September 11 | by Mark

Small File Sizes, Big Fun

I’ve been hearing rumors that we’re creating a new line of games that you can download anywhere in a few seconds. To set the record straight, I sat down with Aurélie Hassen, a Product Manager at Gameloft, to get the full story. 

Thanks for speaking with us Aurelie. Could you shed some light on these new games that I’ve been hearing about?

 Of course! It’s all about accessibility. In this day and age, we expect things to be accessed easily and quickly, anywhere and at any time. That’s why we’ve developed a new line of games designed to be really small in size (15MB on average) but still very high in quality. With a typical 3G connection these new games can be downloadable in less than 10 seconds. This makes them incredibly easy to access whether you’re outside, in your car, or even in the subway! 

As more people play games on their phones worldwide, it’s important that we develop games that everyone can enjoy. This new line of games is compatible with some of the most low end, low resolution devices. But at the same time, we’ve maintained the amazing gaming experience that Gameloft is known for. By optimizing graphics and animations, we’ve squeezed all the quality into a bite-sized experience, with barely any noticeable compromises in quality.

So let’s hear more about these games! Are there any well-known Gameloft franchises in the lineup?

We have several titles in development in this new line of games. The first, coming this September, is Green Farm 3, from our famous farming franchise. In it, players will rediscover the joy of farming in a far more social experience than ever before. The game begins with you inheriting an old, run down manor from your uncle. You must complete a series of missions to restore it to its former glory.


Thanks to Green Farm 3’s advanced social features, you can make friends with your neighbors and ask them to help you reach your goals – if you’re friendly enough that is – while working to become the most famed farmer of them all. We’ve also improved the controls to let you swipe the screen to accomplish multiple tasks at once. And of course, the game will have all the features players have come to expect of a high-end farming game, including harvesting, crafting, and more. That’s no small feat for game that weighs in at only 13.5 MB!

Green Farm 3 sounds fun! What other games can we look forward to?

Following Green Farm 3 we have a lot in development including Dragon Mania an adventure where you’ll battle against or along side your friends with dragons you’ve bred yourself.. Keep an eye out for more details on that game & our full line-up in the coming weeks!

Download Green Farm 3 at Google Play:


July 2 | by Mark

Big competition! Win 7500 tokens in Minion Rush!

Competition time! Enter for a chance of winning 7500 Tokens (value €44,99) in Despicable Me: Minion Rush! We have a real challenge for you –  we need your help counting the number of minions in Gru’s lair!

Take a close look at the picture below:

How many can you count?

How many can you count?



Take your time and get it right, the closer you get to the real number the higher the chance is for you to win.

We will choose 3 lucky winners and you have until Monday midnight (24:00 CET) July 8. to enter the competition.

Good luck and have fun counting!

In the meantime have fun collecting bananas in the game, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Still haven’t tried the Despicable Me: Minion Rush game?

Get it here: iPhone & iPad &  Android

December 21 | by Johanna

Safe gaming on Android & iOS

Do you like to play for free? Or to know what you will get before spending any money on it? More and more of our games are free to download, and as you might have noticed, some of our games contains in app purchases, the possibility of buying things inside the game. It’s a way for you to choose if and how much you’d like to spend in a game, and with the opportunity to play the full game for free.

If you’re worried you (or anyone using your device) will buy an in app purchases by accident, here’s a guide on how you can secure it:

On iOS (iPhone & iPad)

1. Go to settings in your device

2. Click on “General” in the menu

3. Click on “Restrictions”

4. Click on “Enable restrictions”

5. Choose a passcode (and remember it!)

6. Now you can choose to get asked for a password for every purchase and not after 15 minutes (so you’ll always be in control on when purchases are made), or disable all in-apps.


If you’re using Android and Google PLAY, you can find instructions on how to set a pin code for purchases here. You can change language on the bottom of the page to get the instructions in your own language.


Always keep your password for yourself and if you play with a kid, always start to play the game together with the kid. It’s fun (yes for adults too!), and you’ll learn more about the game and its content.


Enjoy gaming!

