SMU Contest Winners Announced!


Hey Spidey fans! A little over a month ago we ran an awesome contest over on our YouTube channel where we asked: Who is Peter Parker destined to be with? Is it MJ or Gwen Stacy? Well, needless to say, you all had a lot to say on the topic. Over 6,000 of you commented…

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Game Chats: Dungeon Hunter 5 Update 1!


Hey Dungeon Hunter fans! I recently sat down with Jp, the Community Manager for Dungeon Hunter 5, and talked to him about what’s coming in Update 1. Check out the video below to hear all about the new armors, weapons, missions and stronghold features that are coming in this new update. By the way, we…

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HOC Hero Preview: Qiu Yuelan – The Artful Assassin

QY Blog Image

Hey HOC players I’m back today with a brand new Hero preview! I wanted to give you all a quck insider look at the next Hero to join Haradon’s forces: Qiu Yuelan. Keep reading below for a short background and an overview of her skills! Background Qiu Yuelan is a fierce assassin from the East…

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You Decide: MJ or Gwen Stacy? Win ISO-8!


What’s up Spider-Man Unlimited fans? I know keeping up with all of the different Spidey’s and villains in the Marvel Universe can be pretty tough and time consuming. However, can we all agree that having an opinion on Peter Parker’s love life is something worth taking some time out of our day for? Okay, good….

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