HOC Skins Spotlights: Episode 2


Wham, bam, kablam!  I’m back with Episode 2 of our Heroes of Order & Chaos Skin Spotlights!  For this episode, Stream Team member RumblySuperset has highlighted a bunch of great skins for our HOC players.  If you wanted to see what a skin looks like before you purchase it in-game, definitely check out the videos…

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Order & Chaos Online – The Twitch-ening!


Each time I sit down to write a blog post about streaming, I get really excited and rightfully so!  Streaming is a great way to share what we all love so much: Playing games.  So, I wanted to take some time today to talk about how Order & Chaos Online has been updated to include…

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The Oregon Trail American Settler Strikes Gold!


Grab your gold pans and sluice boxes, settlers!  The Oregon Trail American Settler is back with a HUGE update that brings new content and an amazing new partnership with the Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush!  We are all really excited to be bringing content to players from such an awesome show.  From a new map,…

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HOC: Ultimate Streamer Contest!

Twitch HOC Ultimate Streamer

Attention all Heroes of Order & Chaos players!  Do you like playing Heroes AND streaming it to the masses on Twitch?  Yes, you do?  Well, then you’re in luck!  We really loved what we saw after implementing the Twitch SDK in Heroes and we’re pumped to see what broadcasters do next.  So, to help the…

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