September 27 | by Johanna

Keep your game progress on your new iOS device!

Did you order a new iPhone5? Or just got a new iOS device? But you’re afraid of losing all of your favorite games progress, especially your cute Ice Age Village Meerkat family? Fear not my friend, the back up is here for you!

In order to save your games advancement all you have to do is follow the process below:

1. Connect your current iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed

2. Click on the menu Store then Authorize this computer

3. Connect with the iTunes account you are using on your current device

4. Click on the menu File then Transfer Purchases from “Name of the device”


There, now all your save datas are securely nesting in iTunes waiting for you to restore them. In order to restore game progress from a back up:

1. Connect your new iOS device to the same computer

2. Select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices

3. Click on the menu Apps then check Sync Apps and apply

Here you go, you can now resume your gaming activities on your brand new device!

August 2 | by Johanna

Ice Age Village Contest!


It’s time for a big Ice Age Village Contest!

Think you’re the ultimate Ice Age fanatic? Prove it for a chance to win mountains of acorns in Ice Age Village! Acorns will buy you just about anything you could ever want in IAV, even exclusive families & epic decorations. If you happen to be our lucky grand prize winner, you’ll score the acorn motherload, 750 Acorns! And we will give away acorns to 3 lucky winners!

Think the acorns should be yours? Then submit your entry below! It’s easy, just scroll down and fill out the contest form with your name, email and country, then tell us what Sid is saying in the contest image at the top of the page!


This contest is open to residents in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

June 21 | by Johanna

Ice Age Village stats and exlusive clip!

Hey! It’s soon midsummer in Sweden, and today we uploaded a new and exclusive clip from the upcoming movie Ice Age Continental Drift into the Ice Age Village game!

Go inside the game and take a look at the clip in the movie theater (make sure to build one if you don’t have any)!

We also collected some info about the game so far, and here’s how big the Ice Age Village world really is! (click on the pic for a larger image).

May 22 | by Johanna

6 Tips to Make Your Animals Go Nuts in Ice Age Village: Part 2

The first three tips weren’t enough for you? You had to have all 6? Well, welcome back Ice Age Village fans! And for those of you not playing Ice Age Village, you can start playing free on iPhone, iPad, & Android. So what’s stopping you! Don’t let Manny, Sid, and the rest of the herd down; keep reading for the rest of our Ice Age Village tips…

We are fa-mi-ly!

Animals are your main source of coins. So, try to complete as many families as you can, because every new member will give you 25% more coins! And be sure you get all your favorite characters including sloths, mammoths, & possums. Once complete, you can redeem the “Main Characters” collection for your own Sabertooth tiger. Diego will be thrilled! :)

Plus, stay on the lookout for sales and giveaways by joining our Ice Age Village Facebook page. You’ll be the first to know about our BEST Ice Age Village promotions!


The secret Shaolin in Scrat

Have fun daily with the Scrat Mini Game! Slice Piranhas and avoid the pesky spiky fish to earn rewards each day you play. The reward system is random, so if you’re lucky you might get the daily special prize. :)   It changes, you guessed it, daily, and will help you expand your collections. Plus, you can win lots of coins & even ACORNS!

You need tokens to play more than once a day, so be on the lookout. Try clearing snow piles and collecting from fun buildings, because they might just drop some!

So start practicing your Kung Fu-skills and get slicing!


More acorns you say?

Acorns are very helpful and fortunately there are tons of ways to earn them. You can buy them from the shop directly, but if you know your Ice Age Village well enough, you can get some for free!

Where could an acorn hide from Scrat in the Ice Age Village? The answer is a snow pile!! As soon as you see them, make sure they’re cleared, because there’s a chance they’ll drop acorns. Another way to get free acorns is from watching movies in your Movie Theater, so be sure to head to the movies often. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your collections. Redeeming them will make you go nutz with acorns!


So to recap, here are all of the ways you can get your paws on acorns… Scrat is going to be sooo jealous!

