EVENT: Participate in the Asphalt 8 #Asphalt8HonorCup with the HONOR 5X! ROUND 2


We thank you all for participating in the competition on Asphalt 8! This has been a very intense contest with a lot of destruction, jumps and nervous breakdown to reach the best time. But the competition is not over yet… be prepared for THE WORLDWIDE FIGHT! The winner teams in each country for the #AsphaltHonorCup…

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EVENT: Participate in the Asphalt 8 #Asphalt8HonorCup with the HONOR 5X!


The smell of hot asphalt, the engines roaring on the starting line, the sweat on your brow… Prepare yourself for a unique experience in your favorite game, Asphalt 8: Airborne, with the #ASPHALT8HONORCUP challenge and discover the HONOR 5X! Find out what awaits you in the #ASPHALT8HONORCUP   https://youtu.be/U-wjqBDdYdU   Discover more about what you…

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SMU Contest Winners Announced!


Hey Spidey fans! A little over a month ago we ran an awesome contest over on our YouTube channel where we asked: Who is Peter Parker destined to be with? Is it MJ or Gwen Stacy? Well, needless to say, you all had a lot to say on the topic. Over 6,000 of you commented…

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Win 15,000 Tokens in Asphalt 8!

235x151 A8 Tokens

What’s up drivers! Today is your lucky day – We are currently running an awesome contest over on YouTube where you can subscribe and comment for a chance to win 15,000 tokens in your favorite racing game. Simple, right? Check out the video below and then comment with what your favorite track in Asphalt 8…

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