Brothers in Arms 3: The CES Edition

With the start of 2014 we only figured it was fair to share some new information about one of our upcoming games.  So while we were hanging out at CES we talked with GeekBeatTV about a game we are all really excited for: Brothers in Arms 3.  We shared some details with them about what we had in mind for the game, how it’s played and some of the cool game mechanics we are introducing with this latest addition to the series.  If you’ve got a hankering for some Brothers in Arms 3 information don’t wait any longer and hit that play button!

If you can’t see the video below hit up this link right here to check it out over on YouTube.  Also, if you are at CES this week, keep an eye out for any Gameloft people and feel free to say “Hi!”  Make sure to tell them that Ryan sent you.

Let us know in the comments below which weapon you hope to see in Brothers in Arms 3 and if you want us to do more interviews like this!

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  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan still release date or which month is not revealed for brother in arms 3 can u say atleast which month is it releasing eagerly waiting

  • Ryan

    I can’t yet ): Once I get a date though I’ll be sure to share it!

  • PortableGamingRegion

    Looking forward to this one, especially since you announced controller support. :)

  • fan

    does it atleast hav multiplayer like the first one

  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan any information on brother in arms 3 release date pls reply

  • Alex Negrila

    Ryan,can you say me the system requierments of this game?

  • Tony Hipp

    Will it be compatible with the Samsung note 3?

  • mike

    Will it be competence with the Samsung galaxy s5