Start Streaming Like A Pro

A8 Twitch Login2

With the recent addition of the Twitch SDK to Asphalt 8 we’ve seen a ton of people start streaming on Twitch.  It’s been awesome to witness and both Michelle and I have had a blast hopping in to the chat when streamers are live.  With more and more people streaming Asphalt 8, I’ve been getting…

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Asphalt 8 Spring Break Tournament!

Spring Break Truck Image

Aloha friends!  Are you ready for Spring Break?  All of us here at Gameloft are definitely ready!  To start things off right we are hosting a radical new Spring Break Tournament in Asphalt 8 for iOS and Android players!  Drivers will be able to participate in three different cups: the Freshman Cup, the Sophomore Cup,…

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What’s Your Loadout?

MC4 Whats Your Loadout

As you all know, I’ve been dabbling in some Modern Combat 4 custom matches on our Twitch channel.  Lately I’ve been able to hold my own and usually can post a KDA around 1.0.  It’s not great, but it’s not terrible either.  So I’m really curious as to what different weapons, grenades, and military support…

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Captain America: TWS Developer Q&A

CA Fwoom

I hope you all have been practicing your shield throwing technique because Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming soon!  In preparation for the stars and stripes action, I sat down with Matthieu Dupont, the Producer of Captain America, and picked his brain on all things Captain.  It was awesome to get his insight on…

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