Order & Chaos Online: 1,000 Days of Battle!

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Sharpen your swords and ready your shield, warriors!  The newest update for Order & Chaos Online is upon us and it features some great new content for you to explore.  This update also gets rid of the $6.99 price tag for Order & Chaos Online.  MMO fans now have no excuse not to grab the most complete MMORPG experience on mobile devices!  Read on if you want to learn more about what’s new.

O&C Online Battlefield Image

Join the PvP Battlefield!

  • Players can now participate in the new Battlefield mode, which requires teams to capture their opponents flag by returning it to their base.
  • Team sizes will be either 2v2 or 4v4, both require a significant amount of teamwork though!
  • Teams can participate in battles and climb their league leaderboards to earn exclusive rewards, like rare armor suits!

Celebrate the Order & Chaos Online 3rd Anniversary!

  • Players can solve quests, eat treats and become a powerful villain for a limited time.
  • Complete daily quests to earn the exclusive Anniversary Pets.
  • Solve quests and collect cards to unlock Anniversary Medals.
  • Keep an eye out for unique, personalized gifts and also hundreds of unique items as quest rewards!

A NEW Time Limited Event: The Magpie Bird Festival

  • Players can collect Magpie Bird puzzle pieces in a special quest for a chance to win the Limited-Edition Magpie Bird Mount.

Good luck to all of the adventurers and fighters in this new update!  A lot of great items are up for grabs and I hope you’re successful in securing your spoils.  For those of you who are looking to jump into the world of Haradon, you can do it for free now just by clicking the badges below.  See you all in the game!

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  • Mirus Reflx

    Please read the posting here and all its comments. Thank you.

  • Saliery

    why not free on windows phone ?? :(

  • Benjamin H

    I didnt get my 150 runes or dragon. I started playing a year ago.

  • ikicapro

    Why i even pay for this game? This waht gameloft do is dissrespectfull. Many people like me pay for this game now it is free plus i didint get any reward for my payment. Gameloft is big disapoint.

  • Mike

    The servers are frequently going down and you get stuck at connecting when you try to login. Their response to these on going problems is very poor and seemingly haven’t done anything to remedy the on going server instability.

  • Benjamin H

    Thanks, now I got the runes, no dragon tho.

  • trishachavez

    Hi i would like to complain i bought a living tab yesterday 18 tabs. And suddenly server sync twice and its gone help me please. Any one from gl admin here? U can check ive purchased yesterday please.

  • Dutch

    i did not get my dragon pet :/

  • Edward morino

    Is order and chaos offline every time i try to connect its telling me i have no internet connection?

  • suicideseasonXP

    This game is one of the best and one of the most exciting game gameloft has ever came out with and i would love to say thank you guys for coming out with a game so fun for tablet / phones also i would love to play this more but connection problems are always in the way may you please fix this so i can keep playing this amazing game i miss playing without worrying about disconnects please help this game recover make servers have limits make more servers so there wont be so many in one server idk i just miss playing this alot

  • S Sam

    911 – I’ve been playing this game for at least 2yrs now, if not more. And I have invested alot of $$$ into two of my characters (levels 60 & 61). For the past several days i haven’t been able to connect with my normal gameloft account. And upon trying to connect with the google acct, it worked… but all of my characters were lost. If I am never able to connect the “normal” way; how am I to reach these characters again? Is anyone else having this issue?

  • mag_num

    The issue is with the Servers I believe, now if you were able to get on with Google and not with the username and password (which is how I get in as well) then Gameloft should fix it. There response to this issue is basically non existent. You haven’t lost your info, you just can’t connect to there server to access it.

  • mag_num

    I had the same issue last night, I played got disconnected and then got the server sync error. I had to re do some quests, re-obtain some items. Seems that there system has been over run by noobs. I don’t mean new players, I mean the management team at Gameloft are all noobs!

  • Thomas Chappell

    You could have at least given people enough time to get the magpie mount or had a notice that it was going to end. Now I’m stuck with the stupid items from the quest with nothing to show for it.

  • Sasha Gurov

    Dear developers, please, could you add the graphics settings in the game? I do not want to play on your device at the low quality of the graphics from the fact that my device does not have the profile of graphics in the game folder.

