Asphalt 8 – What’s your favorite vehicle?


I’ve been playing a bunch of Asphalt 8: Airborne recently. I think most of us here in the Gameloft offices have.. ;-) Like everyone, I started playing with the Dodge Dart and quickly upgraded to the Audi R8 e-tron. When it came time to spend my earned credits I went with the Audi TTS Coupé….

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Order & Chaos Online is Free in July


Did you know that Order & Chaos is IGN’s Free Game of the Month for July? Grab your free copy NOW! And if you haven’t been paying attention over the past couple of years since we released the game, there’s probably a bunch you don’t know about Order & Chaos: Online. Here’s a quick and…

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Major “Heroes” Update: New Map, Heroes, & More


When we decided to create a MOBA set in the Order & Chaos universe, we had lofty goals. We wanted to create an experience that was true to PC based MOBAs, but also made it accessible and well adapted to a touch screen. So it was rewarding to see Slide To Play call HOC the…

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HOC After Launch

It’s been just over a month since we released Heroes of Order & Chaos, the first MOBA on mobile. In this short time, many lanes have been held, towers have been destroyed, and jungles have been…well, jungled. And many fans have voiced serious praise and legitimate feedback about the game. Thanks to your feedback we…

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