    When will this become available in windows store?

  • Ryan

    Not sure, we’ll have more information on this at a later date hopefully!

  • Ryan

    Are you using a custom keyboard? If so try using the stock keyboard and seeing if that works!

  • Ryan

    We do our best to add more devices as we update the game!

  • Cyclone

    Like the game… and music is perfect. Where i can find tracklist of all tracks, songs? )

  • Jamssx

    It’s great you finally get a ” real racing” game and I like that, but why not to switch off the rival photo icon front of me? It real annoying me concentrate to drive and even I can’t see the road! Please!

  • Gábor József Virág

    I waited a lot of time this game, but don`t start it. Please add Prestigio multipad 9.7 duo.

  • Ryan

    I’ve gotten some feedback about that option and I’m going to make sure to pass it along to the Dev team. (:

  • Ryan

    Here is the link to all of the tracks on our SoundCloud profile:

  • John Koh Jiun Hao

    It’s a great racing game but why my xperia tx can’t download this game…it said my device is incompatible with the version…Why???

  • Jamssx

    Thanks a lot & Good day!

  • Ryan

    You too :D

  • Rob H

    Any chance of a cloud save feature…. I want to copy my progress between tablets (both android) and Helium won’t restore progress so can’t use that…

  • Mike Jay Morgan

    And the Versus Touchtab 7v/7DC models as I was looking forward to this too. You got me all excited only to pull it from underneath me

  • StudentDriver

    Thanks for a fun game that features racing and competition! The FT-86 is probably the most enjoyable virtual racer I can remember ‘driving’. The sounds in the game are great! The music department will probably not be pleased that I turned the music off to hear the car better.

    I am hoping for more real-world race tracks. Urr… I really don’t like racing tracks in the reverse direction though. Please have less of those. IMHO, The ‘corkscrew’ at Laguna Seca goes from ‘legendary’ to ‘nothing special’ as an uphill experience.

    And please expand on the social features. The team concept is cool.

    Also, the time dilation and compression in async multiplayer, I think that is what’s going on, needs tuning. Most players will think there is cheating going on because the cars all become so fast towards the end. A more gradual upping of the speed would seem more natural. I do realize that you are trying to give players a clean run and that is not an easy task.

    I sincerely hope that Gameloft is working on true multiplayer. The ‘which-car-is-ahead’ asymmetric collision penalty (you should brand this concept you’ve implemented) would seem to work well in a true multiplayer setting. I think some form of ghosting (for slow moving cars) would take care of the ambushers and campers.

    Again. Thanks for a great game.

  • Zviper

    I don’t know if it’s just the ipad air, or what but on some tracks and cars like the ft-86 it seems to just smash it self into the wall at will. Please fix this asap.

  • GameloftLover

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Add support for xperia zr.. really want to play this game … As I am requesting you for asphalt 8 .. giving support for xperia z and not zr … both having same hardware … plz make those games compatible with xperia zr…

  • StudentDriver

    The ft-86 and probably all the RWD vehicles are a handful (don’t know about the higher-tier ones with incredible grip yet). They are also great fun once you get the feel for them. More like dancing instead of driving. Really pay attention to your throttle. Tap the breaks when you feel understeer.

  • Derin

    Game is good but ftw with thouse bugs with FT-86??? Max upgrade and i cant get 3 stars in first top speed oval and some another tracks + sometimes i have fealing that my opponents have nitro like asphalt games. Breake button is in the middle of my tablet and i cant reach it when i need it!!

  • Zviper

    Dude it isn’t my skill or grip
    I can enter the high speed oval for the ft 86. The first corner is fine then second corner is where it happens. I’ve tried going 50mph off throttle entering the corner and it still happens…
    And seriously it happens with fwd cars too.
    Fix the damn game

  • Steam

    Why you always ignore Windows Phone 8 ?

  • Heilbeee

    I have nexus 5 mobile phone…so this game will work for mee at least on low graphics? I really wanted to play:(

  • nandwabee

    Playing it on xperia z at the moment.