Captain America: TWS Developer Q&A

CA Fwoom

I hope you all have been practicing your shield throwing technique because Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming soon!  In preparation for the stars and stripes action, I sat down with Matthieu Dupont, the Producer of Captain America, and picked his brain on all things Captain.  It was awesome to get his insight on…

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Brothers in Arms 3: The CES Edition

Brothers in Arms 3 Explosion

With the start of 2014 we only figured it was fair to share some new information about one of our upcoming games.  So while we were hanging out at CES we talked with GeekBeatTV about a game we are all really excited for: Brothers in Arms 3.  We shared some details with them about what…

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Heroes of Order & Chaos Developer Q&A

HOC Paladin Imagejpeg

Happy New Year folks!  For my first blog post of 2014 I wanted to bring you an update on what’s going down with Heroes of Order & Chaos.  Recently, our Game Community Manager Andreea took some of the popular questions on the HOC forums and sat down with Lead Designer mingming.  They talked about lots…

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Heroes of Order & Chaos Dev Team Q&A


Recently our Heroes of Order & Chaos Community Manager, Andreea, sat down with a few key members of the game Development team to get player questions answered.  She took some of the popular questions raised by players addressing important game play issues and didn’t leave until she got the answers the players deserved! Andreea sat…

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