Play Heroes of Order & Chaos with Gameloft!

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You read the title right.  This Friday I’ll be streaming Heroes of Order & Chaos and playing with viewers!  Are you good enough to carry?  If so, I want to see you in the games (and carrying me :P) this Friday!  I’ll be streaming at the regular time, 2PM PST/5PM EST over on our Twitch channel.  If you want in on the action, make sure you friend me on Gameloft Live: GameloftRyan1 and keep an eye out for the custom games I make.

Sound off in the comments below if you want me to do 5v5, 3v3, or if you want me to play any specific champions.  I’m open to suggestions and ready to ride coattails!  Use the badges below to download the game (it’s FREE) if you don’t have it already and I’ll see you champs on Friday (:

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  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan pls remove instant internet to play spidey 2 and what happened to mc5 , brother in arms 3 will these games released this year or next year 2015 what a sh*t fed up of waiting no release date and not even new trailers for these b**l sh*t games sorry ryan

  • Ryan

    MC5 and BiA3 are still in our plans for this year. Until you hear differently, assume they will be launched this year.

  • lemabu

    Will this be on Android, iOS or both?

  • Ninjago83

    Idk 5v5 to play with moor ppl ohh can’t wait

  • Ram Chand

    Hi Ryan pls tell Gameloft team or staff to remove instant internet to play The Amazing Spider Man 2 its annoying behalf of all that game and graphics is superb I appreciate it nice work

  • Ryan

    They’ve been made aware of the community requests (:

  • Ryan

    iOS for tomorrow

  • Andddd

    For how many minutes Live?

  • Sam

    Hello Ryan,
    Big fan of Gameloft, almost have all your games. You know when you guys will have a sale on MC3, its been 2 years that the price went down. Please advise. Thanks

  • Sam

    BTW I just bought the Order and Chaos Online, its an Awesome game and I love every minute of it. Cheers!!

  • Ryan

    Awesome to hear Sam! Thanks for posting!

  • Ryan

    I haven’t heard anything about a MC3 sale, so tough to say right now! I’ll keep my eye out though.

  • Ryan

    I typically stream for 1-1.5 hours (:

  • THe blue

    Please take down the prices!

    It takes years to get a 28k hero.

  • SoSad

    Pls gameloft fix it!!
    Hoc keeps crashing at tutorial for android. Im waiting already 10 weeks. Device: samsung tab pro 8.4

  • Diana FromGameloft


    Please report this issue to our Customer Care team here: and you will be assisted in this matter.

    Kind regards!

  • sharmoic

    I reported this with screen shots over three months ago (ticket 7652542). Only a generic answer from Pavel:

    “We would like to assure you that we are informed about this problem and our developers work over multiplayer stabilization and they will try to optimize game process the shortest possible time.”

    I keep looking for a fix and reinstalling, still no fix.

  • grayfox126

    I just bought a samsung tab pro 8.4 and the game crashes when it loads the HUD. The HUD seems to be the issue. It loaded the tutorial after I installed and launched it and crashed as soon as the HUD started to appear. I then copied over the cache from my phone, and was able to log in. I started a solo match and it did the intro fine, but then it crashed as soon the match started. Please fix soon, my phone is too small to see exactly whats on the screen.

  • Johan

    I got a tab s 8.4 4g it crashes on turturial after 3 sec when the arrows comes

  • sharmoic

    Still no fix to this issue. Just tried the latest version. :(

  • thommyg

    Not working on tab 10 s… any update for new generation tablets with high ress screen? thank you

  • louis

    Hi… did they fix the error happening for this galaxy tab s 8.4? I’m so disappointed… hoc works in my sam sung tab 10.1 but I swapped it with this latest 8.4 and it keeps on crashing during tutorial… I reported this already but no reply

  • jeanddr

    i am having the same problems, i just bought a galaxy tab s 10.5 and it seems to be a problem of 2k or high resolution, the game crashes just a few seconds from tutorial. I had an xperia tablet s from Sony and it works decently,wanted to improve the performance buying a newer tablet and now i cant play anything…Please Gameloft,any solution? there is a lot of people having this issue!

  • ng

    Yeah same here tab S Keep crashed on the tutorial

  • jamal

    Hi guys is there any news when gameloft will fix crash on tab s

  • sharmoic

    I still keep trying, and it still crashes on the tutorial so you can’t log in. Countless hardware resets and new game versions and still no fix!! The sad thing is I bought the new tablet so I could play the game better, as the nexus 7 was struggling. It works on my oneplus one, by the screen is too small for my tastes.

    The tab pro 12.2 runs world of tanks like a dream though.

  • si thu aung

    Does this game need data file(apart from obb)? I have obb file but i can’t run the game. Help me pls.