Blitz Brigade Update Hits Android!

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Today is a great day.  You know why?  We launched a HUGE update for Blitz Brigade on Android finally!  This update includes a new skill system, new game modes, character features, weapons and more!  Like I said, this update is huge.  It’s exciting to see how well Blitz Brigade is doing and how much players are playing it now, more than ever.  Our team drew up this awesome infographic, which you can see above, and the stats on there are absolutely staggering.  In 2013, players captured 68,480,261 flags and spent 27,215,254 hours playing!  That’s jaw-dropping and we hope to see those numbers rise even more during 2014.

So, what are you waiting for?  Between leveling up your character skills, testing out all of the new weapons (20+) and capturing flags in the new Capture the Flag mode you’ve got a lot of playing to do!  See you in game folks!BB SS Statue Image jpeg

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  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan don’t make all Gameloft fans to wait its already march where is mc5 and brother in arms 3 when its coming from June 2013 started teasing now its march 2014 only two months remaining for one year just complete it and then release that’s all no more wait getting fed up bye Ryan sorry for the harshness

  • Ryan

    Sorry Ram! I’ll share that information when I get it. Until then I have to wait to hear from the Dev team (:

  • Michael

    that is a copy of TF2 teamfortress 2 here is a link about TF2

  • kammem

    hey this game doesnt support s4 mini duos why?

  • Michael

    this is a copy of a game called TeamFortress 2

  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan where is mc5 any news pls reply

  • Sims100

    Ryan , I am an ex Atari 2600 pro that just got back into real gaming with MC4 as a distraction.I have been falsely accused of hacker/cheater by your system(Max) and told to buy the game again and start over with a new name. I find this totally unnacceptable as a paying customer who paid for upgrades,I have 1 mill game points, good exp,history,etc. this is not to be taken from me for no reason and no discussion. This is totally unfair to the consumer.Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Eric Chen

    The best of my weapons.
    Primary-Premium Shurikens or The Leveler
    Secondary-Rothkoe, shotgun
    Mele-either Last Rites or Myhnegon

    The guns that I want the most.
    Primary-Last Word, premium(hard choice SO MANY)
    Secondary-Poacher or the Dragon gun
    Mele-Qurly Q

    BTW my username is raze_hacker, add me
    or Gameloft could you make these dream weapons available. =D THANK YOU

  • Ryan

    Hey Sims100 – You’ll need to contact our support team and they can investigate this claim. As long as there is nothing wrong, they will be able to unban your account. Here’s a link:

  • Ryan

    Hi Ram – I just talked about this again on our latest episode of Ask Gameloft. I don’t have any new information to share though. Sorry!

  • Ryan

    Nice choices Eric!

  • Eric Chen

    Thank you

  • QuNiMa413145


  • specter84

    сделайте что бы игра поддерживалась на prestigio 5870c пожалуйста )

  • Awesome534453

    When I’ll this update hit kindle fires?

  • Awesome534453

    When will this update hit kindle fires?

  • Josh Park

    this is a question for ios but how long until the discount on daimonds is over? Like the saint patricks day sale on daimonds? im planning to buy some and i need to know when the sale will be over.

  • ben dowell

    I have a question why is the FREE DIAMOND button not working?

  • ben dowell

    Any 1 gonna tell me I have to work in five mins

  • Shaheed Waddy

    can u log in with googl+

  • Gefailt333

    When comes the update on kindle fire hd ?

  • Gefailt333

    Ryan please make a update for kindle I wait a long time

  • Zippy

    Like if I try on my apps it says it not yet reated….

  • strubbel

    There is a Problem with the Samsung Galaxy s 4… if you want to log in the Game freeze and then it crashs… Whats the problem? :( it is such a nice game but its unplayable with this kind of fault…Sorry about my englisch i am german…

  • strubbel

    Please answer:)

  • xGaming808

    Me to @ Awesome But I Got Kindle Fire Hd

  • mon

    This game keeps crashing when trying to pick a team …. I’m sure Gameloft knows this already.. Fix the damn game

  • mon

    Still not fixed 10/6/2014

  • mon

    Michel Guillemot the Piz&CEO of gameloft needs to get on his job &D have this game fixed !!!!!! I didn’t spend my time reaching level 58 for nothin…..

  • fady

    It say to me no connutivety every time I have played

  • oooo

    its not working for my tablet samsung galaxy s3 lite

  • Matúš Buzgo

    i like this

  • Matúš Buzgo

    I like this game. I am playing it every day. It’s the best game I played.

  • Matúš Buzgo

    I would like to ask you if you will add new character. It will be super. He could be after lvl40 and he could have name constructor and he could construct mines, robot-guns, … and he could repair hurt vehicles and his made creatures. And he could look like abuilder with many tools in the belt and he could have a builer-helmet on his head and he could wear a vest.
    Thanks for reading and i hope you will add him. :-)

  • Javi

    Yeah when will this’d update be released for Kindle Fire