Nokia Lumia Promotion!

Lumia Promo UPDATED IconAttention Nokia Lumia users: Do you have a Lumia Icon, 625, 1020, 1320, or 1520?  If you answered yes to any of those models then you’re going to want to continue reading.  We recently teamed up with Nokia to bring you NINE free games!  I know what you’re thinking…that’s pretty awesome, right?  Be careful though, this promotion isn’t going to be around forever.  Make sure you click the links below so you can grab these games before July 15th or else you’ll miss out! (EDIT: Extended the promo date until July 15th!)

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  • Carstean Leonard

    not working on my Lumia 625

  • bob

    no love for 1000 lumia

  • WP8Lover

    Can’t you add Lumia 820 in the list?

  • eljefe245

    why not lumia 620?

  • Julien

    Any plan to fix Brain Challenge? I bought the game about two years but haven’t used it much since it’s broken. It doesn’t save properly so you can’t see your progress on anything.

  • Ryan

    Hmm…This is the first I’m hearing of it Julien, but I’m happy to check on it. Can you give me any more information, like what device you’re playing on, what firmware version, etc.? Thanks!

  • Ryan

    We’ll see if we can add it for another promotion!

  • Ryan

    We’ll try to add it for another promotion in the future (:

  • Ryan

    Sorry, maybe for one of the future promotions!

  • Julien

    Hi Ryan, I’m surprised you didn’t eat about it, and actually you don’t need my phone and firmware since the game is broken on every single phone. You can take a look on trueachievements if you want (, you will see that six of the achievements in the game are unobtainable, and a lot of the other achievements are nearly unobtainable since the saving in the app is broken, it mixes the days or most of the time simply doesn’t save. Like a lot of people I bought the game full price a while back and would love if it was fixed since I’ve had the app on an old iPod a long time ago and I loved it, I would love to still be able to use it.

  • Ryan

    Great, thanks for the heads up. I’ll talk to my Windows buddies about this and see what they can do!

  • Julien

    Perfect! Thanks!!

  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan is modern combat 5 blackout coming this month may as per mc5 community pls reply

  • Alex Arbuthnott

    Hoping someone can help me. This site says you can download the above games, including Order & Chaos, on certain Lumia devices including the 625, which I have. However in the Windows Phone Marketplace it says my phone is not compatible. Can anyone help me out here, I really want this game, it looks amazing! (running windows phone 8.1).

  • Ryan

    Hey Alex – Let me check on this and I’ll get back to you!

  • Ryan

    No, it’s not. When we announce a release date we’ll be sure to put it up here on the blog and on our official social media sites.

  • Schris

    Will modern combat 5 come in Lumia?what about BIA3?

  • Juan

    Could you guys update the amazing spiderman 2? Spiderman dies to quickly cause he isn’t durable and it gets frustating, add more suits and make the rhino boss battle a little less difficult.

  • joe

    can you add it for lumia 520 it is like 625 so you can add it

  • Ryan

    Hey Juan – You can actually upgrade Spidey’s health as you progress through the game in the Skills section (:

  • Ryan

    Alex -Checked on this and here’s the deal: Not all of the devices are compatible with all of the games listed. Depending on the device you have you can get all of the compatible games for free. I’ll need to edit in the fine print it looks like and I’m sorry for the confusion!

  • Ryan

    Hey joe – We won’t be adding any new devices to this current promotion, but we will keep the 520 in mind for any other new promotions we run with Nokia!

  • Eddie rumaldo

    Could you make does game free for the applestore

  • Eddie rumaldo

    Could you make does games free for apple store

  • Konstantin Kole Krstic

    Modern Combat 4, Order & Chaos and N.O.V.A. 3 does not show in store for lumia 625… too bad.

  • mouks

    If I downloaded a game and need to do Hard reset after promotion ends. Will I be able to redownload it for free again or do I have to pay then.

  • Demonic16

    It’s strange but Windows Phone Store shows that these games are still paid………

  • beauhindman

    All of the games are coming up as pay. There was a promotion a while ago that came with some free games, wondered if they were connected?

  • Bebe Thompson

    Hi there I have a Nokia 625 and have been enjoying these games since purchasing the phone after update these games are in my list but I can not reinstall these from back up or re download any help would be great as Lets Golf helped past the boredom of work and airports PLEASE HELP