  • Rolly Pulvera Rivera

    i have been banned for no reason. im just doing quest then it suddenly crashed then im trying to connect again and there a banned notification that i have been banned for GMT 2014-08-21 06:46:52 to GMT 2018-10-21 12:23:35 GM i need a valid reason for this

  • Medic4Relix

    Dear gm. Yes i use bad words but just 2-3 time and u got banned me for 4 years ? i think this is suck i play this game 20 days and i like it so much.i have 28 lvl mendel but i cant play at nights with this char i think the server is full. Please unban my character (Medic4Relic)

  • Rolly Pulvera Rivera

    Ive been banned for no reason. im just doing quest then it suddenly
    crashed then im trying to connect again and theres a banned notification
    that i been banned for GMT 2014-08-21 06:46:52 to GMT 2018-10-21
    12:23:35 GM i need a valid reason for this

    my IGN is rira16 lvl 63 elf

  • AnimusPsycho

    You r not alone, I got banned too till 2018 and reason – I was abusive to someone, I just started playing yesterday and I also didn’t get any message to my e-mail with a proof of abuse or something… and I also cannot find this Web support page where I should make a ticket…

  • Rolly Pulvera Rivera

    GM we need a valid reason for this and plz fix this issue as soon as posible,,

  • BigBonze

    I was banned for 4 years, but haven’t done any wrong things and I haven’t written ugly words! I’ve just lvl-d my new character from lvl 1 to 7. There played some cirill named character, but we haven’t talked to each other. I really don’t why You have banned me, for what? You’ll writing about normal and fair behavior, but this step was not fair! I hope so, that this will be only a misunderstanding. Please write me back! And activate my account. Please, I’ll really like that game.

  • jakara

    I tried to log-n a couple of hours ago but it says that I am banned due to foul language or suspicious activity. I am just a solo player and don’t really mind people around me. Most of the players are Koreans so I can’t really communicate with them and I don’t know what suspicious activity I did. How can I be “un-banned”? Please help. -Jakara

  • Jakara

    I got the same one too. I don’t know why. T_T They didn’t even send me an email about it.

  • BigBonze

    Tank You very much! I’m so happy to get back my account! :D Horrrray xD

  • Dean Hood

    Yup same here got banned until 2018. Been playing for 3 days and I haven’t even talked to anyone in game. So how this happened I have no idea. But can’t log into any place to make a ticket or anything else. Looks like they don’t care either.

  • Bin

    My ticket id 8469940

  • Undead/Monk

    for the last 2 days when I try to log in to my game it keeps saying my username dose not exist????? makes no since please fix i have lvl 64 Monk lvl. 13 Mage and now i have lost out on gems, loot, daily gifts ext…. i am not to happy about it pls fix!!!

  • Loo Yee

    My ticket 8496544
    Last night I purchase money 12,99$ and I no get the crystal.
    App Store success pay the money in the game, but game is fail purchase and I missing the 12,99$ no get the crystal pleases check.

  • diamondboss


  • diamondboss

    Add in the Windows 8 STORE PLEASE

  • Mohammed Abdullah Ullah

    Cant find silver cards in dungeon

  • Tata

    GM I can’t enter the game it’s say just checking update for long time and no conecction please fixed that game GM :(

  • MrGrave

    Hello, I’ve got the mail with shiny golden dragon but i didnt get my 150 runes! Using Google+ account, how i can get my runes? plz help!

  • Sean Bubblez Paterson

    Same here, I need 4 for quest

  • Sean Bubblez Paterson

    Silver cards, can’t find any in prison, where do I get them from?

  • Bogdan

    when i open the game i got a popup with no text i can hit just one button and it apears again. What to do????????

  • 1team1

    I got hacked and i just founded out that he was deleted his name was
    1team1 can u plz restore him he was level 70 and had two other chars on
    the account i love this game plz restore him and is this the right spot for this kinda of support plz repawnd

  • Fatima sani

    I have been banned also for what reason I don’t know, so pls help me get my game back.

  • Nichole

    put it on windows 8 pc! i love this game but it kills my phone batery too fast. id rather play it on pc.

  • Huckstronaut

    I just downloaded the new upgrade and now when I log in it says connecting but it never does and it seems like my game loft account says I’m only a lvl1? Where are my characters and how do I fix this? I tried changing my password but still nothing. My mains name is powshred and it would really suck if I had to start from scratch