20 Questions with Kwaykes!

Kwaykes Logo

What’s up everyone!  Today I’m sitting down with our newest Stream Team member, Kwaykes!  I’m excited to be bringing Kwaykes on board and think he’ll bring some awesome content to the Gameloft Twitch channel.  Along with Dz, Kwaykes was one of the first people to stream with the Asphalt 8 Twitch SDK and we fell…

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Ice Age Adventure: The Full Moon Event!

IAV Full Moon Event Image

Do you like Ice Age Village?  Are you not a werewolf?  Then you’re in luck!  We’ve got a Full Moon Event going on in Ice Age Village this weekend [US Only!] and players will have a chance to win some cool prizes on both Saturday and Sunday.  The Full Moon Event starts Saturday and ends…

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No Work. All Play. Labor Day Events!

Rival Knights Thursday

Happy Pre-Labor Day festivities everyone!  We’ve got some great events going on in Minion Rush, Blitz Brigade, and Rival Knights this weekend to celebrate Labor Day (yay!), the end of Summer (boo!), and the start of the school year (boo!).  Instead of your regular event blog post, I wanted to mix things up a bit…

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HOC Update: Twitch, Balancing, and New Heroes!


A while back, Asphalt 8 was the first mobile game to get the highly anticipated Twitch SDK.  This gave players the ability to stream their live gameplay to Twitch from their mobile devices.  Today, I’m happy to share with you all that Heroes of Order & Chaos will be joining Asphalt 8 as the second…

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