Our Spidey Sense is Tingling!

TASM2 screen 2

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back!  He’s ready to go in our next big game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the official game for the blockbuster film due out in April.  Get ready for web-slinging, butt-kicking, and more Spidey action you know and love.

The game features a brand new, original story (inspired by the movie!) that is action packed and filled with iconic villains such as Electro and the Green Goblin.  We’ve also introduced some cool new features for this game that I’m really excited about!  The game takes place in an open-world Manhattan which has increased size and graphics from our 2012 Spider-Man game.  With the addition of the new villains, new combos and other unpredictable action, I can barely contain myself.  I can’t wait to save the innocent Manhattan citizens from the evil that is attempting to take over the city!

If you haven’t seen our teaser trailer for the game, feel free to check it out below.  It definitely will get you amped up for this release!  The game will be launching on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices in April and will also be a premium title.  I’m ready, are you?


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  • Guest

    Come on Gameloft! Release it already!

  • Jack


  • Zack

    Hey Ryan where is this game after all the hours in ios

  • Guest

    Now this says download today and april 17.. So why cant we download it. Are we being lied too thats no way to try and keep customers happy

  • Anthony


  • nay

    Android play store in Cambodia doesn’t have this game.I wait it.

  • Guest

    When is the game coming out it is april 18 already

  • Nick

    Why does google play have it and ios doesn’t.

  • Sharviin Andy

    Hey Ryan- are this game will be compatible for Apple Ipad Air?

  • win8gamer

    Hope it comes out on the windows store for PC just like asphalt 8 did, and with xbox 360 controller support!

  • hectic

    You guys need to be more upfront when your games require a constant internet connection. The description in the app store does not make this clear and it is a really crappy thing to do I think. Now I have to use data if I’m not at home, so you may as well advertise that this is a “play at home game only”. Completely sucks the fun out of “web swinging on the go”. If this is an anti-piracy measure, then it is a very, very poor one and one that’s insulting to the people that pay for the game.

  • Peter Parker

    Will this ever be available on the blackberry world????? I’m dying to play it.

  • Peter Parker


  • Steve Boy

    when its release foe java phones?

  • Mido

    How to open this game ?

  • Aditya Sampat

    needs a update too buggy

  • spidey

    hi uh i was wondering if you guys can make this game for the iPod 4 because i have the first game and i loved it! but i REALLY want the second one but i can’t get it cuz’ of the ios, plz help

  • Bj Waleford

    i have a problem everytime i try to plsy it it would always freeze and when its done loading it just goes black this is when i start it up

  • mohammed

    Do you support the Arabic language game
    I am surprised at the lack of support the Arabic language in all the games the fact that those who speak Arabic more than 370 million people
    While the Turkish language is hardly devoid of the game, but it supports the Turkish language, although the number is about 70 million people

  • Nikola

    I agree.They ruined the experience.I got to play the game for about 2 min and then lost the connection.

  • NICK


  • Nick


  • Rock

    Can you Please Make it Compatible on Xperia C i really want to buy it and Play it

  • the gaming web addict

    hey if you guys are not gonna make a second version of the spider man 2 game for the iPod 4 then can you make an update for the first spider man game? like the update can have the amazing spider man 2 costume and you have get it the same way you get the other costumes. And maybe electro too?

  • the gaming web addict

    and when i said electro i meant as a new villian you can fight if you guys inculde this in the update hopefully you guys will think about even doing the update hopefully you guys will

  • Diana FromGameloft


    You should report this issue to our Customer Care team here: http://support.gameloft.com and they’ll assist you :)

  • Jon Klosterman

    when is this coming to the kindle fire hd?

  • pawan

    hi pls post the amazing spider man 2 offline as soon as possible…

  • pawan

    i m requesting you gameloft i m big fan of urs <3 i cant be online every time pls post the amazing spider man 2 offline…

  • Evgeny

    Hey!!! This game is not work in iOS !!! Loading stop on 45%! Please, correct your mistake!!!

  • Banzi

    Got this game free due to buying a sony z2, the game crashes constantly & have been unable to play it at all, when the game starts with you standing on top of the satelite dish as soon as I press jump it crashes, as soon as you try to web swing it crashes, it says there is no connection 7 to check internet but wifi is on

  • Diana FromGameloft


    Our Customer Care agents will assist you in this matter if you provide more details either through the game or through the following website: http://support.gameloft.com

    Have a nice day!

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  • the gaming web addict

    hi gameloft i was wondering if you guys could make a “demo” for the TAMS 2 game for the iOS 6 including free roam, 1 or 2 chapters (depending how long they are), and mini boss fights like rhino, electro, and green goblin anyway i’m not demanding it i just want to play the game anyway i can, but i can’t play the original one because of the iOS 7 issue

  • Ron Tal


  • the gaming web addict

    hi gameloft is there anyway to make the TASM 2 game for the iOS 6 like a “lite” version with free roam even plz respond

  • Ficscos8607

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  • Shresth Sinha

    Amazing spiderman 2 is not working on my s duos 2
    Plz help me

  • Jesimielandroid

    gameloft makes the amazing spider man 2 compatible with the Moto g XT1033 please ;)

  • Jesimielandroid

    Gameloft faz o the amazing spider man 2 com suporte para o moto g 1 geração XT1033 POR FAVOR QUERO MUITO JOGAR ESSE JOGO