No Work. All Play. Labor Day Events!

Happy Pre-Labor Day festivities everyone!  We’ve got some great events going on in Minion Rush, Blitz Brigade, and Rival Knights this weekend to celebrate Labor Day (yay!), the end of Summer (boo!), and the start of the school year (boo!).  Instead of your regular event blog post, I wanted to mix things up a bit today and tell you about the events in Haiku format.  Feel free to critique my poems below and make sure you comment with your own Labor Day Haiku at the bottom of the post.  I’ll give you a virtual high-five and ten Schrute bucks.

Minion Rush Labor Day TLE

Worker costume prize
Run the farthest, beat dem all
Be careful, don’t fall

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BB Labor Day Sale

Blitz Brigade hot sale
Grab your gun, don’t miss this fun
If you do, that’s fail

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Rival Knights Back to School TLE

Need a new lance man?
Play Rival Knights, crush your foes
Claim your prizes, yo

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So what are you waiting for?  Get in these games and see if you can win these prizes!  Also, let us know what you think of these awesome mini-poems in the comments below.  This was a little harder than I expected to be honest.  I should have paid more attention in Language Arts and English class…

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  • Antonio Lopez

    Hi Ryan, Recently I download the game of Ice Age Adventures for windows phone, but unfortunately I realized some purchases and I did not receive the golden acorns and I spend my money. Now I´m trying play again but the game areout of service, and its come back me again to the start screen, I don´t know is clear the game of my cell phone and downlod it again but WHAT HAPPEND WITH MY purchases?, please answer me to my email. Thanks

  • Ryan

    Hi Antonio – I’m sorry to hear that IAA has been giving you trouble! If you contact our customer support team they can definitely assist you with purchase issue and lost progress. Use this link when you can and let me know if I can help you out more!

  • DunHiLa Craftera

    Ryan,the recent update of Rival Knights has added a lot of bugs to the mix.One of the worst is that even if you get a hit in the green zone it says that the target was missed,that one happens a lot.There is also a black screen when starting some matches and then it just says “Defeat” and that is all.Another one is when the game kind of freezes at the end of the match just before the hit and for a couple of seconds it just stands like that.This are all serious bugs and for me at least cost me some gems and money needed to advance through the game.I have also seen that it happens more in SP rather than in MP?