  • In the Shop
  • When You Add New Friends
  • In gifts: Send your friends presents everyday.. They might send you acorns in return!
  • In snow piles: Don’t let those suckers pile up!
  • By Playing Scrat’s Minigame
  • As a Daily Bonus
  • By Leveling Up
  • By Completing Missions
  • Using the Free Acorn Button

For more Ice Age Village tips, sales, contests, support issues, or just to connect with other Ice Age lovers, stop by the Official Ice Age Village Forum & our Facebook page. We will be sharing all things Ice Age so don’t miss out on all the fun!


May 22 | by Johanna

6 Tips to Make Your Animals Go Nuts in Ice Age Village: Part 1

Scrat’s hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the Earth’s crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. So it’s Manny, Ellie, Diego, and Sid to the rescue! Help the herd regroup and rebuild their vibrant community in Ice Age Village available for free on iPhone, iPad, & Android.

And for those of you already playing, we put together a list of the best tips and tricks in Ice Age Village. When it comes to IAV, it’s all about the acorns. So start stock piling them with these great tips and make your village the baddest in town:

Playing with friends is better!

Invite your friends to play & make new ones on the Ice Age Village forums. Once they’ve gotten started, you can stop by their towns and “like” their handy-work daily. You will give them reputation points and goodies just by saying you think their village is awesome! And as their reputation gets better, their gifts get better too.  ;)

You can also leave them special gifts including coins and acorns. And don’t forget to watch out for Scrat while you’re visiting. If you catch him, he will give you extra coins every day.

To the North!
As your village grows you will need to expand. Try to get expansions that have decorations, so you can use them in your town.  Big decorations like “Scrat in Ice” or a “Fire King Scrat,” will give your families a great bonus!

If you don’t have enough coins or acorns to get an expansion, but you’re still out of space, you can put away the families/fun stuff that give you the least coins and replace them with better ones. This will help you get more coins to expand. You can always replace the items later. They’re stored in your Inventory in “Collections.”

Pretty and rich ..Pretty rich?

Speaking of decorations, placing them throughout your village will make your village look awesome, and also give your animal families & buildings a coin bonus.  Try to place your best decorations (we recommend the Carnivorous Flower) near the families that cash out the most. You’ll be racking in coins in no time!

Wait, where’s the last 3 tips?! Don’t worry, check back tomorrow for the rest of our awesome tips and tricks! I think your animals can wait 24 hours… No? They can’t wait? Well, fine, here are the last three tips. I hope you’re happy! ;)



March 15 | by Johanna

Modern Combat 3 & more on sales!

Yes, it’s time for sale we’ve been teasing about on Facebook and Twitter. For the first time EVER, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is on SALE for iPhone and iPad, for a limited time only. It’s down to 0:79€, 7sek, 6ddk and 7nok (the usual price points).

That’s right, it’s cheaper than a cheeseburger, and far more tasty :)

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

In addition to this, we’ve reduced the price on some other games to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, make sure to grab them before it’s too late!

Games on Sales:

Silent Ops


Fast & Furious 5: Official Game, iPad & iPhone

Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden, iPhone, iPad

Starfront Collision, iPad & iPhone

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, iPad & iPhone

Splinter Cell Conviction, iPad & iPhone

Iron Man 2, iPad & iPhone

Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles, iPad & iPhone

Warplanes (iPad only)

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


And as a bonus, we’re also dropping the price on Modern Combat: Domination for MAC!


Enjoy! Spring is just around the corner :)

March 6 | by Johanna

Google PLAY & big SALE!

It’s all here! Now you can play your favorite Gameloft games downloaded from Android Market on your Android phone, tablet, &, even your TV! No more multiple games, now you can instantly switch from tab to phone and back again without having to start from scratch thanks to Google’s new Google Play!

And to celebrate the launch of Google Play, Google is having an amazing week of savings called their “7 Days to Play” celebration! Help us celebrate! Get N.O.V.A. 2: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance & Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for the rock bottom price of 4kr only on Android Market, soon to become the Google Play Store app! And be sure to watch out for more sales coming soon ;)

N.O.V.A. 2: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance – Google Play

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline – Google Play