HOC: Ultimate Streamer Contest!

Twitch HOC Ultimate Streamer

Attention all Heroes of Order & Chaos players!  Do you like playing Heroes AND streaming it to the masses on Twitch?  Yes, you do?  Well, then you’re in luck!  We really loved what we saw after implementing the Twitch SDK in Heroes and we’re pumped to see what broadcasters do next.  So, to help the…

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Asphalt Overdrive – Burning Rubber Near You!

Asphalt Overdrive Pack Art

Get ready to push it to the limit in our new, radical spin-off to the award winning Asphalt racing franchise!  That’s right, Asphalt Overdrive is now live on iOS, Android, and Windows (with 512MB support!).  Get into the action and stake your claim on cars and turfs as you race your way through a “new…

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Happy Birthday Total Conquest!

TC Celebration Image

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Total Conquestttttttt, happy birthday to you!  Yay!  So as you faithful readers might be able to tell, we are celebrating Total Conquest’s first birthday today!  It’s  a really exciting time for us and we know all of the soldiers, mythological beasts, and Roman Gods are…

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20 Questions with Trenton

Rage Release Games

Aww yeah!  I’m back with another interview for the Stream Team.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m getting pretty good at these things.  I had a blast sitting down with Trenton, our latest addition to the Stream Team.  He’s a really cool guy and I’m looking forward to seeing what he…

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